Public Hasn’t Accepted Anaa’s Ending

The most anticipated drama of Hum TV Anaa has ended and people loved the whole drama throughout but they are not digesting the end of the drama. According to people the character Daneen, played by Hania Amir, deserved much more than being alone. People think that the character of Areesh was a loser and proved to be the loser throughout and it’s not a reviewer’s mind who is giving opinions and thoughts about the ending as we have compiled comments for you about opinions of people regarding ending. People are not happy despite the good ending of Izzah and Altamash, they are not expecting Aania with Areesh.

The drama was good as it has grabbed the audiences till the last episode, but the last part has brought all the differences of opinions.

Here are comments from people and we just covered only a few of them.
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  • It is high time the Story Writer should use his brains in ending the story. It is a pity that the woman who loves has to pay so dearly. The society problems or the filthy rich people’s attitude and behaviour had been portrayed. But who is made to pay turns out to be FICTIONAL. It is a SHAME.

  • I think its a powerful end . Areesh has to manage with his wife n baby ‘coz he got a family in which his baby needs his father the most . Daneen has to go away ‘coz she knows she is not fit anywhere . Its natural . All characters are fit and looking complete now

  • I liked the ending but I just didn’t like the fact they forgive Nashwa so easily, after all they could have died & she had them shot in cold blood, which u can’t forgive so easily, Ghanzafar made the right decision that she can have the house & they will buy a new house, apart from that it was a perfect ending

  • People should act realistically. Last episode of Anaa wasn’t bad because Daneen made a right choice by going away from him. She should’ve done this before when she got married to another man. When someone leaves you for another, never get back to that person. Ever.

  • shehzad sheikh is as always a weak lover… jo apni muhabbat k liyey kbi stand hi ni le pata…. juldi har b jata hai n juldi shakki b ho jata hai…. so daneen k sath ye tu hona e tha 😜
    Baqi drama was gud in start n slowly wid tym…it lost its interest…. end reality based hai wese tu… hona b ye hi chahye tha…. romance z not always a reality….which z sad too 😕
    But altamash is a v.attractive personality…

  • disappointing ending! have observed most serials just don’t end properly! anaa was literally hurriedly wrapped up without any thought given to the title and its dramatic concept.

  • the name of this drama was anaa which means ego and definatly in the end the writer had to give a moral lesson to the viewers that sometimes to acheive something or to get inner peace and happiness you have to put your ego to the side and thats what daneen did so instead of arguing on how bad the last episode was we should cjerish its good moments and message which was given.

  • After watching Areesh character, such a week man spoiling a life of a girl. I didn’t watch the drama. I just watched the last episode and find the same. A man who loves a girl, married with some other women then again start romancing the first one but made pregnant to wife. Logically it was right don’t spoil the life of a child with single parent. Daneen did the right to leave such weak person. But question is why she spoiled her life for such person. Very disappointing. May be such characters are in the society. Specially where money and status is involved.

  • Bakwaas ending it seems the director ko aage kuch samajh nahi aaya ke kya karu isiliye rafa dafa kardiya usne abhi and the ending was bakwas

  • Last episode to bas maafi naama thi behan nay itna bara qadam uthaya and brother n father are like koi baat nahi meri choti behan aut beti hum nay maaf Kia next time try ker Lena is dafa nishana miss ho gaya….and nashwa is like main buhut sharminda hon k aap Bach Gaye mujhay mad kar dain bhai 😂😂😂

  • I don’t know why people like Daneen , her charecter was of a rebellious brate who ran away from her husband home with her lover is not to be appreciable while on the other hand ania was an obedient girl who is polite and cool . Daneen deserves loneliness after all she has done with her life . And family should live together . End is great I like it

  • How ghatiya areesh was seriously aise log insane khlane k b laiq nhii…daneen ko ye sila mila sari umer usy chahny ka…ghatiya insan bhtr tha goli lgny sy mr jata

  • Daneen has sacrificed many things for Areesh. Her love for Areesh was so pure this is really not fair Areesh could even marry Daneen he could have two wives.. we want daneen to marry Areesh please continue the Anaa drama

  • People should agree with this end.I was expecting more worst end that areesh will die but thank God they didn’t do so.Secondly Daneen had done right sometimes we need to accept what Allah planned for us Kya yeh acha hota woh ek bete see uska baap or ek aurat ka shohar leleti this must be disgusting but what she did is much better than Daneen being with areesh.

  • In my opinion that low life arish should have been done or both her wife and daneen should have left him miserabley alone at the end.

  • As has been stated by many that Areesh wasn’t worthy of a loyal partner coz he could not decide for himself what he really wanted. Spoiling Daneen’s married life but Daneen can’t be xcuzed for spoiling her own life. She should not have dubed her husband.
    Actually I could not understand what message the writer was trying to air. All the way through, needless scenes weak dialogs. Both writer n director failed to have a grip on a plotless play.

  • Daneen k shaadi bh krwa deni chahye thi koi lrka uski life main bh lana chahye tha youn is trha usko akela chorna ..not good ending 💔💔💔

  • Uffff….I m sad now as my sunday will be no more good as its over still cant believe that the drama is over hope to see them all together again….now as far as da last episode is concerned em happy for all what they decided where ever they went just that nishwa should have been handed over to the cops that was to easy escape for her…best scenes of last bit of da drama was altamish and naimal together and ania and shezad sheikh together loved it…on da other hand will miss da drama…

  • Yr..arish koi role tha kya….. Kabhi b sath nai diya usne loser.
    Arish ka bap daneen se b shadi kara deta… Dono khush rehleti sath.
    Ya end me hania ko mar dete baby hone me phr danen arish se shadi kr k uski ma ban k palti

  • I don’t like end coz daneen be 1st episode se 27 28 tk suffer kiya srf Areesh k li or ania beachh mein ayi or wohi akeli rah gayi not Good

  • what the hell was with the writer…….what he/she wants to convey to the society…..i really don’t like the happy ending for areesh…….he was dying for Daneen but what he does when he met with her baby and wife he forget her…..stupid……no loyalty no sincerity with Daneen’s a writer has shown his ugly face infront of the society…..this is the man of our society……no worth for love?????😈😈😈😈then why people indulge in love if a man forget each and everything after his marriage and baby…..hhhnnnn

  • ویسے تو یہ سارا ڈرامہ ہی انتہائی بیکار تھا. کہانی تو بہت ہی کمزور اور اپنے نام سے برعکس تھی اور اختتام تو امید تھی کہ سب سے فضول ہی ہو گا.

  • Aania did wrong to Daneen many times, she deserved to be alone. Areesh was proved a coward man he also deserved to be alone.

  • Dear all
    This serial taught us those girls are stupid who they are sacrifice for love.Men are easily adjust with their newly wives and children

  • Overall episode went well.. bus yeh end pay nishwa ko kuch ziada dikhaya… Us pay time nahi waste kerna chahiye thaaa…what I think was that the MD productions should have shot last episode s last half an hour in New York. Where daneen taking University classes n walking blank n sad with tears in eyes n trying to forget what happened back in Pakistan.. then they should have shown her standing in grave yard at daadi sahib s grave praying n talking to her in her usual child like cute crying and she a wearing a black long coat n a hat in winter in New York. Meanwhile she met a guy standing next to her praying at his
    wife’s grave. Who s naughty like her from the outside but heartbroken like her from the inside and that guy is none other than Hamza Ali Abbasi (guest appearance/special thanks in last episode)… Bus from there they somehow start their conversation while walking outside of graveyard… Bus that’s it (drama khatam) with The end note “New Beginning”…

    Let me know what u guys think..

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