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Noman Habib’s Latest Pictures With His Wife and Daughter

Noman Habib started his acting career with the play Yeh Zindagi Hei and he was instantly recognized because of his natural acting. His movie debut Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi won him even more recognition and after that he was seen in some quality projects. Noman Habib recently got married to Asma Habib and these two share a beautiful bond.

They were blessed by a beautiful daughter whose name is Ayesha. Noman Habib is also a wonderful father who feels proud of doing all his daddy duties. The couple has often been seen in morning shows sharing how their life is after marriage and especially after the birth of their daughter. He also brought his mother along with his mother in law in one of the shows. Noman Habib is also liked by the fans because of his modesty and his nice personality.

Noman Habib posted few latest pictures with his wife and daughter. Ayesha looks more cute than ever now that she is a little bigger. Asma too looks gorgeous in the pictures and the couple looks lovely together.