Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 17!

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi. There were so many elements in this episode that impressed me & like I have said before, the strong story telling of this drama takes you to the world of its own. I love how they are working towards the wrap up, this drama restores my faith in Pakistani drama-makers that we still have such people who know how to tackle a perfectly written script intelligently & precisely.

This episode was all about Shams & Shagufta’s take on Noori’s life. Shagufta succeeded in getting rid of Ameen but what surprised me more was that in stead of feeling embarrassed, Ameen tried to reason with Shagufta suggesting that there was nothing objectionable in his proposal for Noori. He didn’t see anything odd about marrying a 17 y/o, which showed that he was quite desperate to get a life partner. He might be an eligible bachelor for so many women out there but it was hard to adsorb that a man of his age was ready to marry a teenager. Everything that Shagufta told him was spot on, if he really wanted to help Shams, he could’ve done it based on the fact that they were friends, without expecting anything in return.

Shams was already frustrated with the way his life was turning out to be, where he only had to abide by the rules & regulations set by Shagufta but after Shagufta’s act of deception, he promised himself that he’ll get back at her. Even though Shams has come out of the prison, he still feels imprisoned because Shagufta doesn’t allow him to have his way & he isn’t allowed to take decisions for his family. Shams wants to feel what it is like to be in control, what it is like to be the head of the family but now when that spot has been taken over by Shagufta, the detest Shams feels for her is growing more & more & that is why Shams is now resorting to open retaliation, where he wants to let Shagufta know that she holds no importance in his life. The conversation that Shams had with his friend showed that even though Shagufta might think Shams can’t do much, he knows about Shagufta’s Achilles Heel. Shams is well aware of the fact that Shagufta will put up with everything just because she loves him. We all were waiting to hear this from Shams & Shagufta is also waiting to hear Shams say that he understands how much she loves him & he acknowledges how much she has done for him but even though Shams admitted to know about it, he said it when his mind & heart are filled with negativity & rage against her. Isn’t is unfortunate that the moment that Shagufta waited for all her life came at such a point where it is going to cause her more pain & distress? Even though Shams’s life is all fuzzy, he still has a clear plan in his mind, he now wants to get back at Shagufta & he wants to punish her for loving him, that is why he is now going to get Zareena back because he knows that if there’s one thing that Shagufta wants, it is to keep him in her sights & even though Shams is ready to give Shagufta what she wants, he wants to do it on his conditions now.

Even though we all can tell how Ilyas & Bhola will contribute to the story, I still am looking forward to the part they will play in Noori & Roomi’s life. I really like how the writer has kept them as a trump card because it will take something big for Shagufta to agree to Roomi & Noori’s wedding. Bhola still hasn’t forgiven Shagufta but Ilyas tries his level best to talk him out of the hatred Bhola feels for his sister. I found it really nice that even after finding out the truth that Noori happens to be his niece, Bhola still promised to extend his help to Roomi because he knows that Noori has nothing to do with what Shagufta has done & she doesn’t deserve Bhola’s hatred. Roomi’s mother still has some reservations, not about Noori but about Shagufta because she wants to know what sort of a background does Noori belong to, that is why she questioned Ilyas about Shagufta’s past. I loved the way Ilyas sided with both Shams & Shagufta, because he understands what love does to you. Ilyas knows the extremes Shagufta went for Shams but he didn’t want to put her in a bad light. It was sad that without even knowing Roomi properly, Shagufta rejected his proposal. I really thought may be Chachi will accompany them but Roomi’s father didn’t think it was a good idea for now.

I liked how Noori took a stand for herself, where she refused to meet Suleri’s family & also the way she clearly told her mother that she will do what is right for her. Shagufta needs to understand that Noori still has chosen a decent guy for herself & he is far better than Shams. I really really liked how they started introducing Shagufta’s family back into her life subtly. The first hint that she got was through the sketch of Chachi that Noori was drawing & it brought back a lot such memories of her Chachi where Shagufta mistreated her, also the mention of Shagufta’s father by Shams pinched her a lot. I really like how things are getting so tough on Shaguta that now she will be forced to realize how important her family was & what is missing from her life. I am sure now when Shagufta will reconcile with her family, she will cherish them more as she is already tired after fighting so many battles alone that now she is yearning for some mental peace & someone to rely on someone emotionally.

The preview of the next episode was so intense & interesting. I can’t wait to see Shagufta’s reaction when she will get to know that Roomi is related to Shagufta’s Chachi. Sadly, it is Shagufta herself who has forced Noori to take such a huge step but what I liked the most was that Ilyas & Bhola will come to rescue Noori. I can’t wait for the next episode as it is going to be very dramatic. I must say, the best parts about this whole episode were the usage of Urdu & beautifully written conversations. I loved the dialogues especially because they were filled with such profound & accurate Urdu that it was like a music to my ears. This drama leaves such a great impact because they have paid attention to such minor details, like proper dialogues & meaningful conversations. I must say, Hira Salman & Ahsan Khan, both have elevated the level of this drama with their phenomenal acting & they have given a perfect face to the characters of Shagufta & Shams. Their body language, their facial expressions, the anger in their eyes & the sarcastic smirks, each & everything is conveyed beautifully. The director for sure has done a brilliant job at getting the best out of these actors & I must say, the supporting cast has done an equally amazing job too by playing their part so so so well. This whole team has emerged as a power-packed package that has given us a perfect entertainment to enjoy & remember & I thank them for that. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi! :)

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