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Tonight’s episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay had the most heart-warming scenes. While watching the episode, my faith in the writer was restored. However, the preview of the next episode showed just how desperate Shanzay was to get married to Abdullah. Shanzay’s character has stopped making sense altogether. Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s characters continue to be the best aspect of the drama. The writer is focusing on the love triangle at the moment but that does not explain why Mansoora and Washma are out of the picture all of a sudden. Mansoora got offended by Mahjabeen’s remarks in the previous episode but why is Washma no longer interested in ‘grooming’ her? Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s scenes were the highlight of this episode as usual. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan have truly outdone themselves in this drama. They have done complete justice to their unconventional characters. The situations however remain quite clichéd!

Abdullah Makes Up His Mind

Although the previous 2 episodes were not great in terms of story development in general, Abdullah’s confusion and his actions always made sense to me. The portrayal was perfect throughout which definitely helped understand what Abdullah was going through. Shanzay’s situation coupled with the brainwashing done by Sarwar led Abdullah to spend more time with Shanzay because he felt that she needed her. He was never comfortable with the idea of getting married to Shanzay. One aspect of Abdullah’s personality that has stood out more than any other in the past few weeks is that he is a soft-hearted individual. He is always considerate of other people’s feelings because he is a sensitive individual. He is also someone who has never been loved unconditionally by anyone. This is the main reason why he fell in love with Mahjabeen too.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 20 Story Review - Sweet

Mahjabeen of course played a major role in helping Abdullah make up his mind. While Shanzay was losing her patience and pushing him, Mahjabeen was being loving and extremely patient. Although Mahjabeen is simple otherwise, when she wants to get something done, she knows how to go about it. The fact that she is in love with Abdullah made it easier for her to fight for him. I absolutely loved the scene covering Abdullah’s ‘break-up’ with Shanzay. This was probably the first time that he did something which took so much courage. Even though he could not look Shanzay in the eyes but he was not afraid of letting her go. Abdullah made a wise decision and Shanzay pride was clearly hurt.

The scene at the restaurant was also well-written and acted-out especially by Bilal Abbas Khan. His expressions when Shanzay was talking about marriage were on point.

Abdullah and Mahjabeen

Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s scenes tonight were so cute that I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing this story could have been if Shanzay was not in the picture. If this fight was between Sarwar, Mahjabeen and Abdullah, it would have been so much more interesting. Mahjabeen is turning out to be the wiser one at the moment and Abdullah also finally came through when he made the right decision. The ‘mehbooba’ scene was one of the best tonight!

Mahjabeen’s father with Abdullah was meaningful but I am glad that the writer did not show that Abdullah felt for Mahjabeen. His feelings were shown exceptionally well given the circumstances. Abdullah was completely dedicated to making Shanzay ‘feel better’ until she proposed him. The idea of leaving Mahjabeen probably helped him understand his feelings better. Both these characters have certain strengths which I hope will ultimately lead to a happy ending. The Shanzay track is extremely forced and with dramas like Thora Sa Haq forcing such situations, a drama like Pyar Ke Sadqay shouldn’t even go down that road.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 20 Story Review - Sweet

What Is Wrong With Shanzay?

Seriously!!! There is absolutely no explanation for the not-so-desirable changes in Shanzay’s character. We are not even sure if she is divorced yet she is planning her next wedding. Not only did she propose Abdullah but she also looked forward to meeting him like she was actually in love with him! When, why, and how did this happen – only the writer knows! This is the biggest flaw in the drama right now. Considering that Shanzay will be around, more desperate than ever in the upcoming weeks, the writer really should have helped the viewers understand why is Shanzay doing all this. Yashma Gill’s performance also leaves a lot to be desired!

The Other Characters

Sarwar’s conversation with his mother was actually amusing! While his motives are clear, I am wondering how he intends to keep the lifestyle he is so used to after he manages to somehow get married to Mahjabeen. Mansoora was completely absent from tonight’s episode. It happens so often in our dramas that the writers conveniently sideline a character because it is easier to take the story forward in a certain direction if that character is less active. I still remember the conversation Mansoora had with Pho, if her character was going to be taken forward in such a manner then that conversation shouldn’t have been shown. I am also wondering where Washma is! These two characters, in my opinion, should be in the picture at all times.

