Parizaad Episode 3 Story Review – A Strong Protagonist

Tonight’s episode covered how the developments in the previous episode impacted Parizaad in particular. Parizaad continues to be the most central character in the story; he has a screen presence like no other which suggests that all the other characters at the moment are perhaps going to be a thing of the past as the story progresses. In the previous episode, I felt as if Parizaad might do something to stop Naheed’s marriage since there were some scenes in the previous episode which showed how frustrated he was. Therefore, his reaction came as a complete surprise to me. The way he ‘accepted’ his fate even though this was the worst possible rejection and even betrayal suggested that he would not harm anyone even when he was being let down in the worst manner possible. The artsy feel of the drama, cinematography, Parizaad’s journey, and Ahmed Ali Akbar’s phenomenal performance continue to be the main attractions of this drama.

Parizaad Meets an Unusual Mentor

Tonight’s episode opened with Parizaad and Ahmed’s first meeting. Ahmed’s unusual personality traits were visible from his first scene. He gave the kind of reality checks which Parizaad needed the most at this point in time. Although, he gave Parizaad some of the most useful advice he did so in such a manner as if he couldn’t care less about him. He was straightforward and frank right from the beginning. Their mutual interest in poetry drew them close to each other instantly. There was a great deal of focus on poetry in this episode. The poetic verses were used repeatedly by Ahmed to make Parizaad understand his situation and make a connection with him. Ahmed is probably the only friend Parizaad has ever made and as the story proceeded, he seemed like a mentor as well.

Parizaad Episode 3 Story Review – A Strong Protagonist

All of Parizaad’s conversations with Ahmed were beautifully written. He shared details of his personal life and Ahmed seems to be teaching him how to walk on a different path and see his strengths step by step. Shoki’s track was also used to show the positive side of Parizaad’s personality. Even after everything that happened, he wanted the best for Naheed. He even won someone like Shoki over; I wonder if Parizaad will give him a chance to honor his promise.

The Weddings

Naheed and Saeeda both got married in this episode; I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon! The entire process of Naheed and Majid’s wedding was quite smooth. Parizaad could have easily done something to halt the process but he did not even think on those lines. He was too hurt by Naheed’s rejection and the way he was used by both these people he expected better from. Saeeda also decided to go ahead with the marriage even though her dulha was much older than her. He turned out to be a decent person though but even at this age, he needed his parents’ constant approval. The selfish bhabis have to be the most stereotypical characters in the drama. The over-dependent brothers are just as clichéd.

It seems as if Naheed’s chapter might be over since Saboor Aly’s character will be introduced in the upcoming episode. I am definitely excited to meet this new character and all the others as well in the upcoming episodes. So far, none of the setbacks have made Parizaad resort to negativity therefore it seems as if his journey will mostly be about his struggles and what he learns from them.

Parizaad Episode 3 Story Review – A Strong Protagonist

Final Remarks

The writer is taking his time establishing the main premise of the story. His central character is clearly very dear to him therefore he is making sure that everyone understands Parizaad’s character before focusing on other supporting characters. Hashim Nadeem does tend to put a lot of effort into his main protagonists therefore this does not come as a surprise. The intelligent, vulnerable, and sensitive personality traits of Parizaad’s personality make him a wholesome character. His scenes with all those people who he holds dear such as his sister and now Ahmed were the highlight of this episode. Everything about Ahmed Ali Akbar’s smirk to his gait couldn’t have been more perfect for the role. Although all the actors playing supporting characters in Parizaad are exceptionally talented some of them look too old to play the roles they have been assigned. The story continues to be unpredictable and therefore intriguing.

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Fatima Awan

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  • What an episode and what a review. Parizaad is a gem which has my heart. I have refreshed the page so many times to read your review and I must say that it was worth it. Your observations are accurate as always, nothing much left to say. Ahmad Ali Akbar has nailed Parizaad’s character by going totally against his actual personality to become the role. I can’t thank you enough for this insightful reviews. I wait for them just as much as I wait for the drama. After a long time we are getting to watch something different. Thank God there are writers who can think beyond love triangles. Keep writing these amazing reviews.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Javeria. I value your feedback and look forward to it. I try to post the reviews as quickly as I can after watching an episode but I try my best not to rush them so that I can think clearly about all the minute details before penning it down :) You’re so right about Ahmed Ali Akbar, he is amazing in this one, loved him in Ehd e Wafa too. I agree with you, a completely different male protagonist.

      Aww thanks a ton, I intend to ;)

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Great review :) Loved today’s episode. For me the highlight of today’s episode was Ahmed and Kiran Tabeer’s performances. This episode belonged to them. That scene where they both are together after the ‘rishta’, the way they both showed so much with just their eyes was brilliant. The story has different phases so I am sure it is going to keep the viewers hooked. I love the fact that despite reading the novel, I have so much to look forward to. Saeeda aapa’s character and Saboor’s whole track wasn’t in the novel so I am very much looking forward to that.
    PTV was airing an old drama called Karrobi starring Sameena and Usman Peerzada and I just happened to come across it one day, and loved it so much that I started watching it daily, it just ended two days ago. Parizaad gives the exact same vibes that old PTV plays used to. I love how artsy it feels. Kudos to the whole team.

    • Karobbi wohi drama to naheen jis main usman, samina ko talaq deta hai aur kafi behs chal parree thee us per?

