Nida Yasir’s Heartfelt Condolences to Abid Ali’s Family

Nida Yasir has paid tribute to Legendary Actor Abid Ali in her show, she said that ” Today our great actor our legendary actor, who will remain alive in our hearts through his work, has passed away. He was kind and loving. He has left us.
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May Allah give patience to his family, he has got two families and they are facing issues and I pray both families sort issues in this difficult time and participate peacefully in burial. Support his family, don’t blame his family on uploading video because it is done out of emotions and fear and love of their father. Pray for his family if you love him. Don’t try to bash the family who is in difficult times because you cannot be in their shoes, you can only imagine hard times of others when you go through those hardships yourself, try to respect human emotions.
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Well, Nida has given a great message to all she has given the message to those people who are blaming Abid Ali ‘s daughter on making video about attending Funeral of her father, how sad is the fact that people are bashing her.

Please act wisely and love his family if you love him.


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