Nazr e Bad Episode 25 & 26 Review – Make Some Progress!

Oh dear, I so wish I could say that this week’s episodes of Nazr e Bad were interesting because even though there were a handful of developments that were made in the story, the overall progress was next to zero & the happenings weren’t interesting to say the least. For the first time I found myself glued to my cellphone while Nazr e Bad played in the background. This definitely has nothing to do with the characters or anything like that because the characters are still strong & the essence of the drama is also the same but it looked like there was a lot of focus on nominal things which made these two episodes a bit slow & uninteresting. Make no mistake, I am still a fan of this drama, I am still looking forward to it & will definitely watch it till the end, but I want things to move forward now!!!

So, Maham has started accepting Parvez & their relationship. At first she couldn’t actually believe that she not only said yes to his proposal but she also ended up getting married to him. I thought this would serve as an eye-opener & she will get back to her old ways where she couldn’t stand the sight of Parvez but that thing changed quickly. I am not too sure how I feel about this change in Maham’s attitude where she is showing acceptance towards her marriage like it makes her look like she has no personality & is just going with the flow, whereas she was introduced as a girl who knew what she wanted & would never budge for someone. Yes, I do understand that Maham was under the influence of black magic but later when she did realize that things were odd, I wish she had maintained her stance against Parvez despite him being her husband, because that would’ve spiced things up & also, it would’ve showed that Parvez’s magic wasn’t working on her!

To be honest, I so don’t want them to show that now that Parvez has Maham in his life, he is ready to give up on everything & he wants to redeem himself because that would be too unrealistic & unjustified. Just because Parvez felt that his life was complete after getting married to Maham, he immediately decided that he was done with black magic, which made me think that the story will lose its purpose if Parvez will be forgiven in the end because this is something that shouldn’t happen. No matter what, they should at least show that Parvez had to pay the heavy price for ruining so many lives & also for being a murderer of quite a few people. I really hope they don’t show Parvez walking away scot-free just because he repented & was forgiven by all the ladies who are already drooling over him now that he has earned a few bucks because the fact still remains that he is the one who destroyed so many lives, magic or no magic!

Parvez ended up meeting this Baba in the prison, who obviously was on the same path as Parvez & looks like he knows a little more than him. To be honest, his scenes were creepy & quite scary, so after I learnt what he was going to offer, I started forwarding his scenes because I don’t want to watch all of that as it was a bit too OTT for my liking & was way too scary. I am sure that Baba also has an ulterior motive & he isn’t that much of a well-wisher of Parvez as he is posing to be at this stage because he knew that Parvez was thinking about giving up on his magic, so he made sure to talk him out of it by telling that he fixed everything & also that he empowered Parvez in such a way that he could now do things that he couldn’t even think of before!

To be honest, I hated seeing Nazr e Bad turning into Saas Bahu, Devrani Jethani, Chachi Bhateeji saga this week as these were the situations & scenes that made me lose my interest in the drama real quick. The missing wall hanging scenario was dragged for no good reason. Almas giving Nusrat a hard time & taunting her like there’s no tomorrow was another thing that was boring. Parvez & Maham’s shopping spree was least interesting too. Humera insulting Nusrat was again something that was quite boring. The preview of the next episode also suggested that from now on even Parvez will get involved in this mess & he will be taking a stand for Maham tunring Nazr e Bad into one of those typical dramas that only have gharelu politics to offer.

To be honest, at this stage this is not what I want to see, I think they should now bring the story to the point where Maham will learn the truth about Parvez. I was thinking with Parvez gone for the entire night & Almas being downstairs because of her injury, Maham had a good chance to stumble upon the things that Parvez & Almas use for their magic. This is how Abeera found out too, so why couldn’t that happen with Maham because she was looking for her Wall Hanging anyways, so it would’ve made so much of sense if Maham had spotted those weird things in Parvez’s home & had grown suspicious of his activities for starters. I really think the team has taken its sweet time in showing what Parvez & Almas are capable of, so now they really need to hurry up & show their downfall especially with Maham finding out about everything first.

I hate to say this but I don’t know why after these two episodes, I got a feeling that the writer won’t give this drama the end that we all want to see, like I don’t know why I feel that Parvez will get away with everything & he will be forgiven by the writer citing his apology as enough of an excuse to forget what he did. They are in any case highlighting Parvez’s positive side by showing him as an ideal husband who can do anything for his wife, which I am definitely not buying because while watching him, I can’t get everything that he has done out of my mind. Also, I so wish there was more to Shazia or she wasn’t there in the first place, like seriously seeing a girl drooling over a khatarnaak jadugar is puke-worthy, like have some standards gurl!!!

Yes, the only thing that made sense & was interesting in these two episode was how Jins started disturbing Parvez & made him endure some of the hardships because they were mad at him as he decided that he was giving up on everything. It was something that I found interesting as it taught Parvez that moving away from everything won’t be so easy & effortless.

Anyways, I wish they move the story forward now & start revealing the truth about Parvez as they have taken a lot of time already. I really hope before Maham falls in love with Parvez completely, she finds out who he is & what he has done, because if she will fall in love, the writer will show that she forgave Parvez for all that he has done, which I don’t want to see as this is something that ladies in our dramas with no personality whatsoever end up doing! I hope they stay true to the purpose & the essence of the story & show us the downfall of the wretched characters ASAP! Please share your thoughts about these two episodes of Nazr e Bad!

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