Pakistanis Have Become Addicted to this Game!

What is our national flower? Jasmine.

Our national animal? Markhor.

Our national sports? Hockey.

Our national game? Ludo.

In case you didn’t know, I made up the last one but I would be in full support if such a bill in passed in our national assembly. Afterall, ludo is the only game that has the power to ruin even childhood friendships and the strongest bonds. It’s the game of ludo that makes and breaks relations in Pakistan.

One might argue that the game was forgotten with the advent of smartphones and apps. It is true that all the boardgames had to suffer from a major set-back and watch in silence as “Candy Crush”, “Piano Tiles”, “Angry Birds”, etc. took their place. But not anymore! Ludo Star was launched on the app store earlier this year and has taken the world by storm, especially Pakistan. In fact, it seems like this game has become Pakistanis’ Addiction! Have a look at people’s views on this game:

Dil to Bachcha hai!

Welcome to 2017!

Expectations Vs. Reality

Positive Change?

Ever heard of Reverse Psychology, mate?

I Second this!

Tinder can go out of Business if this keeps going on!

Nothing is sweeter than Revenge from an ex.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ludo Star is not for the faint hearted.

So, how many of you have tasted this sweet poison?

Pakistanis Have Become Addicted to this Game!


Arsala Khalid