Prem Gali Episode 1 Story Review – Refreshing Story & Characters

Ohkay so, written by Faiza Iftikhar, directed by Qasim Ali Mureed & produced by Six Sigma Plus; Prem Gali is a romantic comedy that is going to air on Mondays on ARY Digital. It started airing last night & the first episode introduced a whole lot of characters that the story is going to revolve around. It is mostly going to be about the dynamics of Prem Gali where all the families reside. The first episode was quite refreshing because when it comes to Faiza Iftikhar, she most certainly knows how to write romantic comedies. It was evident throughout the episode & the first episode was happening enough to get the viewers excited for the rest of the drama.

Cast & Characters

Prem Gali is an enclosed neighborhood where each and every family is acquainted with one another. In the very first episode, 3 families were introduced. Rahat (Shamim Halali), a widow who resides with her two divorced daughters Shireen (Saba Hameed) & Musarrat (Uzma Hassan). Shireen has a daughter Joya (Sohai Ali Abro) & she happens to be the in-charge of the family. Shireen runs a grocery store, Musarrat is a teacher & Joya is a college student. Rahat is a TV buff who takes her TV programs & dramas quite seriously! Also, I couldn’t help but notice the humor in their names – Shireen is so not Shireen in behavior & Musarrat is so not a Musarrat soul. I saw what Faiza Iftikhar did there!

Prem Gali Episode 1 Story Review - Refreshing Story & Characters

Haseena (Farah Shah) is another widow, who is also a matchmaker & a landlady. Haseena’s daughter Fari (Anoushay Abbasi) runs a beauty parlor & her son Salman is into bodybuilding & also quite inspired by Salman Khan it seems. He has yet to make an entry but he did get a decent introduction because I am kind of intrigued to find out who he actually is!

Haseena has appointed new tenants & they’re a family of 4 men. Dada Jaan (Qavi Khan), along with his two sons Hatim Chaudhry (Waseem Abbas), Luqman (Farhat Abdullah) & grandson Hamza (Farhaan Saeed) has just moved to Prem Gali & are now getting used to how things roll in this neighborhood. Because they’re a family of 4 men, people already have some inhibitions, especially Shireen’s family. Hatim is very much into astrology & he makes his moves based on what his horoscopes say. Luqman is an introvert & is a fan of sad songs. Hamza is your typical guy-next-door who is smitten by Joya. It is a perfect case of love-at-first-sight & it seems Joya too has started noticing his presence.

Prem Gali Episode 1 Story Review - Refreshing Story & Characters

The other three independent characters who also made an appearance were Sanata, a boy who assists Shireen at her grocery shop. Nargis (Uzma Gillani) who also happens to be a teacher & Nusrat’s colleague at school, is rich when it comes to facial hair & that’s what surprises Fari too. Tau Hidayat (Ashraf Khan)Β is a practicing Muslim & takes his job of giving ‘Hidayat’ to the younger generation very seriously.

Prem Gali Episode 1 Story Review - Refreshing Story & Characters

Dynamics & Setting

The first episode of Prem Gali was fun to watch & quite refreshing. The dialogues were humorous & conveyed a great deal about the kind of mindset all the characters have. It was also noticeable that despite being neighbors for so long, each one of them had one thing or the other to say about one another. Haseena has strong opinions about Rahat’s family, similarly, Rahat’s family also doesn’t shy away from sharing what they feel about Haseena & her decisions. At the moment, Haseena is in the limelight & the entire responsibility lies on her because she is the landlady & she has brought the 4 men in the neighborhood as her tenants.

The thing that stood out the most for me was how they had shown all the women doing one thing or the other to run their families. It is safe today that Prem Gali is a female-dominated society & no one dares say a word against them, especially Shireen & her family because of the kind of personality she has. Shireen is blunt & straightforward, she doesn’t believe in beating around the bush because she already has a lot on her plate. Shireen & Musarrat both have experienced divorce but it was interesting to note that the divorce & the responsibility of being a single-parent made Shireen stronger. Where when it comes to Musarrat, her divorce has had a completely different impact on her & she has turned into a tragedy-queen. I mean who doesn’t feel for Musarrat even at the initial stages of the drama because she is so ridden by misfortune that she doesn’t even get alu in her samosa! Sigh!

Prem Gali Episode 1 Story Review - Refreshing Story & Characters

Fari is running her parlor but she too wants to get settled. It seems she has been rejecting quite a few proposals because she too is waiting for her Mr. Right. Joya & Fari are friends & they both share the same mental wavelength. There was frankness between them but there was also empathy & certain lines that they know shouldn’t be crossed. Joya comes from a broken family, therefore she is a little sensitive, however, she too takes after Shireen because there were a lot of instances where she was blunt as well. The bickering, the arguments & one-liners immediately set the mood & was enough to show the kind of humor I as a viewer can expect from Prem Gali.

