One to One with Asad Raza Sonu!

Finally, after a long wait & a few days of tailing my brother; Asad Raza Sonu, who I referred to as Asad Bhaiiii responded to his sister i-e ME & spoke his heart out. :) I must say the wait was worth it because clearly he has been busy but I am happy that even though we had a few moments of bad timing, he managed to respond back to me whenever he got the chance.

If I have to describe Asad Raza Sonu, I’d say he’s one optimistic person who sees light at the end of the tunnel. He is positive & very very humble. It was a pleasure speaking to him for the sake of this interview & I am glad he spoke to me with so much ease, as if he was talking to his sister because he referred to me as sis every single time we talked. :) So, there you go with his interview:

Q) What inspired you to come to Pakistan Idol?
A) The answer is very clear. It was the very first time Pakistan Idol was being launched in Pakistan. It’s a dream of the younger generation & this platform has inspired so many people. That’s is why I decided to take part in Pakistan Idol.

Q) What do you think of the judges? Tell about them individually?
A) All of them are very nice. Bushra Ansari is a living legend of our entertainment industry but along with that she has amazing listening power. She is awesome. Ali Azmat is a rockstar of Pakistan & he has been a fantastic judge. Hadiqa Ma’am is a pop queen. She is a soft hearted judge but her definite priority is ‘sur’.

Q) Do the judges help the contestants with the song choices?
A) Yes, through their comments every week they have helped us & told us how important our song selection is. According to them, we should be able to touch the heart & soul by our singing & for that, song selection has to be that good.

Q) Do you think deserving contestants got eliminated?
A) Yes, Waqas Ali, Syed Sajjid Abbas, Mehwish Maqsood, Sana Zulfikar all were deserving but the most deserving contestant got eliminated this Sunday & that is Shahmir Aziz Quidwai.

Q) Now after all the eliminations, who do you think deserves to win the title?
A) No comments because all of them are great. In the end it depends on the public opinion & their choice.

Q) Who according to you hasn’t been performing well?
A) In my point of view, they all have been performing well but only one of them will win the title.

Q) Who became your best friend(s) during Pakistan Idol?
A) We all were like best friends but I am more frank with Kashif Ali, Ali Asad Zaidi, Zamad Baig & Mohammad Shoaib.

Q) What’s your message to those who are voting?
A) They know better than me because Pakistani audience is not only intelligent but is genius as well.

Q) What’s your message to your co-contestants who are still in the race?
A) Keep up the hard work & give out the best without fearing anything. Apni awaz se choo lo har dil, har din.

Q) Please tell us about the voting system, is it fair?
A) Management knows that better.  :)

Q) People say ‘the only thing missing from the reality shows is the reality’, is it true?
A) LOL. Everyone has their own point of view on this.

Q) How was your experience till your journey?
A) Excellent. It was the most memorable journey in my life till now.

Q) Tell us about your co-contestants in a single word?

Mohammad Shoaib: The Most Pleasant Personality.
Waqas Ali Vicky: Shareef-un-Nafs.
Syed Sajjid Abbas: Meri Jaan.
Waqas Ali: Versatile Singer.
Mehwish Maqsood: Heart-touching Voice.
Sana Zulfikaar: Cute.
Abdul Rafay Khan: Innocent.
Zamad Baig: Jigar.
Shahmir Aziz Quidwai: Most Deserving Contestant For Pakistan Idol’s Title.
Ali Asad Zaidi: Mera Bhai.
Kashif Ali: My Heartbeat.
Rosemary: Chiria.

Q) How has the response been so far after your elimination?
A) It has been overwhelming. My fans are enthusiastic & everyone on social media is raving about my elimination. I am amazed to see the appeal going on, on the websites for my return to the show as a Wild Card Entry.

Q) What are your future plans?
A) I plan to continue both my job & singing.

Q) In the end, a message to all your fans please?
A) Thank you very much for your great support & sada khush raho. This world is for those who try not for those who cry’ & because of this I say that the way Pakistani audience has stood by me before & after my elimination, I consider this as my win.

So, this was it from Asad Raza Sonu. Simple, sweet & very modest. I must say his positivity brings a smile to your face. He is that kind of a person. He even shared his feelings about the show & response of the fans with me saying he tries to be in contact with every single fan possible. Other than that even though he accepted Pakistan’s decision he mentioned it again & again that he was content & happy with whatever was decided for him by the public. He was also thankful to those who have been wishing for his return to Pakistan Idol because they believe his elimination was unfair. Asad Raza Sonu said that the way he has been labeled as ‘King of Expression’ & the way he was showered with the continuous appreciation from both the actual & guest judges, this is more than enough for him & he is thankful to the stage of Pakistan Idol because it gave him the recognition he never thought of.

Share what you feel about Asad Raza Sonu & if you have any message for him, share with us here as well. :)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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