    • Thank you so much Pakistani Po. That’s interesting, so the writer has added new characters, making the drama more engaging even for those who have already read the novel. Loving the overall feel of this play, my daughter, who loves anime, asked me if the director had taken inspiration. I like Saeeda/Parizaad’s scenes too, they’re always so heart-warming but somehow I find myself more invested in Parizaad’s journey and everyone else is just an extension.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Thank you so much for the well written reviews Fatima. I stopped watching Pakistani dramas because most of them are dragged so much and the stories are similar. After reading your reviews I got the feeling that this was not another one of those plays so I decided to watch it. I am hooked to Parizaad because everything about it is different. Ahmed Ali Akbar is the absolute star of this show.

    • You’re most welcome Nimra. I understand what you mean and completely agree with you. Thank you for having faith in the reviews, I am so glad you gave it a go. Absolutely! He is.

      Keep reading and commenting :)

  • King of expressions!!! I always like Ahmed but this time, he is tooooooo good. To translate this type of character with so much ease is not easy at all…. The way he expresses the pain, vulnerability, anxiety and uncanny body language of Parizad is worth watching. He has proved he is one and the rest are simply supporting and more will come.

    We all have fallen in love with this dear protagonist of Hashim Nadeem.

    • Totally agree with you, he is amazing! I was impressed with his hosting skills as well, he is an all-rounder.

      Appreciate your feedback Urs, keep reading and commenting.

  • Perfect review fatima mam
    Hashim nadeem is one of the best writer of Pakistan, always brings something different and interesting
    But khuda aur muhabbat ko daik kar lagta nahi k ye bi hashim nadeem me likha hai
    Btw apne sinf e ahan drama k bare me suna hai
    Umera ahmad+ nadeem baig with biggest starts yumna sajjal, ramsha kubra and Syra, an ispr serial like ehde wafa waoo matlab next season is full of masterpiece serials
    Mujay khushi is baat ki hai k Pakistani women’s ka koi acha image bi dikaya jayega except from typical rona dona 2 larko k darmiyan affect hone wale
    Please share your thoughts.

    • Thank you so much Ayaz Khan. You are right KAM ko dekh kr wakehi nahi lagta, sometimes industry mei rehne ke liye kuch aisa krna parta hei jo aap nahi chahte. He has given us so many amazing plays otherwise.

      Yes Sinf-e-Ahan looks so promising. Bilkul, aisa hona chahyeh khawateen ka acha image dikhaye. Ehd-e-Wafa mei bhi buhat saray behtreen female characters thay tu yakeenan yeh drama bhi zabardast ho ga.

      Keep reading and commenting :)

  • A Good Review !
    Lakin Is episode ma yeah bhi btaya gaya hai ky jis waqt ap pr esa waqt aye ky ap apnye apko nuqsan pohnchana chahye tu us waqt apko kisi sath ki zrurat hai jo apko sahi guide krye.
    Parizaad ka Dost jab Cigrette ky liye unknown student sy match box mangta hai tu viewers ko esa lagta hai jasye wo bichara kahan cigrette use krta lkn..jab usye kaha ky canteen ki backside pr kon cigrette use mr raha tha….Yahan Samjhna yeah hai ky jo jasye dikhta hai wasa hai nhi…. Jasye aik Muhawra Mashoor hai ky ” hathi ky daant khanye ky aur dikhanye ky aur ”
    Yahan pr love marriage aur arrange marriage ka concept bhi diya gaya hai ky Naheed ki tu ho gai Love marriage but according to their parents this is arrange marriage. aur jald hi wo is love marriage ka result dekhye gy… aur Rahi baat Saeeda ki tu uski marriage arrange hai tu is ma kli shak nhi naheed sy zyada saeeda apnye husband ky sath kush rahye gi…
    At last delivery of poetry was Awsome !!
    Regards : Umair

    • Thank you Umair for adding so much more to the discussion. Your observations are on point. Love aur arranged ka tu nahi pata lekin Naheed aur Majid ne jo tareeqa ekhtiyar kiya wo buhat ghalt tha is liye shayad unhe problems ho agr is track ka end nahi ho gaya tu :)
      Marriage tu koi bhi fail ho sakti hei lekin sooner or later aap ko neyat ka phal hi milta hei.

      Keep reading and commenting :)

  • Commenting after so long. Do you remember me? I have not read the novel but Since this drama aired sometimes I feel like reading it LOL!! Thank you for these reviews Fatima. I wait for them and you never disappoint. Your commitment to your work amazes me at times. Bless you.

    • Oh wow! It is so good to hear from you, Mrs. Asim. Yes, of course, how can I forget you! How are you doing? LOL!! Yes, same, I was also tempted to read it but then I didn’t ;)

      You’re most welcome. I try my best, I am glad there are readers like you who appreciate the efforts. Thank you for all the love and appreciation.

      Take care and I hope you will be commenting regularly from now on.

  • Hi Fatima,
    Looks like is back with public comments, because I used to visit the site not so often, but found in the past that public comments were been disabled. May be I am wrong, was busy in work badly so could be not have noticed. Anyways good to see you here. How are you. Longtime no talk. Hope all is well with you. Parizaad is now my favorite drama including it’s OST, hence visited the site by chance and found your review. Good to read it. Thanks.

    • Hello Aamer,

      Yes, it is finally back! We missed it as much as all of you did :) I am good, how have you been. I am glad you took out time to comment. So glad to know that you’re watching and liking Parizaad, it is definitely a refreshing change from the usual storylines.

      You’re most welcome, keep reading and commenting.

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