Negative reactions for teasers of Yeh Dil Mera are all over the place

Hum TV recently released the trailers of their upcoming drama starring Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly. Titled Yeh Dil Mera, the drama has been penned down by Farhat Ishtiaq and if news is anything to go by, this one will be a thriller.

Although the teasers released were nothing but romantic, featuring Ahad as Sajal’s probable employer and Sajal being smitten with his charm, people have been not taking well to the entire scenario, workplace flirtation as it is being called.

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A lot of Twitter users took to the channel’s official Twitter handle to state that the teasers showed workplace harassment and it was not in a good taste at all.

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People also pointed out how Ahad’s character was shaded.

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Comparisons to film and novel by E L James, 50 Shades of Grey, came in as well, considering how Ahad Raza Mir was channeling serious Christian Grey vibes.

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After all the criticism and comparisons that have befallen the teasers of Yeh Dil Mera, even before the drama is out,, the writer Farhat Ishtiaq, took it upon herself to clear the doubts. Thanking a fan for her confidence, Farhat stated that she would never ever romanticize rape, sexual harassment and misogyny.

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Although as stated earlier, Ahad and Sajal’s new television outing by Farhat Ishtiaq would be a romantic thriller that would also star Adnan Siddiqui, Mira Sethi and Zarnish Khan as well. With the teasers of the two characters now out and lot of shades being thrown by Ahad’s character, when can only wait anxiously to find out whether the comparisons bear any ring of truth to them or not or whether it turns out to be safe love story.

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Farhat Ishtiaq is known for her deep plots and if those are anything to go by, this one isn’t going to be something light at all.

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    • Same. The thing is our people got a habit of being judgemental. They judge whole dramas because of a teaser. They are the same audience who give trp to dramas like Khaani, Koi Chand rakh, Merey pass tum ho.

      • First watch koi chand rakh and mere pass tum ho then make this comments. These are Imran Abbas and Ayeza khan drama. For that matter, your generation’s SAHAD is way too overhyped couple. It is plain copy and paste of Fifty shades of grey LOOKWISE. Dear Farhat Ishtiaq Mam, Please make drama with Eihsan khan (Udari) ,Sanam Saeed ( Dayar- e-dil) not with this millenial generation INSTANT superstar.
        To,whoever make this comment,Please think again before making comment on Artist like Imran Abbas and Ayeza khan.

  • Pakistani loves to be extremely hostile about artists,films,dramas,music ,as long as it is Pakistani ! Yet ,will promote and love inferior projects by the neighboring country, with 100 core budgets gives below average films!

  • Farhat ishtiaq’scripts are very positive and decent.i a big fan of her and never find any negativity in her novels dramas etc.
    Zarori nahi ki interview main ahad ko jis tarah show kia gaya hay wo wesa hi ho because farhat ishtiaq ki kahani ka hero waqqai main hero hota hay. Yeh to just trailor hay picture abi baaqi hay

    • I totally agree with you. We don’t know what’s going to happen we have only seen the trailer and now only the first episode. God know why people exaggerate and take things into their own hands and assume things. I believe this drama is going to be awesome and in fact looks awesome. Good Job !!


  • I totally agree that it’s harassment. We have been working and senerio is totally different why are they potrating that work places are full of filth and Injustice. The teaser of the play is filthy & dirty didn’t like the way the hero approaching the girl who’s come for the job and giving interview it’s harassing the girl totally. Come out of fantasy try to make real plays .Instead of this I m surprised why did actors like Sajal and Ahad Raza have accepted this type of work they should have refused such work which is effecting there careers.

    • Actor like sajjal and Ahad!!!!! Way to overrated couple by their social media friends. Why that iqra Aziz does not seem to be type of pakistani drama industry actress..

  • Why don’t people just wait and see why jump the gun, I am sure that scene had an intended person which we obviously cannot decipher from a 23 second teaser hence why we should wait for the complete drama and then make any decisions, it could be that scene is part of the central storyline. I am sorry but people need to calm down and take a chill pill man it’s irritating how much negativity and judgement is everywhere. It’s like we start screaming and shouting before anything has even happened….. weirdo people in this world

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