Final Remarks

Mahjabeen and Abdullah make Pyar Ke Sadqay worth watching. The characters, their tracks, and the performances never disappoint. Even though Mahjabeen’s ‘zindagi ke mazboon mei pass’ dialogue was not really in line with her character, for the most part, her scenes reflected her true personality. Abdullah’s decision tonight was refreshing but the preview of the next episode promised more of the same! Shanzay is really annoying and because of her Sarwar’s character is gradually losing the impact it had. Overall, however, I really enjoyed watching Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s scenes.

Did you watch this latest episode of Pyar Ke Sadqay? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.


  • Accurate analysis by you Fatima. Your observation is good and you make sure that you point out the good and the bad points. I am Also watching it for the sweet couple. You are right about the love triangle why go down that road? Valid question. Yumna Zaidi ki jitni tareef ki jaye kum hei. I come here to read review immediately after watching the episode. It is cherry on top. Thank you sister.

    • Aww, you’re most welcome. I try my best and I especially enjoy watching and reviewing PKS, I look forward to it. LOL hena!! Shanzay is such an eye-sore. Bilkul janab aisa hi hei, Yumna is amazing.

      Thank you for the lovely comment. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Yes please tell me what is wrong with Shanzay. Yashma Gill’s overacting is just too much. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas are the best couple. I want to see them in more dramas. I was also wondering why Mansoora all of a sudden has forgotten everything. Good review.

    • Indeed they are! Love Mahjabeen and Abdullah, they are one-of-a-kind and so adorable.

      Thank you so much for liking the review and commenting Sid.

  • What’s wrong with hum tv , why they are draginggg the story ?Same brain wash again , same so-called mohabbat aur shadi againn .. Aur Shanzay ko pooray college mein yehi mila tha ?

  • What’s wrong with hum tv , why they are draginggg the story ?Same brain wash again , same so-called mohabbat aur shadi againn .. Aur Shanzay ko pooray college mein yehi mila tha ? Btw amazing review 👌

  • Great review.

    I was pleasantly surprised that Abdullah came to the right decision sooner than I expected. I Honestly thought they were going to drag that out this for a while. So it was good and all very sweet.

    The Shanzay track is still unbelievable. Why does she want to marry Abdullah – someone she still doesn’t like very much. But perhaps she is mentally unstable.

    I enjoyed the mahjabeen and Abdullah track. But most of the support cast was missing. Even Sarwar seemed less menacing than usual.

    Based on the previews, is Shanzay going to try to kill herself? That would prove she is unstable. However, it seems a stretch for her to do that for Abdullah – who she really doesn’t love. Also, I wish dramas wouldn’t be so casual about Suicide. It’s a serious issue.

    • Thank you so much Mossz, appreciate your feedback. I know right!! I wish they would have moved this track forward more convincingly, it is the weakest link in the play right now.

      I agree with you about Sarwar, quite low-key and repetitive in this episode.

      yes, she will either try to kill herself or perhaps pretend to do so to fool Abdullah. I agree with you it is but it could be Sarwar’s planning and not an actual suicide attempt, let’s see.

  • Perfect review Fatima!! Mahjabeen and Abdullah were super cute.
    Usually Mahjabeen’s scenes make me smile or laugh but this time it wasn’t her. It was Shanzay. The way Yashma acted in that scene where Abdullah tells her that he can’t marry her, she was angry but I was laughing madly at her acting. Who the hell casted her?!?!
    As much as I liked this episode, I am not looking forward to the next one after watching its promo. It seems like the story will keep going in the same circle. The mysterious disappearance of Pho and Washma (& her boyfriend) and Mansura’s loss of memory isn’t sitting well with me.
    PS: Are u watching Dushman e Jaan. Sarwat Nazeer has done it once again. I am lovingggg it and I can’t wait for it’s next episode. Especially, after today’s episode.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani Po. I am glad you are still watching this one, missed your feedback. LOL!! Seriously, Yashmi Gill’s acting is laughable for sure. Same here, after watching this episode I was glad that the story was back on the track but the promo was so disappointing. Our writers do this all the time, make the characters disappear when it suits them, abra cadabra ;)

      Really? I should watch it then. Will watch it and let you know what I think about it. started watching Bikhray Moti, Wahaj Ali was so impressive in EeW but his acting is so plain in BM, liking it otherwise.

