‘PadMan’ To Be Especially Screened For Malala

Malala’s support for Akshay Kumar starrer ‘PadMan’ was unwavering and so the director Balki has decided to have a special screening of the film for the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousufzai.

Malala Yousufzai shows support for Akshay Kumar’s ‘PadMan’

In an interview Balki revealed,

“What can I say about Malala coming forward to support our film? We are blessed and honoured. It is voices like her that would carry our message in PadMan forward. Menstruation must not be swept under the carpet anymore. And we need powerful voices like Malala’s to carry the message forward,” 

'PadMan' To Be Especially Screened For Malala

He further added,

We are definitely showing it to her at the earliest, as soon as the logistics are worked out.”

'PadMan' To Be Especially Screened For Malala

Talking about this film he said,

“I decided to do PadMan because the story of the man who thought of making the sanitary pad affordable to the middle class really inspired me. When Twinkle Khanna came to me with the idea, I was hooked.”


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