Nazr e Bad Episode 11 & 12 Review – Intense & Gripping!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were interesting once again. I am actually quite glad that so far the team of Nazr e Bad has succeeded in keeping things to the point & the focus from the message & the purpose of the drama hasn’t been shifted. It has become one such drama that I actually look forward to every single week & knowing that we have 2 episodes is an added bonus. I must say, the way they have elaborated all kinds of human emotions is commendable because somehow, this is something which helps the viewers in relating to all the characters quite easily.

Shahista finally saved the day. Even though she did what she should have done but I so wish before leaving she had informed Nusrat about her intuition regarding Parvez. Shahista not only apologized to Nusrat but spoke to Aftab too as she knew that she had to make things right. It was good to see that Shahista took the entire blame on herself because in reality, she was solely responsible for initiating the misunderstandings between Aftab & Maham. Nusrat’s reaction was once again quite believable, it takes time to forget all the wrongdoings & it also takes a lot of time in forgiving people who are responsible for those wrongdoings as well. Nusrat didn’t promise Shahista that she would forgive her because she definitely has had such a hard time because of her & seeing her only daughter suffer has definitely made Nusrat a lot bitter against her in laws & she definitely has a reason behind that.

Finally, it was so good to see Aftab treating Maham with love & respect because he understood that he was at fault & he was unable to keep all those promises that he made to Maham before & after their marriage. Salma really needs to back off, it is actually burdensome to see her getting away with anything & everything that she says against Maham. I really think Aqmal needs to give her a reality check because now that Aftab has gotten married, there is no other option left for Salma than to just accept this marriage. It was disturbing to see that Salma wasn’t a fan of the idea that Aftab should apologize to Maham because according to her, this is not something that husbands should do. Anyways, Aftab didn’t pay heed to what his mother said & followed the advice of his father & this time around, it was good to see that Aftab not only decided to make things right, he even acted upon his words & gave Maham the comfort zone she needed.

I am not a fan of Abeera/Ahmer track. Even though it is understandable that cousins who share the same roof do develop some feelings for each other & the drama-makers needed another track just to fill up the episodes but I would hate to see Ahmer creating a havoc in Nusrat’s life that too because of Abeera. Yes, Abeera is innocent & she has nothing to do with what Almas has always felt against Nusrat & now what her brother Parvez is doing but the fact still remains that Nusrat is not on good terms with her family, so if Ahmer will put his mother in an awkward position because of Abeera would definitey be unfair for her as she already has endured a lot.

The entire scenario where someone spotted Parvez carrying out the black magic rituals was quite interesting. Even though I know he is not going to get busted so easily & that too in such an early stage of the drama but still, I really wished he actually faced the consequences for his sins. Looks like Parvez has found himself an avid & blind follower, that is why she is ready to take so much of risk to save him. Even though what they showed was hard to grasp but this is the fact that these days, jealousy can force people to turn against their own siblings, that is why Parvez’s follower (I don’t think her name has been mentioned so far) is not even guilty of the fact that her sister has become a cancer patient due to the black magic as all that she is able to see is dream turning into a reality where she will get to be with the guy she loves, who actually was about to get married to her sister.

I must say, the scene where they showed that someone (Parvez in this case) dug the grave to get the bones was so disturbing but was based on the reality. I must say, the team of Nazr e Bad deserves to be commended for taking the risk of unveiling the darkest of deeds these sick minded black magicians do in order to carry out their rituals. I think this is for the first time that we are actually getting to see a drama which has showcased the reality of these black magicians & the lengths they go to, in such a convincing manner. Also, a little detail that I have noticed about Parvez is that ever since he has attained this knowledge, he has found this strange sort of confidence & that is why his entire attitude & body language has changed. Parvez knows that he is capable of doing anything, that is why he feels empowered & to some extent complacent. This is something which has been conveyed phenomenally by Azfar Rehman so he deserves a special mention for showcasing different shades of Parvez’s personality & his journey so far!

Maham might think that now everything is going to be perfect because she has seen such a nice change in Aftab’s attitude but little does she know that her problems are far from being over because Parvez is still after her. Seeing the blood streaming through the faucet & then misplacing the envelop were just a few attempts done by Parvez to cause some rift between Aftab & Maham but it is good that Aftab understands. Even these are the things that have forced Aftab to do some thinking but none of them has thought about the fact that all these mishaps are not coincidental but are rather planned by some evil sick soul who is after them. I think Maham should have told Nusrat about the blood in her bathroom because I am sure Nusrat would’ve understood that this is not something that just happens coincidentally!

Overall, these two episodes were quite intersting & I had a great time watching it, including those scary bits. :/ All the actors have been performing so realistically that it looks like real life characters are facing all of this & are going through such mishaps in their lives. Sara Khan makes Maham’s ordeal seem real. Azfar Rehman is quite convincing as Parvez, even though in the beginning I found his acting pretty decent but now this new face that Parvez has attained has been portrayed quite convincingly by Azfar Rehman. The supporting characters are doing their job really well too & it is safe to say that Nazr e Bad is a complete package that you can tune to because it had a bit of everything, drama, emotions, thriller etc. I can’t wait for the next episodes already. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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