Nazr e Bad Episode 35 36 Review – Ending Seems Promising Now!

Ohkay so, just when I was completely losing hope in this drama, the 2nd episode of this week restored my faith in it a bit because it showcased that the team was now headed in the right direction where they were now clearly thinking about showing the consequences of Parvez & Almas’s deeds. Having said that I will still speak about the loss of plot in quite a lot of tracks because they are still heavily relying on different characters to fill in the 38-40 minutes of an episode.

Aftab to acha khasa tha, achanak usay kya ho gaya? This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw Aftab behaving oddly, but then again, it was suggested that he was under the influence of magic that Almas was directing at him because she wanted Abeera to get married to him, hence his behavior. I think out of all the things that Abeera has done, the only thing that is worth appreciating is that she chose to disclose her mother’s secret & told Salma the truth about Almas being a magician. Aqmal thought that just because Abeera didn’t want to get married to Aftab, she was fabricating a lie but then Salma seemed double minded & partially convinced at what she heard. I think now they should also show Salma & Aqmal putting two & two together & coming to the conclusion that everything that they endured when Aftab was married to Maham was also a result of Almas & Parvez’s magic.

I thought that Shazia was gone for good but she was brought back to drag the drama. It was amusing how out of all the people in the world, Shazia was the one who was stumbling upon Parvez. Shazia’s claim ‘tum mujhe qabr se bhi bulaoge to mai aa jaoongi’ made me nod my head in affirmation, because seeing the level of desperation this girl has shown, I won’t be surprised if she will open up her grave & crawl back to Parvez. In the race of Desperadoes, Shazia has left Jeena far behind!

Oh well, I see Nida Yasir & Sanam Jung calling different beauty experts in their morning shows to help girls with their skin & face issues, but I guess they should forget about everyone & invite Azfar Rehman because where he had dark circles in one scene, they were miraculously gone the next moment & not only that, he had a bright face that Ayesha Sana dreams of & rosy pink lips, so I am sure he has a lot of amazing beauty tips to share with the girls! It was quite amusing how the director didn’t pay attention to all these details because now it is quite evident that even he is not too keen on using his energies to give this drama a decent end. Things are being dragged as per the orders of the producers & the director is just going with the flow, which by the way is actually missing from the scenes of Nazr e Bad.

I just don’t understand where they put so much of effort, why didn’t they bother shooting the scenes which were actually needed to add depth & logic in the story? Abeera & Salma’s conversation was one scene that should’ve been shown & the most important scene was Nusrat stumbling upon Parvez’s secret but they just didn’t show it? All of a sudden we got to see Nusrat informing Maham that Parvez is a magician? How did Nusrat get to know because all these days, she was seen standing by the door pane or fixing the bed-sheet of different beds, so such an important moment & it was just casually covered in a conversation? In stead of showing Maham frantically running around because her kid was sound asleep, they should’ve paid more attention on shooting the scenes that were necessary, like we all have waited so long for this to happen & when it happened, nothing made an impact!?!

Anyways, I am actually quite glad that they hit the bullseye by showing Maham’s conversation with Molvi Sahab, who not only translated the Ayah of Holy Quran, also explained its meaning & told Maham to end her relationship with Parvez with an immediate effect. I am glad that they decided to throw that analogy out of the window that Parvez is a good husband & just because he will seek Allah’s forgiveness, he will be forgiven. These things make a lot of sense in real life but when it comes to a drama, such sort of stories are written with an intention of imparting a message to those who tune to it, so it was actually very important to show Parvez receiving a severe punishment for all of his wrongdoings because this is exactly what happens with those who like Molvi Sahab said, try to interfere in Allah’s Affairs & like Nusrat said, wage war against Allah & His Word. I am glad that the team of Nazr e Bad chose this direction for the ending because not every other drama is meant to be a ‘romantic love story’ & not every other character deserves a happy ending. I am glad that Maham learned the truth about Parvez & immediately realized that everything that went wrong in her life was because of him. It was sad that Maham was blaming herself because obviously what she learned shook her to no end, so her reaction seemed quite natural & realistic.

Humera also got divorced & it was quite stupid of Almas to tell her to fake a pregnancy to save her marriage? Ohkay, the fact is that she wasn’t pregnant & she got divorced so how could Almas encourage her daughter to live with a man who is na-mehram for her? Almas was panicky because things were slipping out of her hands but then again, to see a mother giving such sort of advice to her daughter was ridiculous. Almas got paralysis attack & it was good that Nusrat gave her a piece of her mind. I am glad that Nusrat declared she won’t be forgiving Almas, this is exactly what should happen!

Oh well, the preview of the next episode showed Do Muh Wala Baba again, I thought he died & was a water under the bridge but I guess he was brought back to give one final ‘Kathak Class’ to Parvez before the show ends. The preview also showed Ahmer winning a lottery which depicts happy times & secure future for Nusrat & her entire family. I guess now they will show Maham & Aftab’s reconciliation as well because that’s the only logic I see behind bringing Aftab back in the story. Even though the direction of the drama has gone really bad, like it is ridiculously poor but the fact that the story has started making sense & the team is headed in the right direction, I am ready to ignore all those glaring mistakes. Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad.

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