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Nazr e Bad Episode 31 & 32 Review – Ridiculously Boring!

05 Nazr e Bad Thursday 1

05 Nazr e Bad Thursday 1

Ohkay so, these two episodes of Nazr e Bad were ridiculously boring & served no purpose at all. I miss the time when I used to praise this drama so much because I actually felt that the team deserved it for such a perfect portrayal but after that, everything has gone wrong & it is so obvious that they are just making the most of the ratings that they are getting. I really don’t get what they are achieving by adding such twists & turns which actually do not affect the story in any positive way, like I believe if they wanted to drag & stretch the drama, they could’ve done that as well by showing Parvez’s downfall too, exactly how they showed him succeeding in the first half of the drama, but even that doesn’t seem to be happening because all of a sudden, the writer has developed this sympathy with this character that he doesn’t feel like punishing him!

Well, just because Maham is bored & has nothing to do except wandering around her house, she wants a baby. I don’t remember cringing so hard during any conversation in this drama than this but then again I was like she is demanding a baby from a magician so he will make it happen in a jiffy & that’s exactly what happened, the news of the baby was signed sealed & delivered the next day. Ohkay fine, if she wants a happy & ‘complete’ married life that is not an issue but what bothered me the most is that Maham even after finding out that Parvez doesn’t work for Yazdani’s anymore, didn’t say anything even though she wanted to. In the beginning they showed us Maham as someone who believed in transparency, so what has happened now? Also, thanks to her Amman Nusrat who said that a husband doesn’t like if his wife pokes her nose in his professional matters, lol, seriously what century is this? Also chalo, if Maham was shown as an uneducated girl, it would’ve made sense but she is not only educated, she even once wanted to do a job to support herself & now again she is back to zero, with no brains, no backbone & probably no aim in life!

So Parvez got a big project where he has to rescue the building. In these two episodes, I even found the scenes to be so long & never-ending as if they were just trying to reach the 40 minute mark by hook or by crook. Every other conversation, every other scene was unnecessarily long & seemed unedited, like Parvez’s meeting with his new boss, his magic rituals & even the scenes of every single family member, everything was stretched beyond limit. Also, I am not sure why all of a sudden, the characters who looked like humans have been replaced with the characters who seem like caricatures, are they seriously trying to throw in some comedy or are trying to make things light-hearted by showing such characters where they assume that people are going to laugh at them? The boss was another failed attempt of that.

So, since they were too tired to think about adding new characters & creating new scenarios, they brought back Abeera & even Aftab. Aftab didn’t get much coverage but Abeera is another sick attempt of dragging the drama. I just can’t emphasize enough on how much I ‘hated’, yes, I don’t usually use this word but I ‘hated’ when they played a soft melodic music at the background when Abeera BHABHI was shamelessly making advances at Ahmer DEVAR. I don’t think this track needed to be rekindled & even after they have done it, it doesn’t seem to be serving any purpose at all except beghaiarti. I just can’t stand Ahmer as well, Abeera is another case but I can’t stand how weak & stupid Ahmer becomes every time Abeera nagin hisses at him, it’s like he gets hypnotized & can’t seem to think straight. It won’t be a surprise if Ahmer will ask Nusrat’s permission to get married to Abeera, because that will guarantee them a couple of episodes more, so yay for them!

Shazia & her Parvez-nama, seriously I am sick of this character too. I just hate the way the writer has turned all these ladies into desperadoes & mindless bimbos & the have shown Parvez as the only sane & the best character in this entire lot of mad people. What a beautiful message the writer has given through this drama, where he is elaborating more on the cliché which is ‘larkon ko sab maaf hai’, be it magic or murder! So, Shazia doesn’t get tired by mentioning it again & again that she can go to any extreme for Parvez, oh well, someone throw her out of my TV please!

These two episodes of Nazr e Bad were boring & unimpressive. It is so obvious that they are not going to end this drama anytime soon & even if we will get an ending, it will be a ridiculous one because the damage has been done & I don’t expect any sanity from the team of Nazr e Bad anymore. The preview suggested that Maham will lose her baby & I am sure they will use this as an eye-opener for Parvez where he will vow to leave magic & everything behind & will start afresh with Maham, getting a happy ending, huh! What a waste of time! Anyways, please share your thoughts about these two ridiculous episodes of Nazr e Bad!

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