Hamza & Joya’s beginning was typical in a sense of how it always usually happens. The prettiest girl in the neighborhood gets the attention of the boy who has moved in recently. They have a couple of interactions & that sets the tone for them to notice each other. Their scenes were cute & the characters were even better. Although the neighborhood dynamics have been seen before, what sets Prem Gali apart for me is that for a change, we’ll be getting to see males residing in a female-dominated vicinity & obviously, that is going to be quite interesting.

A Refreshing Beginning

The very first episode of Prem Gali had a lot to offer. The way the characters were introduced & the dynamics were explained was quite interesting & to the point. I must commend the set-designers especially for bringing so much character in all the houses that were seen in the first episode. I couldn’t help but notice all the spaces & really liked all the aesthetics of each home. If this is the beginning, I can’t even begin to imagine what’s more in store for us.

I really liked Tau Hidayat & his dialogues. This is what you call making an impact in such a limited screen-time. I am also looking forward to Dada Jaan’s character. Waseem Abbas as Hatim was as usual impressive. Sohai Ali Abro & Farhaan Saeed were at their usual best. In the initial few scenes, I did feel everything was a little exaggerated but as the episode progressed, that feeling went away. The star of the episode for me definitely was Saba Hameed. I can’t wait to see Shireen’s story & her entire track. Saba Hameed also does justice to such substantial characters, therefore this performance was exactly what’s expected from an actor of her caliber. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play Shireen’s character. Her styling, hair, makeup, body language & dialogue delivery, each & everything was spot on. Uzma Hassan was so much fun as Musarrat, although she is playing a tragedy-queen, only Uzma Hassan can make it look this cute! I felt the ending of the episode was abrupt but it obviously keeps you looking forward to more. The usage of OST was just right. The direction was perfect. Really liked the initial aerial shots as well as the focus on how the day to day life in Prem Gali unfolded. Let’s see what comes next. Please share your thoughts about the very first episode of Prem Gali, which of the dialogues were your favorite that made you laugh? Share it all.

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ps: Apologies for late review, severe headache & all that jazz! :/

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  • Dear Zahra

    I was wishing that you will start reviewing “Ghissi pitti mohabbat” πŸ˜”

    I really enjoyed watching it. Dialogues are written in beautiful urdu. And it is a good watch. A little bit different. Traditional yet contemporary.

    • Hi Zartash, thank you so much for commenting. Aw, trust me I am enjoying Ghisi Piti Mohabbat too, especially the dialogues & the wit of all the characters. It is refreshing to hear such Urdu honestly. Don’t worry, we can discuss it under these reviews till the time it doesn’t get reviewed. :)

      • That’s good. But till when there is restriction on number of drama reviews? The website has changed so much. It really annoys me. Drama Review was the first and foremost attraction I and most of other regular followers had on

        After you posted review of prem gali, I decided to watch this one too ☺️

        • Thank you so much Zartash for taking my word on it. I hope you have watched & enjoyed the episode by now. :)

          I am not sure when the policy will change. I know the website has changed but it caters to a wide variety of audiences. :) So we try to keep all the readers happy. :)

  • Correction: Rahat is divorced too. That’s why Haseena said that, ‘Samny wala ghar ha talaaq manzil’…i liked the episode and it was pretty good…they surely have invested some money…I really laughed when Tau Hidayat said Patloon ooper kar…

    • Thank you Ahsan. I am sure Rahat is divorced but considering her age, I assumed she must’ve become a widow too. :| LOL! Yes, that patloon upper karo, rota fashion ko was the best!

  • Zahra Khuda aur Mohabbat 3 bhi aanay wala hai and it won’t be same without your reviews. Ye 2 wali restriction khatam kyun nai ho rai πŸ˜‘ Website ka naam reviewit hai whichcelebrityworewhatit to nai @ admins

    • admins 2 se ziyada reviews nahi karne dete aur phir khud mehnat karke boring articles lekh kar numbers pore karte hai ajeeb admins hai

    • deewangi ends next week and no promos for KAM3 are out. It means either KAM3 comes next quarter or after 4 weeks

  • haha ..
    good gooder goodest review …
    kya drama hai ..
    mujhai main characters sohai and farhan mai koye interest zyaada nai hain ..m enjoying side characters ..
    ok aj se mera naam “Baanjh samosa ” hogaya till last episode ..
    aur last episode tak mel kar mazai uraayengai chatkhaarai daar dialogues kai ..
    uzma gilani reminds me of ” guthi ” from kapil sharma show ..even uska face bhi usi tarah ka hai ..
    bht mast honai waalai hain aagai kai episodes ..

  • I really liked the first episode of Prem Gali. It is refreshing and looking promising. Bhaanjh samoosa dialogue was too funny πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ. Nice review

  • Zahra! Bohat achay drama ka bohat Acha review hai. Lagta hatim air luqmaan Faiza iftikhar k favorite names hain. Akbari asghari main bhi same names thay. Aur rahat mussarat aur shireen naam ka novel bhi hai faiza ka lekin ye story novel say bilkul different hai. Waisay mazay ki baat hai unkay aik novel ka naam aangan bhi hai aur aik ka asghari akbari bhi. Lekin dramas saray novels say bilkul different hain.