      • Thank you :) Yes true, reminded me of Mann Mayal when Mannu’s family disappeared suddenly.

        I didn’t start watching Bikhray Moti. I have had enough of these social issues. And Dushman e Jaan is like a breath of fresh air. Simple yet captivating just like every other Sarwar Nazeer script. And the best thing is 4 episodes per week. I would love to know what did you think of it. Plz do tell me, if you watch it.

        • Seems like HUM does that a lot LOL!! Even YDM situation after Ana got married was exactly the same, no connection with her father or bua, like they were living on another planet! How convenient. Hopefully, this one won’t be as ridiculous as that.

          BM is heavy-duty for sure but I am watching and liking it. Neelam Munir’s character is promising and the issues being show seem so real. I am definitely going to watch it, aap kahe aur hm na dekhei, ye kese ho sakta hei. I will let you know for sure, soon InshaAllah.

  • What on earth is wrong with Shanzay!! Why is she so desperate to get into a marriage immediately after separation!! She has stopped making sense. Suicide attempt is taking her desperation to another level! Why, oh why Shanzay!! I wonder why the writer took Shanzay’s character that road…

    I can’t stop raving about Mahjabeen and Abdullah! Their undeniable chemistry make their scenes look so pleasing….they both are cute themselves and their acting is superb! I am happy that the director has shown the fondness Abdullah has for Mahjabeen gradually and not suddenly.

    You are so right Fatima! Shanzay’s presence is making Sarwar’s character lose its impact. IT would have been so good if it was between Mahjabeen, Abdullah and Sarwar. Suddenly Sarwar has become quiet and so is Mansoora. After thinking so much about the situation, she has completely forgotten and turning a blind eye to it.

    Munshi ji and Abdullah’s scene was good too. I really felt for Mahjabeen in the first scene of this episode. Not happy with the preview, though I knew it would happen and Shanzay wouldn’t just go so easily.

    The review was on point Fatima…Keep at it! Cheers!!

    P.S. Are you watching Raaz e Ulfat? I tuned into it for Yumna and its decent enough. Yumna & Shahzad Sheikh have a good chemistry too!

    • Thank you so much Sheetal for liking the reviews and for sharing your views here. I am glad that we are on the same page ;) They are focusing more on Shanzay’s forced desperation now and Sarwar has taken a back seat.

      I watched the first 2 episodes of Raaz e Ulfat, didn’t like the storyline. Yumna is always amazing, love her portrayals.

      • You should try watching Raaz-e-Ulfat now it is becoming interesting with multiple tracks.. Peer pressure is of the topic they r handling it’s so good to see this in between Saas Bahu, kitchen politics jealous sister.. Cousin marriages n like many more run of the mill story.. Mushk father is strict but not so strict if you will watch then you will realise.. And as yumna said in one her IV mushk is a grey character n we r saw her grey side in recent epi..

  • So so right about Shanzay!!!! I mean why? Why take her track to this direction. Haha thora sa haq example is right. That is how it appears to be. Abdullah and Mahjabeen are love. Please give them an award already.

  • Good review ..
    I think u r the only jo sarwar ko khush isloobi se bardasht kar rahi hai ..
    Ham se to sarwar sahb digest he nahi ho raha thai ooper se aagaye shanzai ..
    Achai bhalai dramai ka baira gharq kardeya hai in dono ne ..
    Mahjabeen aur abdullah kai damriyan piyaar dekhaao ,adjustment dekhaao ,mehjabeen ki grooming dekhaao ,mansoora ki selfishness hathaao ,unki aankho se parda hathaao , abdullah ki behen aur puppo ko picture mai laao …
    Achai bhailai comedy drama ko had darjai fazool character sarwar aur shanzai ne kharab kardeya .ye dono mar kiyo nahi jaatai .sath mai sarwar ki maa bhi corona se chala basai ..
    Seriously hate these characters

    • Thank you Naathars e naathawaan. Omair Rana ki performance achi lagti hei mujhe aur character bhi tareeqe se likha gaya hei. Bilkul, ye sb tu dikhana chahyeh.
      Hahahahaha ye episode dekhte wakt mei bhi soch rahi thi kash shanzay ko kuch ho jaye aur ye phr kabhi dramay mei nazr na aye.
      Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Keep reading and commenting:)

