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Noor Thinks Fame Has Gone To Fawad Khan’s Head

Actress Noor has always been very blunt about her views and she also has said many times that the people in the showbiz industry are not sincere to each other. Noor was invited as a guest at the Nadia Khan Show and like all the other shows which Nadia Khan has done after her comeback, in this show too someone ended up saying something that deserves to be heard by people!


While talking about the old times Nadia pointed out that when Noor was working in films and many other actors of her time were not the least bit proud even though they were very famous. This down-to-earth nature of these actors made their personalities more appealing. That was not the case now because actors that are hit in films now think that they can show other people attitude because they are famous.

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While Noor gave a clean chit to actors like Mahira Khan and others, she had a different opinion about Fawad Khan. She said,

“Mahira is very sweet…..We consider actors like Fawad Khan newcomers but actually they are not newcomers. They are actors who had to work in sitcoms like “Jutt and Bond”, they have struggled a lot to get where they are today. I guess they have struggled so hard that now their faces have turned stiff and their attitude is cold!”

Noor was certainly trying to say that after getting fame Fawad Khan has become proud and he can’t spare a smile for anyone.

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