O Rangreza Episode 25 – Review!

Ohkay so, before speaking about this episode, I’d share my excitement about the preview of the next episode because it somehow promised a closure of some tracks, though it might be uninteresting but just the thought of not having to tune to this drama anymore has me sighing with relief!

So, it was Meena who decided to get married to Qasim, 1) to save the entire family & 2) to save herself from a lunatic named Tipu. Tipu’s outburst reminded of a toddler that I just met today who was cranky to the core as he didn’t have his nap in the afternoon, but the difference is, Tipu is a grownup & he still is cranky!?!?! Finally, Mumtaz gave him a much needed slap which again showed Khayyam that she cared.

Mumtaz has grown cold & distant but her actions are enough to show Khayyam that she still cares, cares enough to have a heart which even accommodates the one he loves.

Sassi was shattered & finally realized that she couldn’t see Qasim being with someone else. Her attitude basically showed that just like guys don’t like becoming mamu’s after their beloved(s) gets married to someone else, similarly Sassi was not happy that she’ll now have to become pupho to Qasim & Meena’s children. Sassi deliberately spoke about Wajih in front to Qasim to get a reaction out of him only to assure herself that he still loved her & he still cared for her because the moment she got what she was expexting, she allowed him to leave. To be honest, even though Sajal’s performance was perfect in the scene where she was crying it still didn’t move me 1) because I am done with her character 2) I know that Meena will leave eventually!

Ummm nothing else happened in this episode which needs to be spoken about, oh yes, Wajih used Sassi to get to Sonia Jahan & further torture her & Khayyam, like seriously, he ain’t get anything else to do? Sad to see that just like Meena & Tipu, his character didn’t bring anything to the table as well! Please share your thoughts about this episode of O Rangreza!

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