Prem Gali Episode 27 & 28 Story Review – Some Realizations

Ohkay so, the past two episodes of Prem Gali took things forward & covered a few tracks that deserved some attention. I am glad that the story is now headed towards the ending & they are wrapping it up decently. However, now when the drama is almost about to end, I still feel it could’ve been a lot better if the pacing had changed & things were executed differently. Right from the beginning everything seemed a bit too stretched & had a very artificial vibe to it which made it hard to take this drama seriously. The good thing about Prem Gali is that it had a lot of nice messages but the way things were tackled didn’t add any depth into the situations that was needed.

Some Realizations

Shireen & Manzoor came to terms with what happened in the past. Manzoor acknowledged his mistakes & also gave Shireen the confidence that he was not here to take Joya away from her. The meeting between Joya & Manzoor lacked any depth & emotion. I also have an issue with the background soundtracks & music that they have used, it is just not easy to the ears. The only sound effect I liked was when Musarrat showed up because it matched the mood of the situation.

It was nice to see Musarrat finding her own happiness & not letting her past control her present or general outlook in life. The conversation she had with Luqman was nice too & it is interesting that she saw his dejection & decided to use it as a learning curve for herself too. The scene where Luqman looked at Musarrat for the first time with some interest was done nicely. I really think their equation deserved a lot more coverage because it was probably my favorite track in the entire drama but unfortunately, they will only get together at the end.

Joya has started seeing Shireen in a different light. She has a lot of gratitude for her mother. The time away has just only brought Hamza & Joya emotionally closer to their family members but they both are scared to admit that. They both feel they will disappoint each other but this is exactly how they both are feeling at the moment. It is also because they feel the guilt of leaving their loving family members in the lurch & leaving them unnoticed.

It won’t be an episode of Prem Gali without a situation shaping up based on a misunderstanding. At first, this used to look fun but now it seems burdensome that even after being with each other for a decent amount of time, they all fail to simply ‘understand’ each other. Hamza thought Joya was keeping Dada Jaan’s condition from him a secret without even thinking there could be something else too. The preview of the next episode also suggested that Joya will finally leave & things will become a lot messier once again based on a simple ‘misunderstanding’. I really don’t think anything is going to change in their family dynamics when Hamza & Joya will go back to their parents’ house but maybe they will learn to live & deal with the chaos & that will be their happy ending.

About To Wrap Up

Prem Gali could’ve been a very interesting drama if they had sped up the pace of the drama. I also feel the background score has a lot to do with the overall mood & vibe of the drama as well because it does impact the watching experience & Prem Gali has some of the most emotionally draining background scores. The Punjabi music seems forcefully fit in & the sad one is simply daunting. I am glad the drama is in its final stages & it is about to end, about time. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Prem Gali.

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