New Drama By Sarmad Khoosat (Main Manto): Starring Mahira khan and Big Stars

New Drama By Sarmad Khoosat: Starring Mahira khan and Big Stars 








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  • Umber

    That's on Sadaat Hasan Manto…

  • shaz

    Why only Mahira Khan's name being used? How fickle Pakistan industry has become. Ignoring the likes of Sania Saeed, a powerhouse perfomer.

    • Rania

      Eik toh har baat main issue banana hamari qom ka kaa. Ban gya hai.. Arey bhyee aap ko kya masla hai agar writer majora ka naam lokh bhi le toh, aur mahira will be the lead so lead ka naam aata hai!!

    • alizeyhusain

      i agree i dnt know why everyone talk about those stars who hav just 1 or 2 play,i know that they r good .bt how we compear like the senior and legend stars like sania saeed humyon saeed,nadia jamil,noman ijaz and many others,plz respect the senior.and stop talking like this,

    • Lubna rashid

      Thank God kisi ne to Mahira k elawa b kisi ko note kia,itni achi actreess hain humari drama industry main pata nahi kun sirrf Mahira khan hi spot light main rehti hain

  • saba

    when will be it on air??

  • Rania


  • Ali

    Bhai mano na mano Mahira ha bari achi actress Baqi sab bhe bahoot Qabile-eIzat han jasy Sania Saeed G Noman Ijaz Sir, Un ka ak apna Mukam ha magar aj kal to har taraf Mahira Khan Mahira Khan he ho raha ha

  • iud

    why Mahira Khan, there is not even one photo of her. There are many other talented actors

  • aqsa

    mahira to h hi nai in pics m

  • ami

    in last pic Sarmad really looks like manto…. and yesss WHY NOTTTTT SANIA SAEED……….. Mahira kiaa cheeeeeez hay Sania k saamnay,. Sania Saeed is much experianced n good actress than Mahira. sir looks n khoobsooratee he nahee hotee sub kuch, acting may tho AAACCCCTTTIINNGGGG hee count hotee hay.. n sorry to say MAHIRA KHAN k koi facial expression HEE NAHE hainn siwaaaiy ANKHON k expression k WO B KHAALI AIK STYLE… ANKHON SAY HAIRAAAAN HONA, n thats it,,,,

  • kashhaf

    its not mahira or sarmad, its a good story and dialogues which click the audience.

    • wisechap

      Kashhaf I completely disagree with you. Good director is the first and foremost requirement for a good play. Hamsafar's story was not extra-ordinary, It was a normal story. But good direction made it superhit. Shehr-i-Zaat's story was good to read but to make a full and superhit serial on such a topic was a very difficult job done well by Sarmad. This is not for the first time that Ishq-i-Haqiqui based story is dramatised. Man chalay ka soda by Ashfaq Ahmad on PTV is available on youtube was also on such topic but did not became hit.

      • alma

        who is to decide that Man chalay ka souda was not a hit. no one on these hoarding private channels can compete the acting of our real actors like firdous jamal and khyam sarhadi late. the material of ashfaq ahmed novels is so solid and deep we cant compare it to anyone and i must say anyone not even bano aapa her betterhalf. btw she is excellent too ..

        • wildlily

          exactiy man chalay ka soud was a fantastic serial and not a single serial now o days can replace was superb.

  • shah

    Mahira sirf Sarmad Khosat K dramey main hi kyoon appear hoti hai… BIG QUESTION.. Galat mat sochain.. Yae aik sirf sawal hai…Jis ke mukhtalif pehloo ho saktey hain.

    • rafa

      kyon ki sirf sarmad ke dramas mein woh charm hai jo ki mahira ke actin skills se perfect match karta hai.. he has te majic.. she has te talent

    • MeMyself

      I think Mahira ki acting Sarmad ki coaching say bauhat behtar ho sakti hai. Agar woh acha kaam karti hai to future main Sarmad to hit serials day sakti hai. Sarmad kay dramay main quality hoti hai. I think most actors/actresses would WANT to work with him.

  • alizeyhusain

    plz upload drama talkhiyan plz plz plz,it is superb play.

  • ain

    Mahira ki acting bakwas hai bilkul

    • alma

      agrreeeed but shehr zat mey she was better

  • sana

    mahira is a C class actress. only looks no acting skills
    bus us ka luck chal gaya hai

    • mahira

      then you must be blind…… be honest i am not a drama fan at all..becoz to me all this is wrong…but i swear mahira khan dramas have islamically inspired me to the fullest and encoureged me to be closer to Allah.

  • ALI

    MAHIRA aaap bht bht bht achii actres ho.. ap jab acting kartii hoo. too aysaa lagtaa ha jysaa bilkul real kr rahii hoo..

  • Fatima

    Gis drama myn mahira ho wo hit hy