  • The chemistry between the lead pair is ah-mazing. Rather than fireworks and thunderstorms, it’s all sweetness and innocence. And though I’ve been hooked onto all their scenes from episode one, there is one thing that truly gave me pause, even more so than Shanzey and her pathetic tantrums and that is that Mahjabeen doesn’t know how a woman gets pregnant, she has no idea about marital relations between a man and a woman. How is that not a bigger problem with this drama than the Shanzey shenanigans? I mean what mental deficiency spectrum does Mahjabeen belong to? Should she even have been married to anyone? How could her mother be so careless as to not have explained anything to her. Her father says Mahjabeen is innocent and pure with every breath he takes and every chance he gets and yet he failed to see that her level of innocence should probably be dealt with first before marrying her off to just anyone. It’s been clear from day one that Abdullah is probably not the smartest pea in the pod (with a stammer that comes and goes) but quite a normal guy otherwise but the makers have always kept Mahjabeen’s exact state of mind rather vague. At times, when she talks about FB and pic uploads, it’s like she’s like every other young girl but she still doesn’t know about stuff that most teens learn at school is a bit of a stretch. She’s obviously not like Bhola from RRK but nor is she on par with her quite clever friend who knew enough about men and women to snatch Mahjabeen’s man right from under her nose and yet none of her knowledge rubbed off on Mahjabeen. I’m not too worried about Shanzey (she’s just as clueless as Mahjabeen at times and much more desperate) or Sarwar (men like him are often dealt with appropriately in our dramas) but what really gets me is that should people like Mahjabeen be married off like this when they see marriage only as a means to get more clothes and do not understand the responsibilities that come with it. Lovely as the drama is, this aspect of it has been really disturbing to me. I hope this issue is dealt with appropriately otherwise a fabulous drama would be ruined, for me at least. Sorry for the long rant, this issue has been bothering me for quite a few episodes. Love your reviews.

    • Thank you so much for loving the reviews N. Well, honestly speaking it is quite common in our country, many mothers don’t have this talk with their daughters before getting them married. I taught female students in a well-reputed university for many years and have heard things that make this entire scenario so believable. Many of my intelligent and confident female students in Masters who got married had no idea about marital relationship. I can’t share details here but the consequences sometimes can be quite horrifying!

      She is not like Bhola but she is bholi. Most people are facing this issue, they don’t understand her character because they have never met a person who is on the spectrum (autistic). Mahjabeen and Abdullah have a physical relationship now and they are both comfortable with it. Mahjabeen’s background has been shown clearly as well, such parents marry off their daughters even if they have severe mental issues. One of my helpers did it although I told her not to, the girl ended up bearing one baby after the other. That is debatable but we can’t say it doesn’t happen, On the contrary, it happens all the time. I think this drama is not about social issues, it has never really been presented in such a manner.

      I really enjoy reading your comments, keep reading, and commenting.

      • I agree with you Fatima. In our society how many mothers talk to their daughters about it, very few. It is normal for girls who marry young not to know.

      • Wait wait wait wait…M and A have consummated the marriage? How did I miss this? I feel like a right royal idiot now. Sorry for being irritating but can you please tell me which episode was this? I must be more quarantined than I thought I was. Also now I have other issues. Abdullah was ready to ditch Mahjabeen after ‘that’? I really need to pay attention. Thank you so much for your detailed and sound reply. Also what you said about your own experiences has been another shock to me. I completely agree that this drama has never been about social issues but that whole scenario around M’s cluelessness made me feel like it should’ve been addressed as such. I wish Review it would ask knowledgeable people like you to sometimes write about stuff like this, make it in the context of dramas like this if you must but such issues should be addressed and who better to do it than you. Okay I’ll shut up now. Ranting seems to come naturally to me. Plz think about doing an opinion piece on characters like Bhola, Mahjabeen and others like them. I’m here for more articles besides reviews from you.

