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PTV Home, religious program outshines the entertainment programs

Like previous years and every other channel PTV Home has also launched special Ramazan transmission. One such special program is ‘Roshnion Ka Safar’ featuring renown scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel perhaps the first instance of Maulana Tariq Jameel in a television program. The one hour long program consists of speech of Maulana. As per PTV’s sources, this program has out-shined all the other programs of this channel by earning revenue which is even higher then entertainment programs (mainly dramas). So far the program has earned a revenue of Rs 6 crores (60 million). Due to higher number of advertisement PTV Home airs 30 minute of commercials in this program. As per PTV Home, the program is widely appreciated by the viewers.

Full content from Urdu Daily Jehan Pakistan



Rashid Nazir Ali