Noor Is Ready With A New Project

Noor Bukhari is a former film actress. She worked in countless films and always has been famous and remained in the public eye. Her last marriage with singer and actor Wali Hamid Khan ended up in a divorce and she went through a very rough patch in her life at that point. She turned to Allah and since then she has found peace and has left her acting career. Noor Bukhari started a youtube channel of hers and has been working as a host. She has started doing proper purdah too.

Noor Is Ready With A New Project

Now Noor is all set to come forward with a new project and she is naturally very excited for it too. She has turned director for the video of a Naat and she has not even charged anything for the job as she considers this a tribute to our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. Noor is excited about the project and wants more of this work in the future too. She has not thought of venturing into directing dramas and films yet and is happy with something like this to do.

We wish Noor ventures more into direction and brings great wok forward!

Pakeeza Dar