Nazr e Bad Episode 13 & 14 Review – Interesting Developments!

Ohkay so, as always, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were interesting too. So far, I really like the pace of the drama because every week, both the episodes bring a lot of new developments with them & because of that, there seems to be no margin for repetition, which most certainly needs to be avoided in a drama like this. I must appreciate that the writer & the director so far have stayed true to the subject & that is why everything that they have shown till date makes complete sense & is a realistic portrayal of what actually happens when someone gets involved into all these matters.

So, Ahmer & Abeera got caught by Almas & for the first time, I found Almas fair in the way she dealt with the entire situation because she not only blamed Ahmer, but she blamed her own daughter as well. Obviously, Humaira had to convince her mother to stop blaming Abeera because she knew that by putting the entire blame on Ahmer, they’d be able to pressurize Shafeeq to get both of them married but seems like Parvez had another agenda on his mind.

Parvez shifted to a new place & once again, it seems pretty appropriate for all his rituals because it is already possessed by those who he works with. Parvez has not only found confidence in himself but he has also learnt the art of manipulation because he knows he can play with people’s minds by manipulating them & if that doesn’t work, he has some other tact up his sleeve too. Parvez knew that in order to ruin their lives & to further torture Nusrat especially, he had to use his sister Abeera & get married to Baber & not Ahmer because that will serve as a bigger punishment to the entire family. The way Parvez reacted & tortured Abeera showcased his double standards where he couldn’t stand the idea of his sister being emotionally involved with someone but on the other hand, he himself is after Maham to an extent where he is trying to get her divorced so that he can get married to her!

I found it unconvincing that Aftab was looking for a financial help & he was now pressurizing Maham to seek it from her father Shafeeq. Considering that that Aftab himself comes from an affluent family, should mean that he can rely on his father more than anyone else. Also, his constant reminders didn’t seem justified because Maham kept on telling him that her family was already dealing with a lot of stuff so in this case, in stead of waiting for things to normalize in Maham’s family, Aftab could’ve once again asked his father if he was ready to help him or not.

Shafeeq & Nusrat were the new targets of Parvez & he succeeded in parting them because he knew that just because Nusrat was a staunch & practicing believer, she could bring some obstacles in his way. Parvez knew that he won’t be able to control Nusrat so he decided to part her from her husband because Shafeeq seems to be an easy target. I found it quite convincing how they showed that first Parvez decided to target Shafeeq’s professional life & then his final blow was to ruin his personal life too. So far they have shown all the concepts with utmost accuracy, so I was wishing that the Molvi would tell Shafeeq that he & Nusrat didn’t get divorced as it will be counted as the 1st one as in Islam the actual process of divorce takes place over the course of few months. I am not too sure how I feel about this development in Nusrat & Shafeeq’s track but it was definitely hard to see Nusrat suffering that too when she hasn’t done anything wrong. Yes, a few things might not seem convincing at this point like Aftab’s demand of financial help & Nusrat Shafeeq divorce but yes, if we look at the overall perspective, it is being shown how Parvez is getting them tangled in their problems so much where he is building pressures from every side, be it financial, personal or professional!

We also got a new character & seems like she is going to bond well with Parvez because she intends to use him for her personal agendas. I want really want to see what more does this track has to offer & where will it take Parvez, obviously for now he will make a lot of money but I want really wish it serves a bigger purpose. I am keen to see when Nusrat or Maham will find out that it is Parvez who is behind all the problems that their family is facing & more than that, I am interested to see what solution they will come up with.

Overall, these two episodes were quite interesting & I had a great time watching it, minus those few scary scenes where they showed Parvez’s conversation with the other beings. :/ I will however say that so far Azfar Rehman acted decently but in these two episodes, especially in the emotional scenes, I found his acting quite forced, effortful & unnatural. Rest of the cast did a great job. I am really happy with the pace of the drama & I so wish they maintain this pace till the drama will last. So far everything seems promising & it does make me feel that they have a lot in store for us so let’s hope they keep on unfolding new chapter week after week. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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