Rubaru – Episode 12!

Pretty interesting episode. I am glad that the story is moving forward reasonably & every now & then they have something or the other to reveal. I thought the episode was a bit slow in some parts but other than that most of the scenes were done really well.

So, Karam Din is not as harmless as he looks. He definitely has something going on under his moustache which both Surmed & Shabbi are unaware of. Shabbi did find the little bottle of suspicion in her kitchen but I feel she should’ve inquired if not in front of Karam Din but definitely behind his back because by the end of the day it’s her & her husband’s home but yes as our Shabbi is a slow-coach, she will take her sweet time in regards to this as well.

Surmed & Shabbi’s conversations were done well. It showed that Shabbi now puts forward her feelings in front of him but at times Surmed understands her & sometimes he doesn’t. It was made clear that Surmed resists falling in love with Shabbi or getting close to her because he is scared of the emotion of love. This justifies Surmed’s bitterness because he has seen his father make the wrong choices & his mother suffering just because his father fell in love. So, this makes Surmed detached from feeling any affection towards his own wife, whereas he is completely a different person in front of the whole family because he has no fear of being exploited by them, due to his love towards them.

The new entry of Habib Mirza’s son Usman definitely has a certain role to play. I suss that because Usman felt he was familiar to Surmed & he happened to see how Surmed was treating Shabbi, which clearly left him disturbed & I think he will get on with the probing on his own so that he can find out things related to Surmed which might help Shabbi. I think this is another interesting twist in the drama.

Finally, Kiran stooped to her actual level where she was bashing Teeeeeeepu left, right & center. At first he was a nymphomaniac then he became a womanizer & later she turned him into a sicko who’d flirt with his sister-like cousin. I must say whatever happened to Kiran was spot on because trust me girl, with a crappy tongue of yours, you called it yourself. Is it just me or others actually felt nothing for Kiran? LOL! Let’s see what happens next & I feel it would be a closure to Kiran & Teeeeepu’s track, to let’s wait for it.

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