Visaal Episode 2 Review – A Happening Episode!

Ohkay so, this episode was Visaal was quite happening. I am glad that while the story is still in the introductory stages, a lot has already started happening which is making it interesting. Despite the similarities with Khuda Aur Mohabbat, it does seem that Visaal will be a lot different. I also see a couple of love triangles forming in the future as well.

Akram has really started to form an image now. After seeing how he paved his way & got one golden opportunity after another it, it got a bit too clear as to why he wanted to get in contact with a person like Molvi Ghufran who has a good reputation in the area. It was only because of Molvi Ghufran that Akram got the headstart that he was looking for in the business. On his & his friend’s recommendation, Akram succeeded in having a smooth sail in opening his business. Once again, it is sweet that Molvi Ghufran & everyone around him has ended up trusting Akram on his face value but even though Akram did do some trickery, he didn’t deceive anyone openly to damage the name that he has earned in such a short span of time.

Shabbir ended up getting injured in the protest & Pari lost her cool. I totally see Taimur falling for her, that is why, despite being such a rigid person, he couldn’t stop smiling when Pari was insulting him because she couldn’t forgive him for what he did to her father.

Akram has fallen for Pari & it is only because of her, he chose to stay back & not run away after taking the products. Akram lost his chance of making a huge profit but so far he still has set a ground for himself, it is like he is setting a trap to further his agendas. There was this new entry named Tariq & he looked just as conniving as Akram. I am sure he will be another con artist in this group.

Naheed & Pari’s relationship seems interesting. It is also something to be noticed that despite being a Molvi’s daughter, Naheed has some interests like staying up to date with latest fashion trends & being interested in love stories. I have a feeling that she might end up falling for Akram & that will form another love triangle, apart from Taimur, Akram & Pari’s.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode to watch. It is going to be interesting to see how far Akram will be able to keep his true identity a secret. Though this is most likely to happen but I really hope this drama doesn’t become a bit too serious. Also, I am not sure why Akram decided to be his real self in the shop, because he opened it in Ghufran’s area so anyone can tell on him because he is sporting two different images there. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts.

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