Aangan Episode 22 – Review!

Ohkay so, this turned out to be one serious episode of Aangan & probably has to be the only episode so far that I wasn’t too interested while watching because it covered Sadaan & Afrah’s track. Even though I didn’t really enjoy it much but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was definitely needed to take things forward & to give coverage to these characters because they are a part of this story too.

Laila was making sure to walk an extra mile, just exactly how she has been doing right from the beginning, because she knows that she has to prove a lot. Laila on her own was not faltering & because she was being over protective & over sensitive about the baby, even that was creating issues with some of the family members. I totally was with this on Laila where she stood her ground & announced right from the beginning that she wouldn’t let go of the baby because she didn’t want him to get attached to Rubina. I am sure since this entire scenario is new for everyone, all of them really didn’t know how to tackle it, that is why time & again they kept on suggesting Laila to give the baby to Rubina so that she could comfort him. They all just didn’t realize that it would further make things tough for Laila as kids tend to give hard time to anyone or everyone, so it obviously wasn’t like how they all assumed that he was longing for Rubina. Laila proved to be a good mother & she was taking utmost care of the baby.

I totally felt for Rubina too when she shunned the idea of bringing the baby to her to comfort him. Rubina obviously is not in a right mental or emotional state because giving away your own child is not easy, but I also felt that Zahid was genuinely being concerned for her as he could see that she wasn’t at ease but still Rubina snapped at him. Even though Zahid has done nothing for Rubina to expect a polite reponse from her but I also feel that at times when he is genuinely concerned, Rubina becomes unnecessarily stern too.

Allauddin did what he is good at. This entire scenario basically highlighted how outsiders tend to poke their noses in matters that have been tackled with mutual understanding & respect & since they can not see things being so smooth, they do everything to ruin such sensitive affairs. Zahid unfortunately ended up falling for everything that Allauddin said but even though he was confident in Zahid his brother, he wanted some sort of guarantee, some assurance from Laila because by the end of the day it wasn’t easy for Zahid as well because he is the father of the baby.

Well, Afrah shared her sob story with Sadaan & he couldn’t resist talking to her mother. No matter what, I truly feel that Hajra is being unfair & even it Sadaan will get married to Afrah behind her back, I will definitely not blame him because Hajra has pushed him to the limit.

Overall, it was a decent episode but I didn’t enjoy it as much. Obviously, I don’t expect every other episode to be humorous or happening because there are some bigger more serious issues that any family faces & they are obviously going to surface in Aangan too but because I am not a fan of Afrah’s character, I want this entire matter to be sorted quickly so that we can get back to more important & better characters, their affairs & have a few light hearted moments that they all offer. Please share your thoughts.

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