Parizaad Episode 22 Story Review – Meaningful & Engaging

“Mujh jesu ko dushman ki zarurat nahi parti, hum khud hi apni dushmani ke liye kafi hote hein” was one of my favorite dialogues from this episode, which had so many beautifully written dialogues. The best scene had to be Parizaad’s meeting with Naheed – exceptionally well written as well as gratifying. There are so many interesting dimensions to Parizaad’s personality and I honestly feel that each individual out there who has ever struggled with self-love or acceptance would find it easy to connect to this journey. When Parizaad is in his office or around his employees, he never shows his vulnerabilities but when he is meeting someone in a personal capacity, he does not hold back. The wholesome and meaningful conversations coupled with phenomenal performances continue to be the best thing about the drama. Ahmed Ali Akbar continues to be outstanding in this role and Yumna Zaidi is another superb actress who never ceases to impress. The script however makes this drama truly stand out.

Meaningful Conversations

Parizaad has always been someone who has been quite aware of his strengths and weaknesses. His weaknesses however always defined the way his life moved forward more than his strengths. That is why he always had low self-esteem. It was interesting to see Parizaad admitting out loud to Naheed that he had desperately tried to get validation and love from others. However, he was convinced even now that he was perhaps incapable of being loved for who he was. His interactions with Annie definitely have shown him another perspective. She accepts him wholeheartedly and fails to understand why he has such a low opinion of himself. The most likable aspects of Parizaad’s personality have to be his honesty and intelligence. He is intelligent enough to perceive and accept things as they actually are, that is why he did not fall for Naheed’s lies. He is also honest enough to open up about his true feelings regarding others and himself. Even though he is in a position where he can win people over with his money but he has not done so. He has helped many people around him and plans to help others but his intentions were always honest, he did not expect anything in return.

The viewers found out more about Annie’s background in this episode. It was good to see Huma Nawab playing her mother’s role. The warm welcome Parizaad got by her said a great deal about how much Annie’s mother treasured whatever mattered to her daughter. Some of the dialogues tonight suggested that Parizaad might give Annie the gift of eyesight. I was wondering when and if ever that happens, will Annie still have the same reverence for him as she does now? Annie’s track it seems is going to be the real game-changer in the story. She is either going to be the one who will give Parizaad all the love and validation he has longed for his entire life or she will be the most bitter rejection Parizaad has faced till now. I find this track quite interesting because there are endless possibilities. Yumna Zaidi and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s on-screen chemistry is an additional plus. Parizaad, it seems, is falling in love yet again even though he keeps on reminding himself that he is not worth loving! Annie gives him the kind of unconditional acceptance which he had never imagined that he will get.

Parizaad Episode 22 Story Review – Meaningful & Engaging


Parizaad and Annie have so much in common. Apart from the obvious fact that both of them have names that are ‘meaningful’ in a different way. Parizaad is definitely not beautiful like a fairy and Annie is not blessed with the gift of eyesight. Apart from that, both of them are really good with words. They also have a special kind of love for books and reading. Therefore, their attraction towards each other is more meaningful. Parizaad perhaps is attracted to Annie because of his vibrant personality as well since that is something he seriously lacks.

The conversations between Parizaad and Akbar, their scenes together, showed a completely different side of Pari. As he said, he was not afraid of dying but he also wanted to live! This dialogue suggested that Annie had perhaps given him a reason to live. He also gave Seth Shehbaz a dhamki which you would only accept from a businessman who knows how to look out for himself! I am enjoying watching all these different shades to Parizaad’s personality.

Naheed was so sure that Parizaad will accept her proposal immediately therefore his detailed and unexpected response left her speechless. Parizaad literally told her off in the most polite manner possible. He never held back while sharing his views and this time around he truly nailed it. He covered every single aspect of this proposal and his ‘relationship’ with Naheed so far. The reason for Majid’s attitude towards Naheed was also elaborated today. Naheed is clearly not just greedy but also manipulative. When nothing else worked, she tried to make Parizaad feel sorry for her. Ushna Shah’s convincing performance made this scene a treat to watch. It was also interesting watching him give Naheed a lecture on self-worth!

Final Remarks

Although I absolutely loved all the scenes in this episode and the acting was impeccable, I miss watching Saeeda on screen. Lubna is also out of the picture suddenly. Also, I am wondering if Parizaad will meet Nasaaz at some point. This was definitely another phenomenal episode of a drama that continues to impress.

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Fatima Awan

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  • If everyone from Parizaards past is getting a chance to pop back in if only to give the track closure, I hope Nasaaz comes back too if only for an episode. He was Paris biggest pillar of strength when he really needed it the most, and I liked his character. I agree with you that Pari might end up helping with Annies eye surgery and she may get her vision back, and yes the track can definitely go either way but I really hope it ends with a happily ever after for parizaad. Poor guy has suffered so much.

