Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels!

Youtube is an industry on its own. Many people have become stars and common household names through their  Youtube channels. Working in the media industry fetches you a lot of fan following and combining that with some more from the social media is never a bad idea. Like the actors from all the other entertainment industries, our actors are also using Youtube now to get more in touch with their fans. From Vlogs to travel logs and beauty, different actors and actresses are showcasing different stuff on Youtube. Here are few of the actors who have their channels: Bilal Khan: Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels! He is known as a musician and has done some memorable songs. Bilal’s performances in Coke Studio are also immensely loved by his fans. He got into acting with a role in Sammi and it is safe to say that there was no looking back from there. His present venture Khamoshi is also a hit on Trp charts with a lot of people loving the OST which he sang. Bilal has a Youtube channel and he makes Vlogs. From travelling to shoot locations and the time he spends with his co-stars, he shares everything with his nearly 156K subscribers on Youtube with some videos getting views up to 500K. Noor Bukhari: Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels! Noor has left the showbiz industry and will not be seen in films again. She has started her Youtube channel which will document her life now. Noor posts a lot of different stuff on her channel. She has been sharing videos about daily problems of women along with tips for makeup and skincare. She is sharing her experience with her fans through her Youtube channel. She has gotten 72K subscribers in a very short span of time. Nadia Khan: Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels! Nadia Khan has been one of the most famous morning show hosts in Pakistan. Her show had interesting content and people loved it when you used to come on air. After taking a break she was back with a bang. She went through a weight transformation and started a Youtube channel followed by coming back to dramas. She shares different tutorials and health tips on her channel Her channel deals with the topics of beauty, health and lifestyle. She has about 155K subscribers on Youtube and a decent viewership to all her videos. Faisal Rehman:  Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels! Faisal Rehman has been in the business for years. He started off his career as a kid and he has done all. From Babra Sharif to Hina Altaf, he has starred opposite many actresses and he still manages to impress the viewers with his portrayal of characters. Faisal has started his own Youtube channel sometime back. He loves to travel and shares his travelling as well as behind the scenes from his shoots. He also posts random scenes from his upcoming projects. He has nearly 5K subscribers on Youtube. Fazal Hussain: Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels!

Fazal started his career as a child actor. He has starred in countless dramas over the years. The actor has also started a Youtube channel and he uploads Vlogs from his work and the places he visits. You will be able to catch his costars with him too from the projects he is starring in. He has a following of 5K on his channel. Osman Khalid Butt: Pakistani Actors Who Have Their Own Youtube Channels! Osman Khalid Butt comes from the theatre. Everyone remembers his hilarious Humsafar parody videos from a few years back. OKB used to upload videos too on Youtube. Later he created a new channel named The Living Picture. The channel had some videos and nearly 18K subscribers. But since OKB’s career turned towards drama and film industry, there were no more videos posted on his channel. These are some of the actors who are entertaining people with their Youtube handles. Do you know of any other channels? Share in the comments!

Pakeeza Dar

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