New Teasers And Air Date Of O Rangreza

The new Hum Tv upcoming sensation ‘O Rangreza’ has us all anticipating a beautiful backdrop, romantic moments and powerful performances. Written by Sji Gul and directed by Kashif Nisar, and Bilal Abbas and Sajal Ali as leads, this play has all the ingredients for being a weekly favorite.

Recently, new teasers have been released that take the promotion of the drama to another level. They are beautiful with touching scenes and moments that will reveal some of the plot but not let you know more than they precisely intend to show.

It showed the relationship Sajal has with her on screen father Noman Ijaz and how she idealizes him and wishes to marry a man just like him.

The next one is about her and Bilal. There is significant friction among them according to the teaser. How they mange to fall in love will surely be interesting.

Bilal is playing a simple and innocent boy Qasim who works as a dyer and falls in love with his first cousin played by Sajal. The other main characters are played by Irsa Ghazal, Sonia Mishal, Omair Rana, Sana Fakhar.

O Rangreza’s first episode will be airing on Hum Tv on Friday, the 28th of July. Let’s see how the serial turns out to be after such promising promos.

Mehwish Mansoor