Nazr e Bad Episode 21 & 22 Review – Interesting So Far!

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Nazr r Bad were a bit on the slower side but that doesn’t meant they didn’t have new developments to their credit. It is actually quite interesting how the course of the drama has changed & now the focus is more on the things Parvez is & will be facing. I actually hope that they also bring the story to that point now where Nusrat & Maham will find out the truth about Parvez & then Almas. So far, it is going quite interesting & has now become one such drama which I discuss with my family over Whatsapp, lol & we all unanimously think that everything that the team of Nazr e Bad has shown so far is convincing & based on reality!

I must say, I really liked how Nusrat tried to show Maham the bigger picture when she found her down & depressed. We actually never get to see such mothers in our dramas who uplift & encourage their daughters to think about shaping their future, that is why when I heard Nusrat saying all of that to Maham, it came as a pleasant surprise. So, Maham is officially out of Aftab’s life & what closed all the doors of hope for her was the divorce & then the final meeting which she had with Aftab where he came to return her belongings to her. I must say, it was another pleasant surprise that Maham didn’t try to take sides with Aftab & didn’t try to rationalize his behavior in front of her mother by defending him, rather Maham held him responsible for his weaknesses & realized that he couldn’t stay true to all the promises that he made to her.

I must say, Salma should be doing a victory dance now, now that her son is divorced. Salma must’ve gotten her son back & she must be thinking that everything is falling in its place but she doesn’t know that her son has almost become an addict. Even though their characters have gone out of the picture but Aqmal’s character was really good, like he was a father, a mentor & a guide to his son, who always made Aftab familiar with all of his wrongdoings. I so wish one day, they all find the actual reason behind everything that they all went through!

So, Aneesa presented a deal in front of Parvez. Even though she knows that Parvez can be of a great help to her business, but more than that, she also knows that Parvez is someone who can do anything for money, that is why without beating around the bush, she offered him such a huge amount to sign a contract of marriage with her. Even though Aneesa tried to put a blame on her husband Shafqat but her single interaction with him put things into perspective that she is the one who doesn’t want to be with him because Aneesa & Shafqat are two different people & more than that, Aneesa is a bit too ambitious & career oriented. At first, she got Hashim divorced so that she can get married to him but now when she thinks her husband might cause harm to her, she decided to use Parvez as a scapegoat.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about Aneesa’s character but while watching these episodes, I understood her importance in the story because if there’s one person who can give Parvez a run for his money, it is Aneesa. Parvez obviously had to agree to the proposal that Aneesa made because it was coming with a huge amount of money but Parvez actually didn’t know that Aneesa is a business woman for a reason & she knows how to play her game. The contract that Aneesa presented came with a lot of conditions which obviously didn’t go well with Parvez as he intends to get married to Maham ASAP but then again, he decided to give it a whirl as he knew he has other ways to save himself as well if things will get a bit too difficult for him!

So, after Iddat, Nusrat once again wanted Maham to mentally prepare herself for another marriage, this was something that I didn’t really like. Of all the people, Nusrat should be the one who should understand what Maham has gone through & she should be wise enough to know that a few months are never enough to heal the mental & emotional damage that a loss of pregnancy & a divorce may cause to a woman. Maham’s stance at that point was definitely right where she clearly told her mother that she wanted to do something for herself, she wanted to empower herself & build self-confidence, which obviously wasn’t going to happen if she’d get married again. I think this is a step that Maham has taken in the right direction. Obviously, things had to be a bit coincidental where Maham landed herself a job in Aneesa’s company. What I like the most about Aneesa’s character is that she does what she deems right, like she is a boss & she doesn’t take orders from anyone, that is why despite being told by Parvez that Maham shouldn’t be accepted, Aneesa personally made a call to Maham & told her to come to the office the next day.

Almas didn’t get much coverage in these episodes & Shazia got way more coverage than required. I know she likes Parvez but seeing her going out of the way for him knowing that she can never have him is something quite hard to believe, like Shazia takes desperation to another level. I am glad that Abeera got her visa & she’ll be leaving soon because her character was unimpressive & unnecessary at that!

Overall, these two episodes were interesting. Just when I was looking forward to how Aneesa will make things difficult for Parvez, the preview suggested that Parvez is going to get rid of her. I wish Aneesa doesn’t die because things just got interesting. All the actors once again did a great job. I must say the stylists have done a commendable job, where they have given each & every character a proper treatment to make their characters stand out, where Aneesa looks like a wealthy business woman, Almas always has a lot of negative energy around her & then there’s Parvez, who has such negative aura about him. The stylists along with the actors made a great joint effort in bringing so much of depth & detailing into these characters which is great. Let’s see what more do they have in store for us. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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