Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Relatives

Pakistani celebrities are not just famous in their own country but also worldwide. There are so many popular Pakistani celebrities who are related but a lot of people don’t know that they are relatives. Some of these celebrities who are related to each other often meet in family functions but are not very close. This is the reason why a lot of people don’t even know that they are actually related. In the world of showbiz while there are some celebrities who help their relatives and promote them. There are also those celebrities who are hardly ever seen acknowledging that they are related and then there are some who don’t even get along!

We are pretty sure that you didn’t know that some of these celebrities were actually related to one another.

Haroon Rashid and Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza Mir needs absolutely no introduction. Although his father is a well-known actor and producer but Ahad Raza Mir has always asserted that he wants to carve his own identity. Haroon Rashid recently entered the entertainment industry and he became a household name with the drama serial Khaas getting so much recognition. We bet you didn’t know that both these popular and really good looking actors are related. They are first cousins who might not meet very often but whenever they get together, they enjoy each others company. They recently met on a wedding and Haroon Rashid posted these pictures showing just how much fun it was catching up with his cousins.

Juggan Kazim and Alyy Khan

Juggan Kazim is an actress, model and a host. Lately, she also started her own business and she also runs her own YouTube channel. Juggan Kazim is also a kind-hearted woman who is often enough seen speaking her mind. Alyy Khan is a well-known Pakistani actor who is known for his unique acting style. Alyy Khan has also worked in Hollywood and Bollywood. Juggan Kazim posted a picture with Alyy Khan few days back and requested her fans to show love and support for him. Since she referred to Alyy Khan as her brother, one of the curious fans inquired if Alyy Khan was her real brother. To this Juggan replied that Alyy Khan was her first cousin’s husband which means her brother in law but to her he was more than a brother because they were so close to one another. Juggan Kazim is always showing her love and support for Alyy Khan which shows how much he means to her.

Agha Ali and Ali Azmat

Agha Ali is a singer and an actor. His soulful voice is loved by his fans and he keeps on giving them something exciting to listen to every now and then. As an actor too he has a massive fan following. Ali Azmat also is someone who can sing really well, he is a rock star with a great fan base. It does not come as a surprise that both these singers are in fact related! Agha Ali and Ali Azmat are cousins although they are not seen with each other often but it is a fact that they are related to each other.

Yasir Akhtar and Mehreen Jabbar

Yasir Akhtar is a singer and musician who was especially popular among youngsters in the 90s. He gave the Pakistani music industry many hit songs and also tried his hand at acting. Yasir was also considered a heartthrob back in the day due to his boyish charm. Mehreen Jabbar is an ace Pakistani director who has directed many popular dramas and films. Many people probably don’t know that Mehreen Jabbar and Yasir Akhtar are first cousins. Not only this, they grew up together and they spent a lot of precious moments together since they were very close to each other as kids.

Ushna Shah and Faiza Gillani

Ushna Shah is a model and actress who has lately been part of many popular dramas. Everyone knows that the famous actress Irsa Ghazal is Ushna Shah’s step-sister but not a lot of people know that the actress Faiza Gillani is also Ushna Shah’s cousin. Ushna Shah through her facebook post extended her support to her cousin by asking her fans to follow and like her page. Ushna Shah thinks Faiza Gillani is awesome, brilliant and a wonderful performer. She is also someone who Ushna Shah considers a sister more than just a cousin.

Sana Fakhar and Noor Bukhari

Sana Fakhar was once known as a film star but now she has so much more to her credit. She is now an expert who helps people stay fit and lose weight and is also the first woman chosen from Pakistan as the brand ambassador for Harley Davidson. Noor Bukhari also needs no introduction. She quit her film career and recently turned towards religion. Sana and Noor are first cousins. This is a fact most people know but most people do not know that these cousins do not get along too well. Very often they are seen saying things about each other which are not polite. It can therefore be safely stated that these celebrity cousins do not get along well.

Sunita Marshal and Benita David

Sunita Marshal started her showbiz career with modeling and she started acting afterwards. In one of her latest interviews she also revealed that she had started her own business with the help of her husband. Benita David is also an actress and a model but many people don’t know that these two celebrities are cousins.

Sonya Jehan and Ahmed Ali Butt

Sonya Jehan and Ahmed Ali Butt have hardly been seen together therefore many people might not know that they are first cousins. Both of them are Madam Noor Jehan’s grandchildren and therefore related to each other.

Did you know that all these celebrities were related? Share your views in the comments section.

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