Public Reaction On 12th Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho

Mere Paas Tum Ho is currently top-trending on Twitter.

Public Reaction On 12th Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho

The drama Mere Paas Tum Ho is written by writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. The brilliant roles are played by Ayeza Khan and Humayun Saeed in lead roles. Each and every episode has kept the audience hooked.

The whole story revolves around Humayun  Saeed who plays the character of Danish who is a simple decent man and his world revolves around his wife. The role of the wife is played by Ayeza Khan who cheats on her husband.

Public Reaction On 12th Episode Of Mere Paas Tum HoThe drama is absolutely loved by the audience and today’s episode just took the internet by storm. The drama is top-trending on Twitter. People can’t stop praising the cast and the story.

Public Reaction On 12th Episode Of Mere Paas Tum HoAyeza plays a negative role and it has gathered a lot of praise from people while people are calling Humayun’s acting in this serial as his best work.

Public Reaction On 12th Episode Of Mere Paas Tum HoHere’s the public reaction on today’s episode of drama Mere Paas Tum Ho:

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  • Your title makes it sound like the drama has ended. How about “Public Reaction On Lastest Episode Of Mere Paas Tum Ho”.

  • I have no words to say that zabardast drama. Bilkul essa hee hua tha hamary relatives mee. Essa lag raha hai ky unki story pee drama likha gya hai.

  • This drama will leave a print in our brain for a long time, beautiful story, acting and direction. Welldone by all three main charectars.
    Love and prays for you all with.
    Gul. 🌹🌹🌹

  • Splendid Amazing Episode this week .Well Done Humyaun Saeed. Definitely no Doubt You Dont Deserve Oscar bcz after this brilliant episode Oscar Deserves You.Keeeeeeeeeepppppppppp it uppppppppppppppppppppp for More and More

  • What a performance by Hamaun saeed ” 2 takke ki larki k liye 50 millions de rahe the ” was the best dialouge for every gold digger girl and also people are hating Aiza for this character but it is actually successfulness for her, having such acting performance…

  • #merapstumho…. @hamayunsaeed..oscar for u man…. @aizakhan i also appreciate ur acting skill… Its a very difficult role. U play. ….
    👏 Its a negative role but amazng act…. Ya ju public ka gusaa a. Ya ap ki itny achy act ki wja sy e

  • A dialogue of millions rupees !

    Shehvaar saab aap nay aaj heraan krdea. ak 2 taggay ke aurat k leay aap nay mujhy 50 million offr keay. ❤️🤩

    • Maryam yai koye copy ni hai is ko agar gour dai dako ge to drama ke tumy samaj lagy gy dika ka larki apny payar ko chour kar paisy waly bandy ky pass ja rahi hai darma koye copy ni hai yai drama hai but dunya mai aasia he hota hai..

  • Hamyain saeed is great acter in pakistan and this darma meray pas tm ho i realy like the dilog k is 2 taky ki larki k 50 milian i like it and like humain saeed acting.

  • So proud of you all.
    Amazing play and awesome acting.. as always! Kudus to Humayun and Adnan!
    No one can make plays like us.
    Pakistan Zindabad🇲🇷

    • Safia madem very very interested actinh from hamayun adnan with ayaza bohat zabar dast drama hai… But yai to sirf drama hai laken dunya mai asia keu hota hai

  • Dashing acting perfomance by humayoun saeed specialy last line…2 taky ki larki k lye 50 millon offer…

  • All together a different role being played by Hamayun Saeed. Very nice script by the writer identifying a hard fact of a family and it’s social behavior. Hamayun Saeed is displaying a role of a brave man who acts a person having a big heart to isolate himself from her wife whom he loved the most. An highly appreciable drama.

  • This drama carries a lot of message for everyone. This particular episode was epic….. Humayun’s silence touched my heart. Deep meanings “rukh gayi ho to tham bhi jao” and “kehtehai ki mohabbat na bhi rahe to bharam rahney dey tey”…
    You can hear the silent scream in his expression. The blood dripping from his wound seemed to be mimicking his bleeding heart…….
    Amazing performance by all….,
    Adnan’s arrogant nature backed by his flirtatious approach; Ayeza’s innocent betrayal and Humayun’s commitment toward’s his love, seeing her happy at all cost and the pain hidden in his silence, are worth a million applause.
    Beautifully written by Khalil – ur – Rehman Qamar and equally beautifully directed by Nadeem Baig.

  • Superb and awesome performance I am flatter by Humayun act the 2 penny girl is my life time favorite dialog

  • Your acting skills make me cry an feel the real pain as it is real happening with me.. Humayun what are made of💕❤ I never see a husband ruhsat his wife 💔

  • Wonderful performance by three main characters of the serial & especially by Humayun saeed .when he said that deewane ka khwab ha pura kr 2 made me cry

  • This drama is soooooo good and I am loving the storyline, men aren’t the only ones that cheat women do as well and its good to show how it affects a family when the wife and mother strays from her family. It’s not your typical saas/bahu drama it’s got bite to it, definitely bites to my soul

  • Dialogues, acting, drama, scenes. . . . Everything is awsom. . Yet i feel we should look at the praticality of the situation as well. . How can a muslim woman marry another man right after her divorse. . Without completing her “iddat” ( 4 months n 10 days) We should take care of our religious ristrictions . Thats what we r teaching to our society n kids.

    • I think that’s part of what they are trying to show. She doesn’t have morals and will go to another guy even if considered inappropriate immediately after her divorce. It’s not promoting doing this; just showing how her character is and that unfortunately people leave their spouses like the drop of a hat when they see someone “better.”

  • Every one is praising hamayun saeed and Ayeza
    No one is talking about mind blowing actor Adnan sidiqi
    For me triad is amazing

  • Mera sath ssame yehi hua..mgr isme ayeza ka charcter mere husband ne play lea..aur change ye tha k usme aur koi bewafai wala element ni tha mgr pesay ka tha usne pese k lye mjy aur mere betay ko chira tha

  • here is the class of pakistani drama, even indian films industry cannot compete our drama industry, Hamayon Saeed, ADNAN SIDDIQUI,AYZA congratulation for your classic are the assets of our country we all love you and proud of you.

  • It is a great drama with such heart touching situations. A husband loves his wife deeply but unfotunately, the wife has been exposed to a far better life than she already has and has been made believe that she deserves better. The husband loves her so much that he shows the extreme of her love in just one sentence. And what a sentence it was. Great script, great acting and even greater facing of criticism and accusitions by the actors and other related people. Bravo.

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