Naheed Shabir’s Husband Left His First Wife And Kids

Naheed Shabir is a Pakistani actress and a model who recently got married to producer and government officer Nomi Khan. She was trolled for getting married at the age of 45 but she didn’t respond to any negative comments. 

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It was the second marriage of Naheed and Nomi. Tanzeela Mazhar tweeted that Nomi Khan abandoned his first wife and two kids for Naheed Shabir. He kicked her out of his house as well. Drama fraternity has become immune to broken family scenes because this is what our dramas are all about. It’s a shame! 

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I don’t understand why girls trust married guys. Like if he is leaving his wife and kids for you then he can even leave you for any other girl. Naheed Shabir was divorced but Nomi Khan was cruel to his wife and young kids. 


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In the whole story, Faysal Qureshi played an important role. He looked happy about both the weddings of Nomi Khan. Many people responded to Tanzeela Mazhar’s twitter post. 

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Marriage and Divorce are personal choices but Naheed Shabir should not hurt another family. 

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  • Why is everyone blaming Naheed? They’re not her kids. That man (Nomi) needs to be held accountable and Faisal Qureshi is most likely Nomi’s mate. Cut out the flathoo drama.

  • He kicked his wife out along with children and has not given a penny to them because of this woman…she is responsible for his actions 100% sure she asked him to abandon his family if he wants to marry her…bloody home wrecker

  • This guy Nouman khan has not only kicked out his decent doctor wife n kids but is also not giving any child support…. There r so many more horrifying facts abt this guy which i know personally!! Filthy people like him did not even bother abt his children….. What a Shame!!

  • What a Shame to both Nouman n Naheed Shabbir for destroying innocent lives! Marriage n divorce r personal matters but not supporting his children shows how filthy he is!

  • Saw the singing n dancing video of this Hijra Noman clad in gaudy pink clothes!! His choice of clothes n second marriage shows his pathetic taste and Kicking out his wife n kids n not supporting his own children shows his character! SHITTY PEOPLE!

  • I know his first wife, a young n decent dermatologist, this guy Noman kicked her n kids out n left her without child support, it will not take more than a minute for her to expose this man publicly which can create a havoc in his life as she knows the dirty secrets of his life but i know this is not her class n what he did to his own blood shows his! She never deserved him in the first place! 😢😢😠😠😬😬

  • Kya ho gaya hay zamanay ko matlab apnay he biwi bachon ko nikal kar jashan manaya ja raha hay 👹👹👹aur yeh nahid shaber neh tho apne pehle shadi may bhi husband ki divorce karai thi tooba hay 😞

  • His first wife is sooo pretty.yeh nomi khan pagal hay jo is borhi divorced nahid keh liye itni pyari biwi bachay nikal diye 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nahid shabir ko blame na karain. ye jo mr noman khan nay apny masoom biwi bacho ko nikala hay. Allah saza day ga apnay bachon ki ahh lage gi isay 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    • Naheed my favourite artist
      You will be as stupid it is unbelievable a man who can cheat his smart and educated wife which is much better than you in all aspects how he will be your’s you really disappointed your wievers

  • Faisal Qureshi looks more of an hypocrite, instead of condemning a shameful act he is equally excited about the 2nd marriage; bagani shadi ma “FAISAL” dewana.
    As far as Naheed is concerned she really disappointed her fan following as its claimed that artists are ‘artistis’ because they are very sensitive to social issues.

  • All I can say is …. what goes around…. comes around… when his children grow up..( soon ) he will have to answer them that why he left them for his own “ mouj mastiyaa” dousro ki khushiyaa cheen jar koi insaan kaisey khush reh sakta hai… Bus Islaam ki aar mai apni hawis pori kartey hain… yai Aaj kal k “na-mard”

  • Wsy Nomi ki phli shadi ki pictures dakh k lgta a huur k sath languur …..😂😂😂or dosri shadi ma langur ko iska jordi daar mil e gya 🙊🐒🐵

  • Hamza Abasi ny simple shadi kr k achi misaal qaim ki or ye budha budhi is Umar ma nach gana kr k or apny bacho ko gar sy nikal k shadi kr rahy ha… shameful!😠😬😡😡

  • Aj Kal k mardon ka zamir mar Gaya ha ye nomi apny bachon ko support Ni Kar Raha or apni shadi ki aayashion ma fazul kharchi Kar Raha ha Jo apny khoon ka nai hva wo is naheed shabir ka kaya ho ga 😰😰😰😓😓😓🙄😢🙄

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