Pakistan Idol Week 12 – Third Elimination!

As expected & as usual – another week ended with a shocking result. Absolutely sad to see another such great singer getting eliminated.

When asked by all the contestants who they wanted to give the return ticket to, 2 names that got surfaced prominently were Shahmir Aziz Quidwai & Waqas Ali Vicky by 4 votes each, followed by Sana Zulfikaar with 1 vote & the fun vote of Mohammad Shoaib to his roommate Sajid Abbas & vice versa. Clearly it goes without saying that people have by now gotten hold of the weakling of the show but sadly the results have no effect on him whatsoever!

According to the judges Bushra Ansari stated that the best performance was by Asad Raza Sonu. But Hadiqa Kiyani was asked to pick the weakest performer & she selected 3 based on their singing solely. I am glad that Hadiqa Kiyani is the only judge who never ever sides with anyone & despite the fact that no matter how much she likes a contestant she will always stand by what’s right. So, for this she picked Abdul Rafay Khan, Zamad Baig & Mohammad Shoaib to have performed the weakest on a Friday night.

Now coming to the results, the first two contestants who came in to face the verdict were Zamad Baig & Rosemary. This was the FIRST time ever that we heard Zamad speak about his health & condition. This is how it should be that no matter what, you just don’t make excuses. If Zamad had wanted he would’ve also told how he was not feeling well but he just didn’t say a word. Anyways, from these two it was pretty obvious that Zamad Baig would be in the danger zone & that is what happened.

The next contestants who came in for results were Kashif Ali, Shahmir Aziz Quidwai & Abdul Rafay Khan. I thought that may be either Abdul Rafay or Shahmir will be in the bottom 3 but it wasn’t our lucky day & Shahmir was safe along with the other two well deserving contestants Kashif & Abdul Rafay.

After them the trio that had to face the results was of Asad Raza Sonu, Sana Zulfikaar & Ali Asad Zaidi. It was pretty much expected that Sana Zulfikar will make it to the red zone once again & that is what just happened & that is how it should’ve been.

The last trio to face the results was of Mohammad Shoaib, Syed Sajjid Abbas & Waqas Ali Vicky. For me, any one who had made it to the danger zone from this trio would be upsetting so from them sadly Syed Sajjid Abbas was chosen, which was nothing but a shocker.

When asked by the judges again that who were they shocked to see in the danger zone this time, Bushra Ansari picked Sana Zulfikar (???) & Hadiqa Kiyani was again logical & precise so she said she was sad to see Sajjid Abbas & Zamad Baig in the danger zone, leaving her first-ever favorite Sana behind.

Now it was the time for the final elimination & Zamad Baig, Sana Zulfikar & Syed Sajjid Abbas had to face their results. It was absolutely annoying to see Sana Zulfikaar safe again,  When it came between Zamad Baig & Syed Sajjid Abbas, I thought Zamad wouldn’t make it to the next round because yes, certainly his performance was weak but sadly Syed Sajjid Abbas was eliminated. I am not sure what was the reason but I feel his song selection was the major & in fact the only contributing factor. He chose a bad song which in the middle comes to a point where it sounds like the singer is just talking & not singing at all, so, for this Ali Zafar’s composition is to be blamed but yes if Sajjid Abbas had picked another song, may be the result would’ve been different.

Once again I am absolutely disturbed to see such a fine singer getting eliminated. I am not sure why but Shahmir always seems so confident in the elimination round, no wonder he knows what a backing he has. I am totally gutted to announce that with this voting trend I suss & congratulate all the viewers of Pakistan Idol that I can clearly see first two contestants who are going to make it to the TOP 3 & they are Shahmir Aziz Quidwai & Sana Zulfikaar. The 3rd one would be the bhoola bhatka bloke who will unexpectedly make it there but won’t be successful in winning the title even. Yes, looking at the prevailing trend we are unfortunately & definitely going to have these two non-singers as our Top finalists of the first ever season of Pakistan Idol.

Anyways, I wish luck, success, bright future & power to the guy who possesses the sweetest voice ever – Syed Sajjid Abbas!

What do you think about his elimination? Rather how much disappointed are you with this result? Share with us!

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