Nida Yasir’s Comments on Sadia Imam, Sanam Jung and Urwa’s Make-up

What is it that ladies look forward to in a gathering other than gossips? Looks. Yes, judging a book by its cover is the most common thing we, as humans, do. Make-up plays an essential role in a woman’s appearance. As time changes, so do the make-up trends. To keep up with these trends our ladies take inspirations from the TV actresses and hosts as well as the beauticians that are invited on the morning shows. Nida Yasir who hosts ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ on ARY digital, gave her analysis on the make-ups of 3 female stars of our Entertainment Industry on their wedding day. As it is a very special day of any girl’s life, ¬†especial care is taken of the make-up and dress. Keeping that in mind Nida said a few words about Sadia Imam’s dress and make-up on her wedding day, followed by an analysis of the same for Sanam Jung and Urwa Hocane. Watch the video below to know what she said:

Arsala Khalid

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