Prem Gali Episode 11 Story Review – Confusions & Complications

Ohkay so, this episode of Prem Gali was once again quite interesting & refreshing. It showed how the simplest of things get over complicated & those scenarios which should be simplified usually become a lot more complex & difficult because of over-analyzing. It also touched upon the subject of face-saving in such a convincing manner. Although Faiza Iftikhar has dealt with everything in a quirky manner, she has accurately highlighted the complications faced by people when it comes to marriages in general.


The issue with the residents of Prem Gali is that everyone is so bound by the opinions of one another that despite wanting to, they can not break free from the chains & do what they feel is right. As much as I loved how Shireen was dealing with this entire scenario, it boiled down to the point that in the end, she actually was putting a lot of pressure on herself because she didn’t want people to gossip about Joya. As a mother & a conservative one at that, Shireen has worked really hard on her image & has done her best to not give people a reason to talk unnecessarily about her or her family, this is why she was now being conscious.

When you look at Shireen, you feel that out of all the people, she’d be the one who wouldn’t care what others think because she is a self-made woman, she is financially independent & has lived life on her own terms but when it comes to Joya & her motherhood in general, it shows that deep down, her divorce has actually made her one-dimensional where despite everything, she feels she has to comply with the standards set by everyone. Although Shireen has experienced life differently, she still has not brought herself to have acceptance of the fact that it is perfectly alright for two individuals to fall in love & get married.

Prem Gali Episode 11 Story Review - Confusions & Complications

Joya’s predicament in this entire episode was quite funny, she knew she had to walk on eggshells & when Shireen shared her concerns with her, the expression Joya gave was really cute. In all of this, I feel Joya & Shireen’s relationship has actually strengthened. At first, Shireen did come across as a very strict mother but now it seemed she was doing the best she could to make sure Joya stays happy, although she didn’t really pay much heed to the fact whether Joya likes Hamza or not but by picking him out of all the guys she saw for Joya went to show that she was trying to make the best decision possible.

I must say the transformation Fari showed after her marriage in terms of styling, hair & makeup was really nice. She actually looked like a happy newly wedded girl. It was actually quite amusing how everyone such as Nargis, Tau Hidayat, Mateen, Haseena & even Fari was concerned that Joya shouldn’t be forced into the marriage. Faiza Iftikhar has yet again, in a light-hearted manner showed how people raise unnecessary concerns & try to nitpick in seemingly simple & uncomplicated scenarios.

I was kind of happy that Shireen didn’t really bother much about their concerns & tried to talk all of them out of those but who knew that in the end, Musarrat would force Shireen to second guess herself. This is yet another instance where the writer has tried to show how deep-rooted superstitions are in people’s minds in general where instead of looking at the brighter side, they always always always think about the worst-case scenarios. In this case, now when Shireen actually didn’t have any reason to doubt Hamza or even his family, she was forced to think about the fact that none of the women of Chaudhry & Son’s family survived, so it would mean that she was putting Joya’s life in danger.

Prem Gali Episode 11 Story Review - Confusions & Complications

The excitement that Hamza’s grandfather showed was really cute. He was genuinely happy, Hamza was over the moon, Luqman was skeptical & Hatim couldn’t help but calculate the expenses. His idea of getting them married as soon as possible was hilarious, he obviously wanted to save the Eidis but it was nice that Hamza’s grandfather was going out of the way for Joya. Luqman’s concerns were amusing too, it is like he too has conditioned his brain to look for the conspiracies & when he actually can’t find any, he still believes he will stumble upon them.

Interesting Episode

This episode of Prem Gali was really interesting for the fact that the writer continued to show how superstitions or just the wrong approach, in general, create further confusion & misunderstandings. The suggestion Shireen put forth, in the end, was so befitting her character, she is so used to controlling her daughter’s life that she was actually having a hard time letting go of the ownership she has over Joya, therefore she thought this was the best idea she could come up with. It was nice to see Shireen appreciating the open-mindedness of Hamza’s family where they didn’t actually bother about the divorce rate of her family. It also goes to show that in such issues, men are usually not very conscious & read between the lines. As much as Chaudhry & sons put Shireen’s heart at ease, she ended up ruining it, which shows that women, in general, think about worst-case scenarios a lot more.

Anoushay Abbasi looked gorgeous in this episode. Sohai was really nice too, however, I must say that I find it funny when with a full face of makeup, Joya’s character speaks about ‘Thora sa tayar kar dena, halka sa makeup kar dena’. It was mentioned in some of the previous episodes too & in this one as well, which I find funny because she already is so glammed-up that there’s no need for the slightest of touch-ups even. Farhan Saeed, Abdullah Farhat, Waseem Abbas & Qavi Khan were right in their element. I like the chemistry that all the characters share, it kind of depicts that as family members, they all are so much at ease with one another – same’s the case with Shireen & Co. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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  • I’ve started watching a Pakistani show after ages. Prem gali is a breath of fresh air and i look forward to each episode. And the humour doesn’t seem forced

  • Once again such a sweet episode with so many hidden messages! I must say I just love the bonding between Dada Jee and Hamza. Farhan Saeed is such a natural and Qavi sahab a true legend. And though it was such a small thing but that scene where Hamza is cooking as Chacha Luqman pesters him was so essential in today’s world. Especially for all the youngsters to see a male lead cooking food like it was just routine. P.s Did you also laugh at Nani’s Urdu while discussing the jewellery. I honestly remembered my Nanoo and Dadi!

  • Fun episode. Kesay aik simple situation ko confusions create kerke complex banadeti hai ye writer bhee. As they are not gonna unite anytime sooner, we are supposed to have some funny and some serious things happening vis-a-vis Hamza and Joya Wedding. Last episode will bring this union, I guess. Tab tak jo horaha hai woh enjoy kertay hain. Let’s see how things unfold.

    Nicely reviewed.

  • Interesting episode. Things were going too smoothly for Joya and Hamza… but I don’t know that I expected Shireen to throw in this twist.

    And actually it was good -because I was re-examining my own preconceptions. Like I was shocked when Shireen wanted Hamza to move in …. but then I thought, why not? All her reasons were as valid as Hamza’s family.

    Anyhow… excited to see what happens next.

  • Nice review Zahra and lovely episode. Watching a Pakistani drama after quite a gap. This serial is just feel good drama. Waseem Abbas cracks me up. Love it!

  • I think the great thing about Prem Gali is the fact that they highlight common issues that we can relate to – we know we’ve either seen it or heard of if it happening. I liked that they showed that the neighbors first assumed that there must be something going on between the two (Hamza and Joya) and then when they found out that the mother is forcing the Rishta on Joya, then the neighbors thought that that wasn’t right either. It shows that people are going to say something or the other, but you need to do what is right for you at the end of the day.

  • thank u for a lovely review, all the episode was beautifully written, but i loved the scene between dada jee & Hamza, it such a sweet scene & it bought tears to my eyes

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