O Rangreza Episode 26 Review – Torture At Its Peak!

Seriously, who would’ve thought that behind such colorful, attractive & vibrant promotional posters, there would be a story which would make no sense & become torturous to tune to. This episode was nothing but a filler. I read somewhere that Sajjal Ali told about O Rangreza ending at 26th episode? So why didn’t it end tonight? Hum TV has really gone downhill & the quality of their dramas has deteriorated a great deal. It is unfortunate that this drama didn’t end at a right time & is further going to test our patience!

Well, Saji Gul might have been unsuccessful at conveying whatever he wanted to but he surely has succeeded in making a point about how kids should NOT BE raised because both Sassi & Tipu are any parents’ nightmare & even Mumtaz & Khayyam as parents are any child’s nightmare too!!!

This entire Meena being a perfect wife scenario is so forced & it is way too evident because they decided to extend the drama. I am sure this whole track was added unnecessarily because how is it contributing the story is still not clear. Qasim changed from Kurtas to Suits but his personality remains the same – dud!

Sassi’s getting mistreated & I feel this is what she deserves but then again, her spat with Wajih was so unconvincing. Sassi has been giving Khayyam a hard time so it is absolutely ridiculous to show that she would flip out at a single comment that Wajih made about her father not doing a good job at script writing. Seriously? Sassi ke dil mai Khayyam ke liye itni mohabbat aur izzat kaisay? Also, Wajih telling Sassi later that she succeeded in proving him wrong had me yawning because it was so bizarre. Like why was he even testing her in the first place? Koi aur kaam nahi tha kya!?!

I am glad that Mumtaz is going to go to police station in the next episode because that’s what she deserves for being brain-dead. Kya pata 1 2 danday kha ke inki ankhain khul jayein & she would then be able to stop Tipu from fooling her? I swear abb inki haveli bikkay ya zewar, I really don’t care!

Qasim is still allowing Sassi to boss him around. Also, like I predicted, she won’t miss a chance to create misunderstandings between Qasim & Meena & this is exactly what she did. Not sure if anyone is going to take charge of the situation & call spade a spade by stopping Sassi from ruining other’s lives. It looks like they all are pathetically obsessed with getting tortured & live for it.

Uf! Sorry but in stead of feeling sorry for Sonia Jahan, I ended up feeling annoyed matlab ke ye kya hai, ufff! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this hideous episode of O Rangreza, lol as if bara masterpiece tha jisay extend kar diya gaya hai! Bizarre!

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