Parizaad Episode 24 Story Review – Unexpected Developments

Parizaad’s journey continues to be marked with major changes in the main protagonist’s personality in particular. Tonight P Z Mir truly came into its own and it would be safe to say that Parizaad’s transformation from a young lost boy to an underground Don is now complete! The gradual and convincing changes in Parizaad’s personality have to be the best aspect of the drama so far. This drama continues to be unpredictable to an extent that sometimes it really takes time for me to get used to the new twists and turns in the story. The writer was definitely thinking out of the box while writing this script. The contrasting aspects of Parizaad’s personal life and business world were more apparent than ever in this latest episode. Parizaad is in love once again and Annie’s dialogues also suggested that she might feel more than just reverence for Parizaad. There were also certain surprises in store tonight which gave me a reason to look forward to the next episode.

Naheed’s Reaction To Rejection

Tonight’s episode opened with Naheed’s husband pointing out the changes in her behavior. Apparently, someone as shallow as Naheed also considered self-reflection after being rejected by someone she had always taken for granted. While this reaction made sense, I felt that this opening scene was not impactful enough. All of Naheed’s scenes with her husband so far did not suggest that she was a headstrong woman who did not let this man do what he wanted to. From her first pregnancy till date Naheed always came across as someone who had resigned to her fate and was most often seen accepting her husband’s irrational behavior more than once. Also, this was perhaps the only ‘normal’ interaction between her and her husband ever since their track was reintroduced in the story therefore it also came across as somewhat odd. I always felt that Naheed’s husband stopped noticing her altogether a long time back therefore his comments were difficult to connect to.

Changes In Parizaad

The rest of the episode focused on Parizaad and Annie. What started off as a romantic track with Parizaad falling madly in love with Annie, turned into a complicated situation owing to Parizaad’s business rivalry. Personally, the security breach that led to Akbar taking the bullet to save his maalik’s life was a case of carelessness on the part of a highly trained security force! Also, when Parizaad went to confront seth it felt as if he managed to get inside the office a little too easily especially because he must have known that Parizaad had escaped unharmed and will be taking revenge sooner or later!

Parizaad Episode 24 Story Review - Unexpected Developments

There were two major surprises in this episode of two entirely different kinds. One was Parizaad’s revenge plan – who would have thought that a man who wanted to avoid confrontation at all costs would do something so drastic in this episode. The reason was logical enough since parizaad is the kind of person who would do the unexpected in order to protect the people he loved. And of course, then there was the flashback scene in which Behroze Karim’s advice was another major motive for him to do the needful in order to protect himself and the people he loved. This was definitely unexpected and even now it is difficult to believe that this gentle human can go this far to get the message across. Ahmed Ali Akbar yet again nailed another major transformation in his character.

Parizaad and Nasaaz’s conversation about Pari’s love life was one of the most beautifully penned-down conversations in this episode. Nasaaz continues to be the mentor in terms of teaching Parizaad the truth about relationships. The second major surprise was Fahad Mirza’s entry in the drama. I did not know that he was part of this drama and most importantly I did not see this coming at all! Clearly, this new character has the potential to be yet another someone special in Annie’s life. The fact that he is also a doctor also made me wonder if he is the one who might help Annie get her eyesight back. Will Parizaad’s heart be broken yet again? Could this be the same scenario as Naheed all over again? I am definitely waiting to find out where this track is headed since Annie’s true feelings for Parizaad are still a mystery.

Final Remarks

This was yet another episode of Parizaad with quite a few unexpected developments and a phenomenal performance from Ahmed Ali Akbar in particular. Also, I am wondering if Saeeda watched the news and will call her brother!! I am honestly weary of such important characters disappearing from the screen altogether! Especially because it is so convenient to keep them in the picture by giving them a few seconds of screen time whenever it is necessary to do so! The preview of the next episode suggested that Parizaad will actually go ahead with his plan to take revenge! Can he really be ruthless enough to target the seth’s son? I am also wondering where Pari’s journey will eventually lead him because right now things are getting more complicated than I anticipated that they would become. The writer deserves all the appreciation for penning down some of the most meaningful dialogues that are an absolute treat. It was also good to see the guru back in the picture again.

