Navin Waqar Revealed Her Fitness Routine

Actress and VJ Navin Waqar shared her diet and workout routine for people who were asking from her. In her recent Instagram post, she talked about how she manages to stay slim and fit.

Navin Waqar Revealed Her Fitness Routine 4

She talked about how people have different needs and said, “Everyone has different needs when it comes to working out. My aim is to lower my fat levels. For that I people lift heavy but I’m doing a mix of HITT/Tabata/Circuit training for now. It’s hard but it works. It helps build my stamina and endurance big time. Lifting will come later for me. Its gonna take time because fat loss and weight loss are 2 different things.

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Navin Waqar revealed her diet and wrote, “Now the diet: you can probably tell from my insta stories that I eat a lot so here is what I do: I balance. I count calories. Eat good carbs like brown rice and roasted/steamed veggies. Chicken, fish, eggs and lean meat is a must protein for me coz I don’t do shakes. I snack on blueberries, sugar free/whole wheat cookies, almonds and dark chocolate. I have smoothies once a week. Clear soups with veggies, brown rice and chicken/sea food are filling and yum so I load up on that big time! I make them at home and it’s super easy. Overnight oats are great for breakfast. It’ll keep you fuller and give you energy throughout the day. Again this is what works for me.

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Talking about hard work she said, “I do fall off the wagon coz I love junk food and meetha is my kamzoori, but i dont give up. The most important thing is to have fun! If you cant do gym, get a couple of weights and do it at home. Or walk. The point is to be active and consistent. Remember hard work ALWAYS pays off!

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In the end, she thanked her supporters for cheering her up. “For everyone who has been supporting me and cheering me on, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Thank you! I love you! I’ve had girls telling me I’ve inspired them to hit the gym and work out and that for me is the biggest compliment! To you I say BRAVO! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if I can do it, so can you! Also apart from shaping up, your skin is gonna look dope!” she said.

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