Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 10 & 11 Story Review – Important Developments

Opening Thoughts – Important Developments:

Ohkay so, the story of Ishq Zahe Naseeb has taken a very interesting turn from the last couple of weeks. It is good to see both Gauhar & Kashif’s journey where they both are dealing with pretty much the same scenarios in their lives but are totally estranged. The pace of the drama has been considerably slow but the overall execution is now making a lot more sense & everything is coming together appropriately.

Kashif & Gauhar Are Focused On Their Priorities:

Kashif was burdened with the fact that he had to deal with his sister’s wedding expenses but he lost his job. Dunya’s father was not only upset with her but he backed Kashif up in front of her too because he knew that whatever Kashif said was nothing but a bitter truth. Jabbar was hopeful that Dunya will come out of this mental state but he saw her dwelling more & more into it & like a concerned but helpless father, he just let her be because he thought this was her way of dealing with her pain & heartbreak. Jabbar knew that Dunya was harsh on Kashif that is why he wanted him back but he was again too scared to hurt Dunya’s feelings. Dunya did realize that Kashif truly respected her for who she was & not because he sympathized with her, that was one of the strongest reasons why Dunya suggested hiring Kashif back.

Sameer could see the difference Gauhar was making in his & his mother’s life, that is why he was keen to get her back to work. Sameer has developed sympathy for Gauhar because he knows her potential & what she is capable of. Sameer also feels that it is unfair for Gauhar to get married to a man like Jahangir who is no match to her whatsoever. Sameer decided to take matters in his hands & that was enough to prove the kind of status Gauhar has earned in Sameer’s house as well as in Sameer’s eyes.

It was interesting to note how Kashif felt relieved when he was hired back but in the meantime he did cross paths with Sameer. Kashif couldn’t stop thinking about how he will now be able to take care of his family efficiently but still at the back of his mind, he had Gauhar. This has to be one of the most interesting aspects of this drama where it has been shown that Gauhar & Kashif’s heartbreak has actually been a blessing in disguise for them, this period of separation has allowed them to focus more on their priorities & because of that they are being able to help their families. Gauhar & Kashif had to do this for their families because there wasn’t anyone else, but if they had gotten married that day, both of them would’ve faced much worse but because they both chose wisely, they are doing something which is benefiting a lot of people around them.

Sameer decided to do what it takes to get Gauhar back to work. Sameer also offered to pay Gauhar’s loan as he knew this was the main reason why she was getting married. Gauhar’s parents though helpless are not any less selfish than her brother Saleem is, especially her mother. Gauhar’s father didn’t have a say when Saleem decided to get Gauhar married to Jahangir but now after Sameer’s proposal to help them out, he immediately thought it would be better to ask Gauhar to not get married at all. Gauhar wants to prove a point to her entire family that she will now do what they had told her to because they didn’t really trust her before, that is why she will now do what it takes to prove it to them. Gauhar has lost the love of her life, so she just wants to take care of her parents debt & that’s it. Gauhar’s brother Saleem & his wife Zakia are just selfish & that is why Zakia wanted Saleem to take full advantage of the opportunity that Sameer had presented them. Saleem not only listened to his wife but did what she said by calling this engagement off.

Closing Thoughts – Interesting Journey Ahead:

Overall, these episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb had some important developments to their credit. The change in Dunya’s behavior especially towards Kashif was another important development, she has just accepted the fact that Kashif had a point & that he is a decent man. Sameer has started thinking about Gauhar but it seems Sameera won’t let Sameer enjoy his feelings for her to the fullest. He will continue to fight this battle of guilt where he will be torn between Sameera & Gauhar. This is going to be quite an interesting ride to watch. All the actors are doing a brilliant job & I am actually glad that they have started using instrumental music & the OST doesn’t play as much as it used to in the initial episodes. Please share your thoughts about these episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

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  • I am really enjoying the drama. I am very intrigued and curious, as this concept is different and unpredictable in many ways. I love the Zahid and Soniya scenes, but wish there were more of them.

    I’m hoping the pace will pick up a little.

    Your reviews are so on point- thank you.

    Will you be reviewing the drama with a different name but Aangan season 2 on ARY?

  • I have not been able to watch all episodes so can someone pls help me understand the role of sameera here.. She was the governess of Sameer in his childhood? Why does she keep haunting him lol

    • Sameer was revealed to have multiple personality disorder in episode 9, & his governess was called Shakira (Yumna’s character) who he spent a lot of time with especially when his stepmother frequently banished him to the basement as punishment. As Zahra explains in her review of episode 9, Shakira left a huge impression on his mind, & when she had to leave she emphasised that he should not forget her, due to which he has not been able to take her out of his mind & has imbibed her personality to keep her alive.

      Shakira was a voice to all of those evil & negative feelings that crossed Sameer’s mind & because he couldn’t do that himself, he started relying on her persona to channel them out, resulting in him becoming ‘Sameera’ and talking to a vision of Shakira at night. Hope that makes sense!

      • Or maybe it is not the case of multiple personality disorder but possession. Because Sameer was searching for Shakira aka Sameera who was hiding and was furious. It can be interesting as well

  • Thank you for the review. I am really interested how things will unfold in future when Saamera and Gauher face each other.

  • This drama is different from the rest and going good keep it up guys really excited about the next part.

  • Seriously this drama is so good that it should be aired twice a week. Zahid, Sonya, Zarnish and Sami were wonderful….but for some reason, Yumna, for me, scores above everyone else….her smile is beautifully threatening…her body language adorned with this beaming danger…..the state of her aggression is silky smooth… her love her love her!!!!!

    Great review, Zahra! Just like the drama itself!

  • Hi! I am not a TV person and hardly watch dramas. But I heard a week ago that there is a drama that revolves around multiple personality disorder that caught my interest. I watched 10 episodes at a time and couldn’t wait for next episode. I am loving this drama, mainly SAMEER and GAUHER scenes. In fact I am loving Sameer. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I want to Sameer and Gauhar together at the end…..let us see. Can someone indicate how many episodes the drama has?

  • Things are happening in kind of a similar way with both gauhar and kashif and this reminds me of what the lady said to her in first episode at the mazaar she went with kashif that things will happen similarly in their lives and her 1st husband will die so maybe she will marry sameer and he might die and she remarries kashif ..

  • Hi Zahra, nice review. I too liked the flashback scenes of Kashif remembering Gauhar at every moment whenever a relative thing happens. And you said well about their sacrifices and priorities. All the lead actors are fully into their role, however i still don’t get attached to Zahid Ahmed as Sameer. What i see is that he is pretending as a rich businessman. His skill i was never been attracted to.

  • Hi Zahra, I’ve been a silent reader for a couple of years & thought it was about time I expessed my views! Great review, as you said it does feel we’re in for quite a ride ahead! This is one of my favourite dramas on air at the moment.

    Did anyone notice that whenever Shakira appears in front of Sameer, she is pretty much always wearing the same outfit-black shalwar kameez with red dupatta, that she wore when she said goodbye to him as a child in episode 9? Very intriguing character.

    I also love the parallels betweeen Kashif & Gauhar’s journeys, as predicted by the palm reader at the mazaar (1st episode).

  • I am watching it n watched all episodes I like they way as doing smeer as well Gohar ,I hope its upcoming episodes are most interesting and engaged all audience as me

  • The review was ok ….but the episode was too good .sameers acting is awesome and role of yumna is v difficult but she performed it v well .

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