Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi. I must say the acting & the direction has been top-notch so far & the story is unfolding at a perfect pace. I am glad that they are not rushing with the happenings & are focusing on little things that are helping us in understanding all these characters perfectly.

So Goshi continued to pester Shams & he stayed unaffected with everything that Goshi said to him. It is so obvious that all Goshi wants is Shams’s attention but she conceals it by putting him down & belittling him, just so that he is unable to decipher her actual thoughts. Goshi decided on her own that she was going to spend a whole day out with her classmates without having the need to inform her family about it & she was pretty happy with the way things progressed because she knew, no one would hinder her plans & everyone’s reaction hinted that too. Goshi’s father Fiaz decided not to bother her because he knew that the last conversation her had with Goshi didn’t end at a good note, so he was well aware of the fact that anything that he’d say will make her lose her mind & the last thing he wanted to do was to infuriate her beloved daughter. He was at least satisfied that he got to know about it indirectly just before Goshi left. Ilyas was too busy with his own preparations of Basant day, so the only person who was a little concerned was Ilyas’s mother. Just when she decided to talk to Goshi about it & discuss the pros & cons with her, Goshi left her speechless by bringing in Ilyas’s name in between the conversation. I feel even though Goshi is highly opinionated & level-headed, every single time, she still feels the need to use someone as a cover because she has a hard time owning her decisions easily, that is why when Ilyas’s mother tried to speak to her, Goshi’s defense mechanism forced her to bring the topic of Ilyas’s competition that he arranged without informing anyone in the family, which obviously helped Goshi in getting away easily with her single-handed decision.

Goshi’s day went well but the ending wasn’t smooth. Shams stepped up & saved the day, convincing Goshi that he was the man she was looking for. Shams proved to be the perfect idea of a husband that Goshi was in search of & that is why, in stead of getting traumatized by what she witnessed, she felt at peace because she knew that she got the answer that she was looking for. I must say my favorite scene of this episode was when Shams goes to drop Goshi & they both share a moment together where he gets to put a ring on her finger & with very subtle expressions, they both highlight the thoughts that are running through their minds. Both the actors were phenomenal with the subtlety in their acting & I must say, their chemistry was amazing as well. Goshi returned home with an overwhelming feeling that she got a nod of approval by Shams which she yearned for all this while, but I must say, the things that her father said & the way her Aunt understood what was going on – that whole scene was done beautifully as well, it was like both the elders could foresee what was going to happen & they were dreading it. Goshi fails to understand that her happiness will cause so much distress to those people who love her so much & even though I know, they will agree to whatever she will say as her happiness means everything to them, I hope for their sake, Goshi approaches them with humility & kindness because they deserve nothing but that.

I really like Ilyas’s approach towards life. Just when he got to know that things were ohkay at Goshi’s end, he thought it was a bad idea to waste his time worrying sick for Goshi & he decided to fetch something scrumptious for dinner as he knew Goshi will eventually make it to her home. Yes, Ilyas is innocent, he is a bit too simple & most of the times, he fails to understand the gravity of such situations, but still his naivety doesn’t take away the fact that he is a kind & softhearted person. He may not be suitable for Goshi, but he surely deserves someone who would do anything for him because his loyalty makes him very special. I actually felt bad for Ilyas that he lost the kite challenge to Mariam, but it was a great relief that Fiaz had taken care of the prize money that Ilyas had promised. I really like the Chacha-Bhateeja bonding that Fiaz & Ilyas share & that is why I look forward to their conversations the most because there’s a warmth in their relation that brings a smile to my face. Mariam obviously has a lot to offer because seems like she is their neighbour & she is living with her Aunt too. I am sure being their neighbor, she will come in contact with Ilyas quite often.

So, Zareena (Saman Ansari) showed up, even more miserable than ever before. Shams’s Bhabhi succeeded in emotionally blackmailing him into getting married to her sister & Shams gave in because for him, that was the only way he could protect her & give her the social security that she needed the most. Shams’s brother knew that his younger brother had many plans for his future & such a serious commitment was the last thing on his mind but at least Shams stood up for Zareena & did what he deemed right. It is obvious that Zareena would want more from this relationship but we’ll have to wait & see if Shams will ever have anything other than his name to offer to her.

The preview of the next episode seemed even more dramatic. Looks like Mariam is interested in Ilyas & I think this is going to be the actual reason why she accepted the challenge. Goshi will find out about Shams’s Nikkah & she will confess her feelings too. I am sure it is going to get a lot more interesting & I can’t wait to watch more. I am thoroughly impressed by Hira & Ahsan Khan both, they have acted brilliantly & their chemistry has been great too. Hasan Noman & Irfan Khoosat are a treat to watch as well. The direction has been superb & I love the screenplay along with the OST because I think they use it very aptly as it completes the situations as well. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect Preet Na Kariyo Koi to be this good, so yes, I am totally impressed. :) Please share your thoughts about this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi as well & let me know if you’re enjoying it or not? :)

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