Om Puri’s Wife Slams Amir Liaquat For Ghost Video, & Calls Him ‘A Joker’

Bollywood veteran actor Om Puri’s death is an unsolved mystery. A few months back, Pakistani anchor Amir Liaquat showed a clip and said that Om Puri’s ghost has been spotted in front of his Mumbai residence. In his show on Bol News, Amir Liaquat claimed that Om Puri’s ghost is back to seek revenge.

The video claiming that late actor Om Puri’s ghost has been haunting the area around his Mumbai residence went viral on the internet.

However, Om Puri’s wife Nandita has finally reacted to the video. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she said, “We are getting the intelligence to track it down.”

“Aamir Liaquat is a joker in Pakistan, who has survived a lot of these cheap thrills earlier too. According to my sources, he was given this from somebody in India and there are many people involved who have scripted this whole thing, which is disgraceful and in extremely bad taste. The video was shot in a night vision CCTV camera and we have traced down the building. Of course it’s not where Om lived. He won’t live in a shoddy building, but it’s very close to our house,” she added.

Watch the viral video here:

Rimsha Butt