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Fatima Awan

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  • I liked Fahad Mirza playing this role, I was looking forward to see who would be playing it.
    Now coming to the episode, I honestly did not like this new plot. Seth Shehbaz, Akbar getting shot, Guru, Naheed and her husband (why are they not letting these two go?) none of this was in the novel and for me whatever Parizaad did in this episode is not something the novel Parizaad would do. None of it was in line with the character for me and this is why none of it was sitting well with me.
    I am now quite sure they are going to skip the next tracks from the novel and give the drama ending through Seth Shehbaz’s character and I do not feel very good about it. Also, If they don’t shoot the last scene the way it was in the novel, I am gonna be super mad.

    • I’m not very much unsettled with the Don thing but I totally agree with your last line. I want the end and that ending scene in the novel to be shot exactly in the same way.. Uhf how emotional and impactful it was.. Can’t wait to see that particular scene performed by Ahmed and Yumna!

    • Oh no, I just hope they don’t skip any track. I want to see them all….more so because I can’t read them. The story is so gripping that I want every aspect of it to be covered and not miss anything.

  • Loved the episode. Parizaad coming into the aura, the style and Behroze Karim’s influence on Pari’s life is all coming together beautifully.

    Pari and Nasaaz’s conversation was heartwarming too. Did it suggest that Pari did have feelings for Lubna as well? I thought she was just his friend, a good friend. I too want Naheed and Majid to disappear from the scene. They should rather give the screen time to Saeeda than these two. Is there still chances of Naheed pursuing Pari again? Why aren’t they closing her track?

    • I always thought that Annie is shown as a blind girl and then she also is shown in perfect make-up all the time, especially her eye make-up, hair style and matching accessories. But this was answered in this episode, which shows that the writer and director have put in the much needed thought for every aspect of the drama, which is very good.

  • 🤦🏾‍♀️ It’s always the Khala ki beti or beta that comes in the way.

    I wanted more kamali and parizaad interactions.
    I liked guru’s re-entry.

  • Good Review!!
    Me too didn’t like Naheed and Majid’s track in this episode… I think it should be ended at last interaction of Parizaad and Naheed at his house… Rather they should give little screen time to his sister Syeda there… Rest of Episode was brilliant as Expected… Especially guru’s Entry.. I hope they will end Seth Behroz Track in the next episode too… From than Drama will again come to the track of original Novel…than!!

  • Thanks for the detailed & to the point review, Fatima. Your assessment about Naheed as, “someone as shallow as Naheed also considered self-reflection after being rejected by someone she had always taken for granted”, is too accurate. The rest of the details with Majid is of no importance. The drama is wrapping up, so the realization of Majid is obvious.
    I like the interaction of Parizaad & Annie at the sculpture site. Parizaad with all hesitation & difficulties tries to know the real feelings of Annie about him, after seeing the beautiful sculpture. And Annie without saying Typical words of expressing the feeling of Love confesses that no matter how Parizaad looks, she has given her heart to him. I must reiterate the words here to get the feel of both, Parizaad-“Kys sirf lafz, jazbat aur andar ke ehsasat kaafi hote hain kisi ki rooh ko choone k liye?”Annie-“Kya kuch air bhi chahiye hote hai? Jo log nahi dekh sakte hain, unk dil ki dunya to lafzon se hi banti hai na to bas yehi hai mere dil ki dunya.” Parizaad-“Magar dunya insaan ko is miyaar pe naih dekhti na, yahan k usool alag hote hain”. Annie-“Mujhe kya garz dunya ke usoolon aur miyaar se, jab mere dil ki dunya itni khoobsoorat hai.” That’s how Annie says I Love you to Parizaad. This clears all doubts Pari has in mind and now I can guarantee that even she gets sight, she will not dislike Parizaad due his looks.
    Good to see Guru again. In two dialogues both of them paid tribute to Behroz Kareem. “Ek lamhe mein aisa laga k seth Behroz khud chal kar aarahe hain.” “shayad isliye k vo hum sab mein baste hain.”
    NaaSaz & Pari’s conversation about childhood golden days was too philosophical. If you ask any adult, they will say childhood days in school/college/with friends were the best days of life and wanted to visit in past to enjoy them. And here when Parizaad says that during then, we were looking for other happy days and did not enjoy the one in hand because never realizes that those were the golden days of life. How beautifully the writer analyzes the old mystery happiness of every human being. I like it very much.

  • Its done now. Annie will leave Pari for Fahad Mirza. Pari will die fighting with enmies & will donate his eyes to Annie to be operated by Fahad.
    That’s all…..