People Criticizing Mahira Khan For Her Dressing

Mahira Khan is a Diva of Pakistan television industry. She is a brilliant actress and a gorgeous model. She is among the few actresses who gained a massive fan following in a short span of time. She is an all-rounder who can play any role with confidence. Her strong performance and her looks are the reason behind so much love, respect, and appreciation from her fans. 

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Mahira Khan is a great model. She did modeling to many brands, walk on the ramp for famous designers and appeared in several TV commercials. Her role as Khirad in ’Hum Safar’ was a boost to her career. The way she carries herself in amazing, therefore, she considered as a style icon by her fans. But recently, a picture of Mahira Khan went viral over the internet in which she was wearing a pink colored dress with long shoes during the promotion of her upcoming film ’Superstar’.

People Criticizing Mahira Khan For Her Dressing


People started criticizing her for her dressing sense. They said that Firdous Jamal was right, she is 34 now so she should stop acting as if she is still 16. She should dress decently like she used to do and stop copying Bollywood style. But on the other side, there were many who felt happy that she looked so young and stunning at this age too. 

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What do you guys have to say about her dressing sense? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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  • Jo tory so jaga peh kapre chore hoay thay woh bhi utaar deti take hum ko bhi mazey aajate
    BTW plz can someone find her nudes

    • You have every right to your opinion but asking about her nudes is creepy on a different level. You could dislike her actions as much as you like but learn to draw the line, what you said is so disgusting I can’t even put it in words. What Mahira is wearing might be wrong for Pakistani society but what you just said is a crime against humanity.

  • She has always been decent and elegant in dressing but truly speaking this one some how not adding up to her .

  • Who so ever gave her advice to wear this dress is her biggest enemy!Mahira whts wrong with you…?…superstar!

  • Next time she will be made to wear something more strange and people will say I don’t see nothing wrong in that.
    Slowly we rot!

  • She is gorgeous whatever she wears it’s her life n has choice what she wants. People are quite good to put their nose in celebrities pvt life. I like the dress she’s wearing but I would only suggest the color I didn’t like should could the se dress in white, black, beige or grey that could look extremely hot n pretty on her but again it’s her choice what sh3 wants. NO ❤❤❤ big fan of you want to see you on big with ❤❤❤Shaan Shahid 😍😍😍

    • I think so you are right…….its her life and it doesn,t matter to us what she wear because it is her own personal life………so we should not interfere in her pesonal life.

  • For those of you that are hating on Mahira, need to get over yourselves. She carried the outfit very well. She rocks!!! Chill the hell out. 💚😍❤️😎

  • She is an absolute gorgeous and confident lady, haters are jealous bcoz of her charismatic persona… Mahira you rocks….

  • Mahira please koi aqal ka Kam kro ku Pakistan ka nam Puri duniya me tabah KR rahi ho Pakistan is an Islamic country 😠

  • OMG these people need to get a life. She’s 34 not 64! It’s no one’s business how she dresses so just shut up!!

  • Mahira Khan is a beauty but it won’t be wrong to say that everything she is doing is overdone

  • Mahira western fashion style is very conservative ,and classy by western fashions. Glance the western magazines,or even BW magazines. Mahira and many pak actresses pushed the evelop, when they are promoting abroad,which is a plus,it puts a image of modern Pakistan ,secular Pakistan ,tolerant Pakistan, this is the narrative that artists create for their country! As always mahira gets 10/10 for her fashion choices,did not meet any one even seniors aunties,grandmothers,who went to mahira ,hugged her,and made selfie with her! So,trolls get therapy for your jealousy of mahira !

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