O Rangreza Episode 30 Review – Ridiculous!

Ohkay so, this drama has turned into a joke because the story has completely flipped & the concept or theme that was being advocated has totally been compromised upon.

In the beginning, when the drama wasn’t getting much ratings, the statements by the members of O Rangreza team were passed that people can’t really tolerate ‘bold’ female leads, but seeing what that bold female lead is upto at this stage of the drama is sending mixed signals. I guess Sajal Ali herself told that the drama had 26 episodes, so it is quite obvious that it has not only been extended but such twists & turns have been added which are further making this drama look like a joke. Sajal Ali also hinted that the ending of this drama would be different but I guess just because the viewers liked Sassi & Qasim’s jori together, things have been twisted to make them end up together, so when everything had to become so predictable, why was our time wasted by promising us something different or unique?

Oh well, looks like the writer couldn’t keep up his promise by keeping Sassi BOLD so he now made a point that no matter how bold a girl or a woman is, she will always need a boy or a man to rely on, she will always need a man to rescue her when she feels lost? I really am shocked to see the fate the ‘bold’ female characters have met in this drama where Sonia literally couldn’t even die without the help of a useless man & Sassi has become a lunatic because she now wants a man in her life?

It is such an insult to all those bold women out there because the writer has given this story his tunnel visioned treatment where he is making a point that being bold will tire a woman out & either she will die miserably or will lose her sanity but in all cases, she will need a man? Seriously? I guess the writer was set to try something different but in the middle of the story he thought he was giving women a lot of edge, therefore he once again decided to inflate the ego of all the men out there including himself, by showing that no matter what a woman does or how strong or bold she is, she will always be miserable if she won’t have a man in her life!?!?! It was also being suggested that Sassi was ready to change herself, she was literally ready to turn into a housemaid for Qasim’s sake? So much for being bold, eh?

The entire ‘mujhe bacha lo Qasim’ scenario is absolutely bizarre. I know people would be going bonkers over Sajal’s acting, she undoubtedly performed phenomenally but I’m having a hard time watching her scenes since last episode because I didn’t tune to this drama to see a so-called bold girl turn into a psychopath who’s now having fits!!! The screaming & everything is not only depressing but it is absolutely disturbing!

Now when Khayyam is free since Sonia’s no more, he suddenly realized that he has to do something for his daughter & he has to get her the toy she wants by hook or by crook. What an excellent parenting I must say. Just because Khayyam & Sassi are selfish, it means they will have things their way because wo to bhai aisay hi hain, dheet aur ziddi se, seriously???

The preview of the next episode had me nodding in disbelief because now Qasim will be assigned a new duty, which is to bring Sassi back to her batameez self & in the middle of all this, Meena will become the villain because things won’t rightly so sit well with her? It all seems way too forced now & only a hideous attempt to make Qasim & Sassi end up together. Whatever the writer has tried to convey or achieve is quite messed up I must say. Please share your thoughts!

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Zahra Mirza

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