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Nazr e Bad Episode 23 & 24 Review – Tastefully Scary!

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Ohkay so, I think they really need to stop here because even though I am quite good with this sort of stuff, Nazr e Bad makes me feel that I am faint-hearted as it is getting a bit too scary for me, which again is not a complaint and just a testimony on how convincingly they have shown everything. It is actually commendable how they have used the quotient of horror & thrill in this drama which might not be too prevalent but whenever needed, they rely on it and use it in the most apt manner. So far everything that has happened in the story so far makes a lot of sense & yes, at times the viewers might feel that the negatives characters are getting away with everything but the fact is they have just started having their time of glory but I am sure their time of misery is just around the corner & I can not wait to see that & I am sure it will be just as convincing & worth the wait.

I so wish there was more to Aneesa’s character. Yes, if I look at the pace of the drama, then the things that happened with Aneesa & how her chapter was closed within this week makes a lot of sense as the director rightfully didn’t drag her chapter but then again, she was the only one who could give Parvez a hard time but sadly, he got away from the entire mess a bit too seamlessly. Parvez being a man with a lot of insecurities & even more secrets to hide obviously grew anxious when he saw that Aneesa wasn’t someone who’d listen to his orders just because she signed a marriage contract with him. Aneesa’s decision of hiring Maham despite Parvez’s disapproval went to show that Parvez sensed how far she could go because Aneesa was trying to get in touch with Maham. It was a bit too obvious that Aneesa could’ve used Maham later on as well in order to blackmail Parvez or to keep his hands tied, but then again, Parvez being Parvez resorted to the shortcuts & got rid of her.

I think everything that Aneesa went through was quite realistic, like Parvez definitely knew how to put an end to her chapter where he made her hit Hashim with her car & later made her death look like a suicide so that people could easily see it as a reason behind her decision of putting an end to her life. I so wish before dying Aneesa could’ve called Maham & had spoken to her but sadly, looks like Maham has to put up with a lot more before she will eventually find out the truth about Parvez. Even though Aneesa did say that she would personally meet Maham but if only she had known that she didn’t have much time left to do that. It was sad seeing a mother of a child dying just because a shallow & weak man like Parvez was such a quitter that he couldn’t deal with Aneesa. At this stage, it is actually quite frustrating seeing Parvez winning at everything. He got a huge amount of money as a result of getting married to Aneesa so now he got rid of her because he was too impatient to deal with her & also because he couldn’t wait any longer to get married to Maham especially when he could see himself in a position to provide everything to Maham that he thought she wished for & wanted!

So, Maham obviously under the influence of Parvez’s spell decided to get married to him. Obviously, Parvez created such scenarios so that he could emerge as a hero & a savior in front of Maham & Nusrat especially to score some brownie points. Maham wasn’t herself anymore & that was elaborated beautifully by Sarah Khan because just by looking at her expressions you could see that she wasn’t in her right state of mind. Parvez being a coward that he is made sure that Maham was the one initiating the talks about marriage because he knew that then she might stick to it & even fight against anyone who’d oppose this marriage, which eventually turned out to be the case. I wish Nusrat had held her ground against this marriage but seeing how Maham was too convinced to move on in her life, she gave in too easily. Obviously the note at which this week’s episode ended came as a surprise to me because looks like Maham automatically woke up from a deep sleep & found out that her worst fears materialized, which were getting married to Parvez & being his wife. The scene where Parvez made all those promises once again showcased his weak personality where he asked Maham to love him because deep down even he knows that she has only gotten married to him because he clouded her judgment & not because she actually loved him or wanted to get married to him.

The preview of the next episodes seemed quite interesting, looks like we have a new character that is going to be introduced. Not sure what his contribution in the story is going to be but it does look like he is going to be an interesting character. I just can not praise the pace of the drama enough where when done with one chapter, the writer & the director effortlessly move onto the next one because they have so much in store for us. I wish Shazia stops being such a dimwit & stops following Parvez’s orders because he has literally started exploiting her feelings & her trust by using her for his own benefit. Even though Parvez has dodged so many bullets but I so wish at least Shazia does the honors & tells Maham everything. Abeera did however find out about her mother & also suspected her brother being her teacher but since she is a hopeless case & character, it would be a mistake on my part to expect that of all the people she’d save the day because she is so petty & her caliber is so low that by giving away Maham’s clothes to her sister, she thought she scored a win. Aneesa’s part in the play ended but she definitely made an impact & left quite an impression. Hajra Lallji was phenomenal as Aneesa, she portrayed that character brilliantly, where she was twisted but authoritative, yet you could understand her thought process, it was sad that her life ended so tragically but she surely left an impact. Sakina Samo deserves all the praises for giving such a wonderful treatment to the character of Almas, like she has embraced such a dark aura & has added so much negative energy in this character that actually speaks volumes about Almas’s personality, which is commendable!

I must say, even though in a few episodes I found Azfar Rehman’s acting quite weak but now he is back & if I look at Parvez’s journey till date, Azfar has surely given him such a perfect treatment. When the drama began, Parvez’s attire & overall personality showed that he was a non-achiever & didn’t have much going in his life but ever since he learned black magic, not only he attained this self-confidence & money but his personality changed complete where now you can see how well-kempt he looks & how he has this aura which shows that he has achieved quite a lot so far. I must say the way Sarah Khan has makes a switch between the two mental states of Maham is phenomenal & worth the praise, like Maham would look completely herself in one scene the very next moment, she’d look clueless & indifferent, which shows that at this minute she is under the influence of a spell. It definitely shows that the director had this attention to detail which makes this a complete package & he along with the actors worked really really hard to get this result. Even though the subject is different but it surely has become my favorite drama & I will make sure I don’t forget to add it in the annual lists praising it for being so phenomenal. I don’t know why but seeing the way Parvez woke up right in the middle of the night & continued with his rituals gave me a feeling that things won’t be as smooth between him & Maham as he promised them to be. Like Shazia always says, jo maza justuju mai hai wo pa lene mai nahi hai, so may be now that he has eventually earned Maham & when the novelty will wear off, he might not value her. This could be completely wrong but this is purely my assumption since Parvez is a man with a lot of complexes & insecurities, so you never know that he might take revenge on Maham for all these years of rejection that he faced because of her. Let’s see. It is so interesting & I am so looking forward to the rest of the drama. Thank you Team Nazr e Bad for doing a wonderful job! Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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