        • LOL!! The day they were supposed to go to Shanzay’s baraat, remember they never made it there, watch it;) Watch episode 17 and 18. Yes, exactly after that Abdullah met Shanzay. Even last night it was pretty obvious, usually, Abdullah is on the sofa, he was on the bed, hint hint. I wish I could tell you what I have seen and heard but I can’t here. That is why I find it so easy to relate to it all.
          I was a psychology major and we visited the fountain house a few times, some of the women who had major psychological issues there were married and pregnant. N actually it is really difficult to write something like that because every person with such challenges is different from the other. Why don’t you lookup autism and ADD. Opinions vary greatly, some people would never marry their children who have such challenges, others think they need companionship. While you are at it, do search how many people who have autism, down syndrome, and other such disorders actually lead healthy married lives. This was actually discussed a lot when RRK went on air especially after Bhola was married. The thing is that at the end of the day it all comes down to your own opinion about it or individual needs. The fact however is that such individuals do get married all the time.

          Thanks a ton for reading and I love your rants, they are spontaneous and fun to read.

          • As a mother of an autistic kid, I feel it is my duty to say thanks to you for understanding the differences and the challenges. I have very often read your remarks on autism and kids with developmental delays, I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for this Fatima. Everywhere I read or watch reviews I see reviewers lack of understanding regarding Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s character. You put things into perspective. I would like my son to get married some day, he also wants to be loved. It’s not that autistic individuals are lesser humans. I am all for Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s marriage.

          • You’re most welcome Anila, I try my best. I agree, most people cannot understand their challenges which shows the lack of awareness. InshaAllah, you son will have a bright and happy future.

          • Aoa Fatima. This is something not entirely related to the conversation above but still I remember and is kinda funny. I was reading Pakistani drama reviews on an Indian website. So in the comment section someone complained that consummation scenes in Pakistani dramas are not clear at all. The reviewer replied that she agreed because in Dur e Shehwar she was waiting for the couple to have a conversation but amidst this she announced “khushkhabri”. She further said she had been watching Pakistani dramas for a while now and she can actually gather hints and she feels like scenes like these in Pakistani dramas’ are like old movie where two flowers buds are shown hugging when such scenarios are shown.
            LOL. You also seem to be expert trying to gather hints.
            Anyways your conversations and answers are worth reading.

          • Aoa Fatima. This is something not entirely related to the conversation above but still I remember and is kinda funny. I was reading Pakistani drama reviews on an Indian website. So in the comment section someone complained that consummation scenes in Pakistani dramas are not clear at all. The reviewer replied that she agreed because in Dur e Shehwar she was waiting for the couple to have a conversation but amidst this the heroine announced “khushkhabri”. She further said she had been watching Pakistani dramas for a while now and she can actually gather hints and she feels like scenes like these in Pakistani dramas’ are like old movie where two flowers buds are shown hugging when consummation scenes are shown.
            LOL. You also seem to be expert trying to gather hints.
            Anyways your conversations and answers are worth reading.

          • AoA Ayesha, LOL!! Interesting comment. Ab kya karei, they have their limitations ;)
            I honestly thought it was quite obvious but apparently not haha!
            Thank you so much. Keep reading and commenting, I would love to hear from you again.

          • So I watched but didn’t learn. “Could they BE any vaguer?” Cried my inner Chandler Bing. I mean 2 flowers coming together while the camera pans out, leaving everything blurred would’ve been way more enlightening than M and A throwing eachother goofy smiles and veiled glances while hiding the secret of their connubial bliss from the night before. Simple as these 2 are, they had me completely fooled this time. But I’ll be watching like the metaphorical hawk the next time this stunt is pulled in a drama. Also the makers need to loosen up a bit now. Why is Sarwar allowed to grab Mahjabeen by the shoulders in every nook and cranny of the house but when it comes to her actual husband, we’re left to guess our way to the truth or make fools of ourselves on a public forum (like yours truly???
            Also, thank you for your suggestions to actually try and find out about autism and ADD. Thanks also for always wording your replies in such an embracing way, you never let anyone feel less for their lack of knowledge or attention. Extremely appreciated.

          • Hahaha I love how you express yourself. You didn’t make a fool out of yourself, you probably represent a large majority who probably didn’t figure it out since the hints like you said, were not easy to grasp perhaps. You’re most welcome, I try my best and I am really thankful to readers like you who can listen to another person’s opinion just as passionately as you express your own. My Pleasure.

          • Awww.. Thank you so much. I will try to be more consistent with my comments. I have been a silent reader for almost 4 years.

