Preet Na Kariyo Koi – Episode 18!

Ohkay so, this episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi was amazing too but I am disappointed that none of the events took place that were shown in the preview last week because I was eagerly waiting to see all of that. This isn’t the first time when the editors have resorted to a misleading editing just to keep the interest in the show intact but they shouldn’t do that as those who’ve made it till this episode are going to follow it till the end too!

Shagufta finalized everything on Noori’s behalf & wanted to get over with the Nikkah ASAP as she could see that Noori & Roomi weren’t going to budge at all. It was for the first time when Noori retaliated & told her mother clearly that she will do as she pleases because she loves Roomi. Shagufta was forced to see a mirror once again where she could see herself in Noori even though she didn’t want to think about it. Suleri has helped Shagufta way more than she realizes. Shagufta treats him as her confidant but for Suleri, helping Shagufta means something entirely different. Even though, I am glad that the writer didn’t show any equation except that of a professional one between Suleri & Shagufta, but I don’t mind what Suleri feels for her. They are a bunch of loyal people…who’re loyal to a fault. Shagufta was loyal to Shams & similarly Suleri is loyal to Shagufta. I think at this stage, when the drama’s about to end, it is safe to say that Suleri wasn’t negative to begin with & he wasn’t how we all perceived him to be. He ended up becoming a strong & positive support to Shagufta & there’s nothing wrong with that. The way he admitted to himself that he never had the courage to let Shagufta know what he feels, it actually made me feel bad for him because of his unrequited love.

I really like how the writer has kept things so realistic. The way Roomi’s father told him clearly that he won’t help his son was quite convincing. Roomi’s father is well aware of the power Shagufta Shehzadi holds so it was natural for him to feel that way. He even suggested that Roomi should leave Noori behind & should try to forget her because he didn’t have much courage to fight with Shagufta but Roomi didn’t seem convinced. I think for a person like Roomi’s father, who has lived a peaceful life, it was totally understandable why he didn’t want his family to get involved in any controversy with a person like Shagufta Shehzadi.

Roomi decided to seek help from Ilyas & Chachi & they decided to help them too but then came Bhola, who had an entirely different story to tell. I didn’t quite understand why Bhola felt that Ilyas & Chachi lied to Roomi & they wanted Noori to get married to the one Shagufta chose for her. Bhola has spent his whole life with them, so he should be the last person doubting their pure intentions. I must say, in my opinion, Bhola’s character is the weakest because if we look back, I wasn’t quite convinced with his mature dialogues like ‘baji mere liye marr gai’ & his rage altogether & now again, I neither liked nor I understood why he spoke against Chachi & Ilyas. Also, the things Bhola said about Shagufta suggested that deep down he has forgiven her & he misses her, that is why he has stopped blaming her for their father’s death, which again seemed to be coming out of the blue because there was no development in this track or story to tell what made him come to terms with the fact & what changed the way he felt about Shagufta.

Honestly speaking, the way Shams spoke to Faraz’s mother about Noori & Roomi’s love affair was quite odd. I would’ve loved if Shams had told the same thing to her with an intention of helping his daughter but no, he only wanted to put Shagufta down & he wanted to pinch her so bad that he didn’t feel awkward badmouthing his only child, which made me detest him a bit more. To be honest, at this stage, I am not at all interested to know what will happen in Shams’s track because he has lost all the respect completely.

Well, Shagufta didn’t see it coming what she just heard from Shams. After so many years of taking those bangles as a blessing from her Chachi, Shagufta found out that they weren’t sent by her Chachi, but were snatched by Shams, from Mariam. It didn’t take her long to admit that this was a crime that Shams committed. The way Shagufta froze after hearing Shams’s confession was done beautifully. It was like she never ever in her wildest dream imagined that Shams would do something like that & would ruin that beautiful memory of her Chachi that Shagufta clung onto all these years. Shagufta kept those bangles close to her heart that is why they were sitting right in front of her, in her room, at her arm’s reach, which showed that they made her feel connected to her Chachi but Shams ruined everything for her. The way Shagufta spoke about her love turning into her punishment was heart-breaking. Yes, Shagufta earned it, yes, she deserved it because she found no flaws in a guy who hurt her father but, if we speak about loyalty, Shagufta remained loyal to Shams, if we speak about love, Shagufta loved him enough, that is why in this particular moment, I felt for her because she has been chasing a shadow & no matter what she does, she won’t succeed, but she deserves happiness of some sort at least!!!

Overall, this episode was directed beautifully like all the previous episodes of Preet Na Kariyo Koi. The preview seemed more promising & looks like we’ll get to see what we all were waiting for. Shagufta will reunite with Chachi, Mariam & Ilyas only to find out that Bhola & Roomi will take Noori away from her. I hope after finding the truth about Roomi’s family background, Shagufta accepts their decision of getting married. I can’t wait for the next episode already. I am so stoked that even after so many episodes have passed, this drama has still kept our interest alive to such an extent that we’re looking forward to what’s yet to come. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Preet Na Kariyo Koi.

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