Pukaar Episode 10 Review – Move Things Forward!

Ohkay so, this episode of Pukaar was quite slow, to an extent that I started finding it boring & hard to sit through. From last few weeks, they end the episode on a strong note but when the episode begins, it just focuses on Laali & Zamani, which is too much!

I guess the viewers have seen Laali & Zamani’s atrocities enough, so it’s high time they should move things forward now because we know they have jailed Samra & making sure she stays in seclusion without any contact with the outside world. This entire aspect has literally been stretched & because there are such few characters in this drama already, the focus on two of the most annoying characters make things boring & way too slow.

Najaf finally made his way to meet Samra, it was saddening to see him beg Laali to allow him to meet his own daughter. Anyways, he finally met her & promised that he will rescue her. It was good to see that Samra’s parents were finally on to something & were doing what it takes to bring her out of that hell hole. I don’t know why Sultan & Tashfeen have been MIA, like they just make an appearance sporadically & then they are gone. I laughed when Laali told Zamani to arrange ‘parda’ in the female section of the house? How many females are there anyways?

Well, Najaf had an accident & Samra was as usual kept in the dark even after Laali found out about it. Zamani & Laali thought it was just a plan devised by Samra & her father to get her out of there, duh! How weird can they be?

Anyways, so Sarang turned out to be the friend of the doctor who was treating Najaf. It was an interesting twist & because Samra’s mother was so shaken by what happened, she ended up talking to a stranger about such a personal matter because she had no one else to go to & just didn’t know what she could do to save her child. As always, the note at which this episode ended was good but I really hope they move things forward in the next one & actually show Sarang doing something. I think Sarang will take things slow too in order to approach Samra & help her, but something on those lines would be good as I am sick of seeing these two psychotic characters running the show. It looks like Sarang will make an entry into Sultan’s life & house to save Samra? Interested to see that happening. Please share your thoughts.

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