O Rangreza Episode 03 Review – Phenomenal Performances!

Ohkay so, another week, another brilliant episode of O Rangreza. I have said this before but I will say that again, you just can not keep track of time when this drama is on-air because it is so good. It is refreshing to see a unique story getting such a unique sort of treatment by the director because the execution is what makes or breaks a drama & the way the director has given attention to detail really takes it to another level. I know, the wait for Fridays is going to be quite long because the viewers would find it hard to wait for O Rangreza’s episodes week after week.

Well, I actually found it quite interesting how the focus from Sassi was shifted onto Khayyam in this episode especially & I think it was important for the viewers to get some more insight into his character. To me, Khayyam emerged as a coward who really has no backbone but thinks he is the man. The way a husband treats his wife defines who he truly is & the way Khayyam mistreats Mumtaz clearly shows that he is not only a bad husband but is a coward too. It isn’t only about Mumtaz in this case, it is also about Khayyam’s overall attitude in general with the people around him who are weak & don’t stand upto him because by treating them as doormats, he thinks he has the authority to do so as he is the man, the head, the in-charge of the house!

Khayyam is someone who can be manipulated easily & only by those whom he looks upto, because the way he immediately changed his behavior with Mumtaz after Sonia Jahan praised her shed a light on that in great detail as well. Also, Khayyam knows that in this case, he is walking all over his wife so he just threw in a few compliments as he knew that it would make her happy. The way Khayyam tried to cover up his selfishness by being ‘sweet’ with Mumtaz went to show that he wasn’t doing this for her, but in fact it was only to put his own heart to ease & to make himself feel better that he isn’t cheating on his wife. Another scenario where Khayyam emerged as a coward was when he took Sassi to see the shooting & then used her to give Sonia the impression that it was Sassi who brought him to the shooting & not the other way round. If Khayyam was a man of substance, he would’ve done everything openly without resorting to such strategies where he had to use his own daughter to make himself look noble.

Khayyam has always loved Sonia Jahan but even then, he is finding it hard to let her know, that is why he had that conversation with his friend where he gave him the assurance that even Sonia is interested in him. Again, if Khayyam was a man, he would’ve been upfront about his feelings first in stead of worrying about the fact if Sonia would reciprocate those feelings or not. The way Khayyam snubbed Qasim once again shed a light on his behavior where he thought being rude to someone as harmless as Qasim defined his masculinity. Giving bracelet as a token to his wife basically showed that he was trying to compensate for the pain that he knew he was going to cause her & sadly, it worked for him because Mumtaz has shut all the doors of her heart to be feeling the need to do something. Kareeman did try to knock some sense into Mumtaz that she should stand up for herself & should stop Khayyam but looks like Mumtaz has accepted everything as her fate & she is happy with this defeat. I actually feel for Mumtaz, I totally do, I understand her struggles & her pain & I know that she has no choice than to just accept everything that comes her way because Khayyam has deprived her of every right as a wife, but I am not sure how long I’d be able to feel for her, because after some time you stop sympathizing with those who don’t want to help themselves. I really wish there’s more to Mumtaz’s character than what we have seen so far, where she is perfectly fine with everything as far as she has the tag of being Mrs. Khayyam Sani!

Aww, I felt for Qasim so much. It was quite interesting how he developed this confidence in himself because he got the attention from a couple of girls, like it was enough for him to know that he is not as useless as Sassi thinks he is. Also, yes, Sonia Jahan’s comment that he looks like a hero did the trick & pushed him bit further as well, due to which he brought himself to the point where he could confess his feelings to Sassi & let her know what he actually thinks of her. His thoughts about Sassi were so pure & beautifully worded, he really has given her the highest rank in his heart but sadly, Sassi hasn’t understood that & before she could even find out, Mumtaz decided to stop him.

I must say, those were some very strong performances by both Irsa Ghazal & Bilal Abbas Khan. I loved how Mumtaz retaliated but also understood Qasim’s perspective, like she didn’t completely hold him responsible because she understood that he was at such a stage in his life where it was normal for him to get attracted to a girl who was around him every single day, but she had to put a foot down because she knew that Khayyam would never approve of this. Mumtaz knows that Qasim is a gem of a person & he would really be an ideal partner for Sassi but she has no courage left in her to face Khayyam that is why without even giving it a chance, she told Qasim to forget about Sassi & leave the house. Well, I think Mumtaz is lucky that out of all the people in this house, it is Qasim who not only feels for her but understands her struggles, that is why without even saying a word, he decided to follow her orders. As expected, Sassi gave him such a reaction which even he couldn’t understand but then again, that’s who Sassi is; unpredictable, where at one point Sassi actually looked concerned that he was leaving & on the other she ended up telling him to leave as well because she couldn’t put up with his tantrum & that again reminded me of Khayyam so much. Khayyam’s influence has shaped Sassi’s character exactly like him, that is why they both seem cold, indifferent & emotionally selfish where they would never ever budge for those they don’t value & this is exactly what Sassi did with Qasim!

Overall, this episode was beautiful & was filled with such phenomenal performances that I am in an awe. It is amazing to see a team coming together in order to bring something so unique for the viewers, like the writer had his vision, the director understood that vision & the actors did everything to bring that vision to life, it surely is a team effort & each & every single person associated with this team deserve a standing ovation. I love how every episode has so many flavors, like a bit of comedy, a bit of drama, a bucket load of emotions & most importantly perfection in every single aspect. Bilal Abbas Khan was definitely the star of this episode, Qasim also has so many shades but he only shows them when he is pushed or tested & Bilal Abbas Khan has made it possible to understand Qasim’s character easily. Noman Ejaz was brilliant as well, especially in his scenes with Sonia Jahan. I actually lol’ed during Khayyam & Qasim’s interaction so much like he actually showed how much he detested Qasim for interrupting him & Sonia, lol, those expressions by Noman Ejaz were priceless! Sana Fakhar has played her part well but I really think she should’ve hired a better makeup artist, like I am not sure if she deliberately went for a darker complexion or it was a mistake on the makeup artist’s part because in stead of looking beautifully dusky, she ended up looking ashy. Sajal played her part well too & Irsa Ghazal was phenomenal as well. I love love love the usage of the OST in this drama, it just adds so much of charm to the entire scenario. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of O Rangreza.

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