Nazr e Bad Episode 29 & 30 Review – Thoroughly Disappointing!

Ohkay so, first things first, I will congratulate the team of Nazr e Bad for reaching the 30 episode mark, but I don’t say it because I actually intend to praise their work or their approach, I am saying this with sheer sarcasm because this is what they wanted to achieve & they did it, without even bothering if things were making sense or not or if the story had the charm that it used to have in the beginning or not! I really feel so disappointed with this rating-hungry & profit-generating approach of our drama makers where they just set their minds to a certain number of episodes & then do everything in their might to reach it, without even bothering if the essence of the drama is intact or not. Every single week I tune to Nazr e Bad expecting it to be better thinking that the team of this drama might restore my faith in it but I am disappointed every single time because no, at this point, I think all they care about is dragging the drama & stretching it like a chewing gum, even if the story is making any sense or not!

Last week, when they showed a police officer in the preview who had the documents of Parvez & Aneesa’s contract marriage with him, I thought that will be the end of Parvez & that policeman will do everything to give him the punishment that he deserves but sadly, he was just another pawn, another character added to drag the drama & push the ending further. They have time & again thrown in so many characters that were so not needed but it has been made clear that they are just using these short-lived characters to stretch the drama so that they can buy themselves some time to throw in more episodes. First Aneesa, then Do Muh Wala Baba, now this Police Officer & in this episode, they spoke about some Islamic Scholar who will rescue Parvez, so I think this drama won’t be ending before 40 episodes!

So, Shazia’s sister died & in stead of crying buckets over her sister’s death & in stead of cursing herself for being the reason behind her sister’s death, Shazia being a low-life that she is, was more worried about Parvez & was thinking about ways to rescue his sorry existence. Seriously, every time I see that worry-stricken face of Shazia, I cringe so hard because she is lifeless, absolutely lifeless, a girl who has zero direction in life & has no purpose whatsoever. Shazia’s fixation with Parvez is sickening & puke-worthy. Also, I am not sure why she loves to spend time with Do Muh Wala Baba, like any sane girl in her right state of mind would run at the sight of him but she chooses to be around him & take care of him like his servant, well what else can you expect from a girl of her caliber who has no purpose in life whatsoever. Also, not sure why does she visit Do Muh Wala Baba so often, may be out of sheer boredom, she has assigned herself as his makeup artist, that is why she visits him everyday & stays there till midnight just in case he needs some touch ups, because other than that there’s no reason for her to be around him!

To be honest, the sympathy that I had for Nusrat’s character all this while ended in these two episodes. Firstly, I hate her helpless-sober attitude, because even Allah doesn’t help those who don’t want to help themselves & another reason being her baseless lectures to Maham on how she should do everything to save her marriage by staying quiet & ignoring Almas’s jadu tona too because according to Nusrat, even if they were sinners & what not, they were Maham’s family, like seriously! That entire conversation was so off-putting & it somehow showcased the thought process of the writer where he was trying to justify Almas & Parvez’s deeds by highlighting the fact that people can & should show acceptance to these types of family members who are involved in these kinds of things, because hey by the end of the day, they’re a family & you can’t just hate them for who they are! Wow!!!

I just didn’t understand why Nusrat was riling up at Maham just because she spoke to Almas directly & tried to show her a mirror by mentioning her wrongdoings. Seriously, it was Nusrat who brain-fed Maham all her life against Almas being the one with Nazr e Bad & now that Maham has herself spotted Almas doing some weird rituals, Nusrat wants to shush Maham up? Why!!!???!!! To be honest, in the scene where Almas was hitting Nusrat, I was actually feeling this weird kind of satisfaction because Nusrat has turned herself into a doormat, so it doesn’t matter who treats her in what way because she is ready to accept any sort of treatment since she is a bechari, a sober, a crier, so why not!!!

The entire story that Parvez tried to sell in front of Maham about this ‘saya’ was so bizarre & what’s even more bizarre was that Maham actually bought it. Maham’s character has derailed completely & she doesn’t make much sense anyways. Maham is being used as a beautiful show-piece who adds visual pleasure to the eyes because other than that, her character has no personality, has no stand, has no brains & has nothing going for her. In my opinion, Shazia as stupid as she might be, is far better than Maham because she at least has a thought process even if it revolves around a stinky human being like Parvez but still, she has set her mind to something, unlike Maham who is unable to sort out the mess of her life!

Parvez is not ready to give up on black magic because he lied to Maham & then he contacted his friend to bring him some assignments where he could make money to give it to the police officer. I am not too sure what the writer is trying to portray by showing Parvez in a dire situation, it’s like he is clarifying Parvez’s image that he himself doesn’t want to do black magic now but just because the police officer asked him for money, he has no other choice than to resort to it, like seriously? I am amazed (read sick) at the way the writer is trying to clarify Parvez’s image & how he is trying to justify the things Parvez does or has done till date. The introduction of the new character who will set Parvez free in the upcoming episodes also seems like a writer’s attempt to renew Parvez’s character where he will turn him into a completely new, sin-free & black-magic free person who would’ve never wronged anyone in life & who will now lead a happy nappy life with his lady love Maham!!! The way the characters have been added & different situations have been shown, it looks like the writer is trying hard to make the viewers forget everything that Parvez has done so far, like he wants to fizzle out the memories of Parvez’s wrongdoings, so that in the end when he will turn Parvez into a hero, people won’t remember what he actually did in the beginning!

The latest happenings in Nazr e Bad reminded me of Mohabbat Aag Si, where it turned into a wreck too & the ending that the villain got was totally unconvincing that even after destroying peace of her family members, the character of Apa died a peaceful death that too in the state of Sajda. I am sure this is exactly what the writer will do with Parvez’s character too where he will turn him into a completely innocent soul who will bid farewell to his black magic, will be forgiven everything that he has done & will have a happy ending. My hopes in this drama have shattered completely, like I was expecting that by this stage they will at least show that Maham found out about who Parvez was & what he has done but the way the writer has turned her character into a bholi majj (innocent cow), I am sure that will never happen & she will live happily ever after with her lawn suits that Parvez will buy for her with his haram ki kamai! Also, writer ne Nusrat ke through mohar to laga hi di hai ke 2 shadiyaan toot gain to Maham pe zindagi bhar ka ilzaam aa jayega, so I am sure she will stay married to Parvez till the end! Well done writer! Please share your thoughts!

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