  • Perfect review, Fatima. I enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed watching the episode. I liked your observation about Parizaad’s personality as honest & intelligent & the details about both these characters. This truly makes him stand alone in the crowd, but to them who know him closely. I like your foresight fear about Annie’s possible change in behavior towards Parizaad after getting eyesight, “She could be the most bitter rejection Parizaad has faced till now. ” I never thought about this angle. If this happened, it will harm Parizaad very deadly, more than a bullet can do. Annie’s character is getting likeable now, and Yumna lived it brilliantly.
    Meeting with Naheed, you described very well, “He covered every single aspect of this proposal and his ‘relationship’ with Naheed so far.” And yes, Usna shah made the scene a treat to watch with her performance there.
    Apart from your favorite opening dialogue, I liked few other dialogues as well much. One, when he says to Annie the he is sorry to misunderstood her and further says, “muje maaf na karna kabhi.” This is the height of feeling guilty. A common dialogue used at such situation is, “hosakte to mujhe maaf kardena”. But when someone says, Do not forgive me ever, is the height of feeling guilty of oneself. I like it very much. Seocnd, “Mohabbat mein agar ana na ho to mohabbat bheek ban jati hai.” True, Do not pursue love by losing your self respect. Third, “maine saari umar ek nazar ki Tamanna mein guzari hai.” So much pain in this dialogue which describes the sufferings in his life for every single day. Fourth, “Magar ajj bhi aapki nigah mein vo nazar nahi hai jo…”. What a good use of two similar words, one as a subject & other as as an adjective. and Finally, “Halat ki kharabi kisi ki mohabbat ka bayes nah ban sakti.” What a dialogue it was; love is based on true feeling not on circumstances and one can do anything for his true love, like he says.”mere paas jo kuch bhi hai uski waqat appke ek aanso se bhi barh k nahi hai.”

  • I cant stop raving about Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance as Parizaad.

    The scene with Naheed was the best. Parizaad did tell her off in the most polite manner. In fact he also described how much he values her (or valued her) but at the same time he knew that Naheed was still not honest or coming out genuine.

    The scenarios that can come up once Annie has got her eyesight back are very thrilling. I just hope they take it to a happy end, however, the sad one also will be very impactful. I so want Annie and Parizaad to end up together. I just don’t want Parizaad to die. Also, I feel Nasaaz will definitely make another appearance, not sure when though. May be he will help Parizaad get more confident about Annie.

  • What an episode coupled with brilliant acting and wonderful script. I am also waiting for Nasaaz, missing Parizaad’s family.
    Parizaad explaining his throughout his life just for that “nazar” was so heartbreaking. He was doing all this just for appreciation and acceptance which he could not get just because of his looks. Aren’t we all Parizaad? Going extra mile, just for acceptance from society? Forgetting who we are!!!!

    Thanks to Hashim Nadeem for this.

  • P.S The background music in the last and the most important scene of the episode was a but loud. My mother could not comprehend what Pari was trying to say.

  • Perfect review :)
    Loved this episode.The too. Although I wish they had developed Ainie and Parizaad’s relationship a little bit more. It seems a bit rushed to me.
    Ahmed and Yumna were a treat to watch. The dialogues were beautiful.
    Idk why have they even stopped mentioning Lubna. That horse race seen was so out of the blue and idk why it was there.
    As I have written earlier too, this Seth Shahbaz track wasn’t in the novel, I have got a gut feeling that they are gonna change the ending, bcz other wise it does not make sense adding another track when at least content of minimum 10 episodes is remaining. Or maybe they might rush it, the way they are doing it with Pari and Ainie’s relationship.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    • I was also wondering the horse scene is not related to anything. And now when I read your comment then I go back & watch the scene again. Even this time it did not make sense to me. Then I relate this scene with the scene before and after and found that it is not out of blue. Parizaad bet on a weak horse to lose the bet purposely. He wanted to get the feeling of loss of something close to him, here it is wealth. Now recall Kanwal’s scene when she speak to him about Naheed’s meeting proposal & the letter. Then Parizaad made up his mind that he will meet Naheed and reject her any kind of proposals because he understood her intention. This means, he is going to lose the most wealthiest thing in his life, which is Naheed. To mild that loss or to survive that loss, he wanted to experience first that feeling from the loss of another closest thing in his life, which was his wealth. He came to the horse track fully prepared to lose it. Similarly he invited Naheed in full preparation to lose her forever.
      I may not be right, but this makes sense to me.

    • I was watching a video of that man who played Kamali and he mentioned that probably drama will wrap up in 27,28 episodes so I guess they are gonna cut off that track when parizaad will run away to different places and I hope they do so because that was the most boring part in the novel. The rest of it was so perfect and they’re depicting that in drama in a paisa wasool manner too. Also, I hope, they keep the ending scene the same because it was so damn impactful. I couldn’t get over it for days :'(

  • Superb review fatima, this episode was excellent and the last scene was such that I have never seen before, amazingly written and performed. I never though in the direction that you mentioned abt Annie rejecting him after getting her eyesight, that will be extremely tragic, and i wont like it. She is shown to be v sweet , so i dont think she will hate him, but there is a possibility that she will tell her that she only respected him as a fan, and not as a lover. I was binge watching a few beginning episodes as i missed them, I think the most boring track was bubbly badmaash and guru track, rest everything is perfect. Shehzaad kashmiri is the best man to direct such magnum opus and multistarrers, even Yakeen ka safar had so many tracks, but all were handles exceptionally well.

  • I think parizaad aakhir mai fahad mustafa se melaiga aur wo us ko white injection laganai ka mashwara daiga ..
    shayad phir kuch takki tikki takki tikki taaaa hojaayai ..