  • I started watching this drama after reading the reviews here. Since then I am a silent reader. Today I want to thank you for making me a part of Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s world. It is so amazing. Please continue writing Honest reviews. Thanks

  • excellent review fatima and excellent episode, infact the best as what abdulla did today was not expected, it was a gr8 surprise. I saw besharam recently and realized how talented farooq rind is, that was a flawless evergreen drama with outstanding performances, but his ishq zahe nazeeb was not good, so i thought he was nto a good director. in PKS, he is agn in full form. Bilal Abbas is gr89, but Yumna is a show stealer, always knew that she is a gr8 actor, but i was not a fan, but she is just extraordinary in this show. Yes as everyone felt, our happiness is short lived after wtching the next week promo, but I think the drama will move in a light hearted manner only and will have a happy ending, so i dont mind.

    • Thank you so much tiger, great to have you on board. I like Farooq Rind because of the kind of dramas he directs, they are always different in some way. I really hope you are right tiger, we all want to see Mahjabeen and Abdullah happy in the end. You are so right about Yumna, she is amazing MashaAllah.

  • _NINA_ _NINA_
    Posted: 20 hours ago POST OPTION
    Ufff this abdullah is so confused person. When he loves mj than why he is thinking about shanzay. I was so happy after watching last 15 minutes of episodes, really liked abdullah and mah scenes. I thought finally he got his senses back but than i saw the next week precap and all my hopes went into vain. Matlab hadd hi hogai. And this characterless shanzay has no shame. Pehly tu bhot moral values ki baatein karti thi ab kya hua kisi ka ghar kharab karky apna ghar basana chahti hai. I dont get one thing that she is educated, belongs to rich, renown family. Her father can find a better guy for her than why she is behaving like this, that abdullah is the last guy on this planet matlab seedha suicide hi kar dali pagal ny.

    Feeling bad for mah. She is doing so much efforts for staying in abdullah’s life. I thought shanzay’s chapter will get close in today’s but they just want to drag it. Don’t know where washma is. I m lossing my hopes and expectations from this serial.

  • I just do not understand why Momina Durraid loves torturing her viewers in every single drama that she has written so far. The drama was going in such a good pace, and as if we were not tortured enough by this bloody step father, here comes another manipulator, spoiling everything between the two love birds. This drama would have been a hit with the chemistry between Abdullah and Mahjabeen. But no, Momina wants us to scream in pain. I hate her!!!!
    Such a waste of time, energy and emotions. Why cannot we have a happy ending with smooth ride? It does happen in real life! I hate watching it, but cannot stop myself from watching it either.

  • Fatima your reviews of this drama are always the same views as mine. The comments on this thread are so interesting. Thanks

  • I feel like Shanzay wants Abdullah because she wants to be the dominant one in the relationship now.She was someone who was confident and intelligent, but we need to take into account that she went through an abusive and traumatic marriage and such things can change people either completely, or they lose themselves or become victims of inferiority complex. Isa was a dominant natured man who wanted things his way all the time and insulted Shanzay to feel better about himself and truthfully speaking that seems to be Shanzay’s nature as well.She calls Abdullah a loser for rejecting him. If she has a right to reject him, then why doesn’t he? I feel like even the scene where she was crying after the breakup was not about Abdullah rejecting her, it was about being rejected by someone who she thought she could control easily. We may see her nature in the coming episodes. She went through an abusive marriage where her husband was a dominant man who wanted to control her completely, even abused her at the end. And now it seems she wants someone she can do the same exact thing with, and who is an easier bait then Abdullah who loved her at one point? She has become a victim of inferiority complex it seems and wants to gain some control and wants to feel dominant by marrying someone weak and vulnerable like Abdullah.Its true that she can get someone other than Abdullah, but will that other person be as submissive? would he be as easily manipulated? will she be able to control him?would he worship the floor she walks on? It seems more like her character is going though trauma, and some people to regain control or feel better about themselves run after individuals who are weaker than they are. The way she is pursuing him, and is willing to go as far as breaking his marriage, and then the way she reacts to being rejected shows she doesn’t love him, just wants her pride back by being with someone who is not as mentally and emotionally strong. Although her character as it was shown earlier is not the same, seeing the situation that she was in before I can see why she is being the way that she is. People deal with trauma in different ways. This is my take.