Nazr e Bad Episode 33 & 34 Review – Waste of Time!

Ohkay so, I never imagined that this drama’d go from being perfect to a complete waste of time. It has turned into a perfect example of khichri gone bad which smells really bad to add more to it. I just don’t understand what the makers are achieving by dragging this drama to this extent? Yes, it is obvious that they might be generating more ratings & revenues but they could’ve done that by at least making some sense because now the story of Nazr e Bad has turned into a family politics saga & it is cringe-worthy. I have been pushed to such a limit where for the first time I even thought of not tuning to this drama anymore as it isn’t offering what it should have by now!

Honestly speaking, in the promo this week when I saw that Maham would stumble upon Shazia, Parvez & Do Muh Wala Baba, I didn’t really get excited as I knew nothing will happen as Maham has been acting like a mentally challenged person who can not even put two & two together & this is exactly what happened. I mean what can be expected from a girl who still hasn’t found out that Jadu Tona is happening under her nose as she acts like her nose is blocked. In stead of questioning Parvez about Do Muh Wala Baba & being more curious about what he was doing there, Maham was more concerned about Shazia & decided to part ways with Parvez, only to drag the episode & in order to return to him after his pleading. I am getting sick of all these pathetic characters now because they once had something going on but now all of them look like bunch of weirdos with not much life in them. I am sick of Nusrat & her glycerin resultant tears. Just when Maham wants to take a stand for herself, there comes Nusrat with her bechargi to weaken Maham & to remind her that she ain’t any good without a tag of a useless husband.

Abeera got way more coverage & it was so obvious that the director used her to stretch the episodes. Abeera wants Ahmer & Almas wants Abeera to get married to Aftab. Just when Nusrat intervened & Ahmer backed out, Abeera agreed with the idea of getting married to Aftab, like seriously. Also, I think the director/writer is using this entire Jadu Tona bit as per convenience because every time the characters stop making sense, it is suggested that they are under the influence of magic & this is exactly what happened in Abeera’s case too. Just a couple of days ago she was throwing red roses on Ahmer like a cheap desperado & just when I was rolling my eyes at how easily she agreed to get married to Aftab, it was hinted that it was only because Almas used some magic to convince her daughter!?!?! Duh!!!

I am getting sick of Sakina Samo first & then Almas. Yes, when the drama began Sakina Samo was nailing Almas’s character but now it gets annoying to watch a million mean expressions on her face, like she is overdoing everything. Her acting is just as bad as her character. Also, I hate the fact that Almas is getting so much of screen-time that too when all she does is yell like a psycho loon! Her conversation with Salma was long for no good reason. Yes, she is trying to fix Abeera & Aftab’s wedding but then again, it is only because of Sakina Samo that it is getting hard to tolerate this character on screen. Also, I am tired of Salma & her amman-pan too, like I find myself cringing really bad whenever that pakki aunty is on-screen!!!

Just when Shazia had the chance to tell Maham the truth, she chose to leave the city & move away from Parvez. What a waste of our time & waste of another character. Seriously, the writer has lost the plot completely because if we take a look back at Shazia’s character, the screen-time that she got & the ending that her character met, doesn’t it look like they wasted our time because her character was good-for-nothing & she proved it by walking away quietly burying Parvez’s secret in her heart!?!?! If we take a look back, all the characters, almost all of those who were added or brought back in the later stages of the story were used only to stretch it & they served no purpose at all. Aneesa, Abeera, Policeman that blackmailed Parvez, Do Muh Wala Baba, Shazia & even Aftab they all only stretched the drama & didn’t contribute to the story in any positive way! I really thought that Aftab will come back with some important role to play but looks like he has only made a come back to showcase his new collection of coats & colorful pants!

So, Maham finally had a baby & he turned out to be physically challenged. I am not too sure what the writer here is trying to convey? Like I don’t feel a thing for Parvez & even Maham but then again, if I take a look at Maham’s life, is it her fault that a mentally sick, twisted psycho like Parvez fell in love with her because she has only been at the losing end because of him that too when she didn’t do anything wrong in the first place? Maham lost the love of her life, she lost her baby, she got divorced, her parents got divorced, then even after getting married to Parvez she lost her baby once & the one that she had turned out to be physically challenged, like so many trials & troubles for Maham only whereas the one who is responsible for EVERYTHING is moving around scot-free with no conscience & no consequences? This imbalanced, one-dimensional & ridiculously pathetic approach & thought process of the writer is questionable where he has conveniently held the ‘man’ free from facing the brunt & the ‘woman’ is typically putting up with everything that too when she is in the dark about her husband’s reality & hasn’t done absolutely ANYTHING to deserve this sort of life. Where the writer should’ve showed that it was Parvez who suffered the consequences, he has used Maham as a punching bag, as a puppet & has deteriorated her character & life from bad to worse!

I don’t really think a few hiccups in Parvez’s life where his car breaks down or his ATM stops working are enough of a punishment for a psycho murderer like him. I find it actually quite amusing because the writer makes it so obvious that he didn’t feel like punishing Parvez but just for the sake of it he broke his car down to show that he is also going through ‘some’ hardships. Shedding a few tears at the loss of his child & then the fact that his son won’t be able to walk is not enough!!!

I must say even though they used this entire aspect to make us feel something but Allah Maaf Karain I ended up laughing when they suggested that Shafeeq passed away, like it is so amusing that they once again tried to bring in another character to add a scene or two & just when they couldn’t find a place for him in the current situation of the story, they decided to use him as a deceased to fill the 40 minute of the episode, lol! At first, I didn’t really mind the direction mistakes as I was too focused on how perfect & realistic the approach of the team was in conveying such a story but now that everything has derailed, I can’t stop noticing all the loopholes & flaws. I remember it was I guess ‘Tricksy’, the regular commenter who once pointed out how the editor joins all the different frames & turns them into one scene which at first I didn’t really mind but in these two episodes this aspect stood out like a sore thumb because everything seemed like a bad ‘cut paste’ job. I don’t really understand what the director was trying to achieve by shooting different shots of different characters & putting everything together to make it look like one scene as it clearly seems choppy & way too weird. Different backgrounds & even the expressions of the actors as if they are looking at a wall while acting the scenes out suggest that this drama was directed by a novice director!

I really think they should end this drama as soon as possible because even though I don’t want to use this word, it surely has turned into a ‘crap’. I think it was my bad that I expected something good from this team & thought they will make the ending as strong as the beginning of this drama. I remember the time when I used to defend this drama but now I feel they didn’t deserve it. Yes, I definitely knew that this drama will definitely lose its pace once it will cross the 30 episode mark because that’s what usually happens with 9PM dramas but then again, they could’ve used all these episodes in showing Parvez paying the price for his crimes & sins but they didn’t & this is their biggest mistake. I have completely lost interest in this drama & it has come to such a point where I dread tuning to it & even when I am watching it, I am focusing more on other things around me as this drama doesn’t capture my interest anymore. Please share your thoughts about these two hideous episodes of Nazr e Bad!

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