Noor un Ain Episode 8 Review – Meesni Got Married!

Ohkay so, when this episode ended I had a smile on my face, not because of how sweet or amazing it was, only because of how wrong & nonsensical things were. I mean I feel for the actors, I really do because they were trying so hard to convey the emotions but they weren’t coming through because there’s a thing called substance & that particular thing is missing from the story. Now I know when the Team Noor un Ain came on Good Morning Pakistan, despite Nida Yasir’s continuous attempts, she failed in getting the details from them all because in reality, there is nothing special that they could have talked about. Everyone kept on saying that it is a very simpleee story, veryyy simpleee story whereas now we all know that this story is not only simple, it isn’t original to begin with!

Noor ul Ain & Khizar got Nikkaofied & then few moments later when one of Khizar’s friends joked or rather spoke the truth, Noor couldn’t take it because gugu ko bula lag gaya. I mean did Noor really expect that people will welcome her & Khizar with garlands & shower roses on them after what they have done? Noor’s like ‘mai logon ke sawalon se ghabrati hoon’ hmmmm, so aisa kaam nahi karna tha na boring larki jahan logon ke sawalon ke jawab dene parain. I mean how lifeless is she? I mean she got married to the love of her life, I am talking about that ultimateee love because of whom she didn’t even bother about her parents, the love because of whom she was having sleepless nights & when she got married to him, she didn’t even smile? Seriously? Taking Poker-Face to a whole new level!!!

Well, I am not sure about others but I couldn’t stop giggling when Khizar’s card declined, matlab Nikkah ka khana hi decline ho gaya? LOL! That entire scenario was quite amusing & then the same friend jisay Noor ne Khizar ko batain sunanay ko kaha tha, ended up paying the bill, hahaha!

Well, it was quite weird that Khizar’s mom despite being so rigid didn’t react one bit when she found out that her aik iklota beta got married to Noor, like why was she so cold as if her son bought a wrong sized T-shirt & didn’t get married? Also, Khizar’s protest & baghawat was so masoomana & polite, I mean my 7 month old baby Khizar protests louder than this grown up Khizar. I mean Khizar was talking to his mother about such a do-or-die situation & still there was no finality just nothing in his tone!

So, Noor was feeling guilty & I also couldn’t stop lol’ing at Qasim’s timing because it was all wrong. He decided to tell Noor what a wonderful daughter she is & what an amazing father he has been just when she got married behind his back. Uncle jee ye baatain pehle kar lete to beti shayad unhain bata ke ye gul khilati. I still can not understand why Noor stopped talking to her family just like that? Well Ghazala played another game & told Qasim to invite Sofie’s in laws, as she obviously wants Qasim & Co. to get embarrassed in front of them but then again, I will not blame her because it is Noor who decided to go ahead with this marriage & in this clueless khandaan, it is good to see that at least there is one person who uses her brains. I must say, I feel the need to thank that person who invented Mute button because the moment the episode ended & that singer was about to contaminate my ears with her voice, I muted the TV. All hail mute button! I so wish, all these guys hadn’t signed this project because of each other, like Sajal chose this because of Sarmad, Sarmad went ahead because of Imran Abbas, Imran Abbas decided to do this because of Marina & Sarmad…I wish they all had paid attention to the script to save themselves from such an average drama. Anyways please share your thoughts!

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