    • Thank you so much Sana. Appki observations bohat achi hain. Meinne novels parhay nahi isi liye ziayda idea nahi hai. Wah, I didn’t know ke in names pe novels bhi hain. :)

  • Zahra who is going to review mushk? :) haven’t seen prem Gali bit from ur review I think I shud give it a shot! :) :)

  • Assalamualaikum Zahra. Great review. I loved the first episode of Prem Gali. It gives off major Aangan vibes, even some of the. characters are the same. I love these kinds of dramas and characters they are showing in these dramas as well because it gives us a break from the usual rhona dhona that we always see in our dramas. Everything about the first episode of Prem Gali was amazing, from the witty and funny dialogues, to the direction, and execution. I also liked how you mention that Prem Gali is a female-dominated neighbourhood, whereas in our society it is all male-dominated, and I think this aspect of the drama will bring a new attitude in the society that women can be in charge of things too, not just men. I find both Saba Hameed and Uzma Hassan’s characters to be very interesting, and I can’t wait to see how their story/journey evolves and how they evolve as people in the story.

    • Walaikum Asalam Marium, thank you so much for reading & sharing your thoughts about the first episode of Prem Gali. I know right, I too loved Shireen & Musarrat’s characters. I think their arguments are going to get a lot more interesting in the upcoming episodes, it will always be quite entertaining.

      I totally agree, the initial shots reminded me of Aangan too, plus the fact that both these dramas have been directed by the same person, he kept his style intact. Oh yes, this aspect stood out the most for me where all the ladies were working women & were also looking after their homes. I am keen to see how these 4 gentlemen will fit in. :) I always enjoy watching such dramas, this is my idea of perfect entertainment. :)

  • Hi Zahra, after MPTH, i got attracted to this drama because of Faiza and she did not disappointed me. I enjoyed this humorous ride in Prem Gali. You describe all characters very well, especially the catch in sister’s name opposite to their their personality. The unique thing here is, everybody speak the same on face what they speak to the back of a person, like backbiting on face, looks humorous to listen. Yes, Tau’s little scenes left the impact. It is a repetitive acting for Uzma, but guess what she is good in that, no one can do such role like her.

    • Hi Aamer, good to hear from you after so long. I am glad you enjoyed watching Prem Gali, it will be fun having discussions over this drama. Yes, the entire backbiting thing was amusing & so were their opposite-to-name personalities. :)

  • Saba Hameed looked beautiful in a simple look, i loved all the characters so far, so lets see how the story will continue, looking forward to the next episodes
    unlike Mushk this is better directed, i won’t be able to watch Mushk because the camera is moving so much in every scene
    a lovely review to go with the 1st episode

  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching the first episode! It was quite engaging and so was the review.

    I am a little curious to know the significance behind the names of the sister duo….Shireen and Musarrat! Can someone please explain?

    • Thank you so much Sheetal. I am glad you’re watching Prem Gali, will have a great time discussing it with you. :)

      Actually, Shireen means sweet, usually while describing someone’s soft & kind personality in Urdu, it is said she is ‘shireen mizaj’. Shireen in this drama is completely opposite to that. Similarly, Musarrat in Urdu means happiness, but the Musarrat in Prem Gali is anything but happy. :D

  • Hi Zahra, Hope you are doing well. I enjoy reading your reviews and watch a series once Ive read what you or Fatima Awan have written about it. Prem Gali seems fun and funky and different from scheming aunties and misogynistic men. Looking forward to watching this one. Thanks for the good work. All best.

    • Hi Zee, thank you so much for your kind words & for being so supportive. I am humbled to know that you take our word regarding dramas so seriously. :) I am glad you enjoyed Prem Gali, can’t wait to discuss it further as the drama will progress. Thank you so much once again. :)

  • Thanks for the review Zahra! I totally loved the first episode – it had everything working for it. I was actually thinking it was a set too due to the colorful scenery but my friend argued that it is a real mohalla. Saba Hameed has got to be my favorite thus far and she really owns every character. Sohai looks so different- I cant remember the last time I watched her in a drama. Rahat was the first divorcee of the lot- the way Farah Shan described everyone in the neighbourhood was hilarious. Can’t wait for the next episode.This gave me Angaan vibes all over again. But Angaan went off track and disappointed me with the zabardasti ki shadi wala scenario. Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat is another really good watch and it is refreshing to see Ramsha Khan playing a lively character.

    • Thank you so much Kanwal for sharing your thoughts. :) Yes, I also thought it was a set created for this drama, it had that feel to it. I highly doubt it’s a real mohalla. Saba Hameed was superb as Shireen, it was refreshing to see her play such a role. Oh yes, the first episode had Aangan feel to it, plus with a similar cast it added more to it. I am glad this drama had such a nice and fun beginning. I am thoroughly enjoying Ghisi Piti Mohabbat too. So glad we have dramas like GPM and PG to watch. :)

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